Soul Power


What is Soul Power ?

Through your soul you have the power to do or be all you desire. You are, and will be, as you believe yourself to be.
You are in control, your will supreme, self empowerment is your will in action.

Believe in your worthiness to be as one with the Creator for that is divine truth, for we are all of and from the One.

With will and desire to know our self as the One we open the door to our soul, our inner awareness, our power to be all that we are, indeed that is both our soul purpose and sole purpose for donning our flesh overcoat.

Through reading or hearing the words of another we are often inspired to explore our life purpose for we feel an inner excitement inspiring us to know more. Inspiration in reality is realization of a truth already known, it is this inner awareness that inspires us to take hold, acknowledge it, therefore desire to make it real in our way.

The wisdom offered on this site is not offered as ‘the way’ but as a guiding light for our spiritual and physical journey, opportunity to view our present awareness from another perspective, opportunity to know self in another light, that of one who is the Light.

Empower your self to be all that is the Light, the One, the Creator, through believing, trusting in your right to know and be love. take back control of your way, choose for you.

Free will is our birthright, our right to choose all we desire to experience. Through experiencing we are able to choose what works and what does not given what it is we desire to do say or be at any given moment.

We are all of and from the One, equal with and to, our soul desire and purpose is to know this as our reality.

May we all take a few moments in our day to remember those who are seeking to recreate their way after the loss of a loved one, home, way of life, change is occurring daily in all regions of the earth bringing the realization of how fragile the physical way is and how precious each moment that we share with our loved ones.

Let us retain awareness of our unity for drought, flood, famine, disease, violence is an all to common event and while we believe our self to be individual and responsible only for family or self we tend to become insular, lack empathy.

The realization that we are indeed One becomes a reality when we feel the pain and grief of another as our own and know the desire to offer love and support.

The realization that we are not alone, that another cares enables self empowerment, a desire to rise above so to permit the healing to begin.

Citizen Soul Power

Citizen Soul Power seeks only to offer knowledge, wisdom and love to all our brothers and sisters with the intention of illuminating the truth and increasing personal awareness during this time of great awakening for all human kind.

Blessings and Love to All

Especially My two Angels Dana and Jackson


All work at Citizen Soul Power is done with the highest greatest good for all concerned and the brightest love for Dana and Jackson. Citizen Soul Power is driven and inspired by the intention of creating a better world and future for both Dana, her son Jackson, as well as all other loving , compassionate sentient beings.



Citizen K

17 Responses to “Soul Power”

  1. charles bell Says:

    please add me to your mailing list

  2. michael lauber Says:

    Excellent sourcing and editing of very current and cutting edge information.

    please add me to your mailing list as well.

  3. Hey Soulman,

    Your attention to detail is impressive, also your devotion to your family is touching and inspiring. I really love all your healthy raw food links and green living material.
    Please add me to your mailing list.

    Best Wishes

  4. Harris Jenkins Says:


    Thanks for your efforts in exposing the underbelly and true intentions of the American elite.

    I can only hope that more and more people wake up to the lies they are being sold by the people pulling strings behind the curtain.

    peace bro

  5. It was nice to meet you and chat with you at the MMS. I was able to get John’s booked passed along, met some great people, and of course the music was awesome! Not bad for a cold Sunday evening.

    With Great Love,

  6. Hey,

    I really enjoy your uplifting thoughts, your site has great green reference material…

    Are you some kind of Shaman?

    thanks and keep it up !


  7. Hi,

    Just wanting to to tell you how wonderful this site is and how much it makes me want to work harder to be the best person I can be,so that I can give back to my fellow humans and mother earth.

    Thank you so much for all your efforts


  8. Hey,
    I would like to know what inspired you to become so committed to writing, editing and sharing this type of blog based on spiritual information as well as human rights issues?

    Are you someone who has been subjected to this “Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment” ? If so what can I do to help?


  9. Hi,

    From reading some of your posts it sounds like you have been dealing with a very unpleasant reality.
    My sister is a civil rights attorney and I am going to forward your page to her.

    I am surprised and amazed that you can maintain such an uplifting attitude with all the loss and pain you have experienced and are dealing with daily.

    Good luck and stay strong

  10. Blessing and love to you Citizen Soul Power,

    Thank you for what you do and thank you for standing up for targeted individuals.
    From my reading there is a lot more of you out there than are being heard from in the media.
    It is crucial that there be as many voices as possible to bring attention to these types of civil and human rights violations.


  11. To Citizen Soul Power,

    The process of self actualization is what will eventually allow the human race to come together.
    Your site as well as many of your friends or links sites are great examples of human consciousness expanded and morphing towards the understanding that we are all one and need to recognize ourselves in everyone we meet.

    thank you for all your work

  12. I really like the vibe of this site..

    keep on keeping on man,


  13. Stay Tuned my brother…

    Citizen Soul Power is just getting it’s Wings,


    Citizen K

  14. Have you ever thought of adding more videos to your blog posts to keep the viewers more engaged? I just read through the whole page and it was very nice but since I am more of a visual learner, I find videos to be very helpful. I am pleased with what you guys are always up too. Keep up the good work. I will return to your blog regularly for some new post.

  15. Thanks, good information. Helped me write some content on goji berry. Bookmarked your article to my favorites.

  16. Tantra has really enhanced my life. Thanks to Tantra practices my consort and I have really made incredible connection with one another.

  17. amazing

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