Cult Driven Gang Stalking or Cause Stalking has become an American Epidemic


What is Community-based Harassment?

Community-based harassment is a grown-up version of school yard bullying. Multiple individuals within a community participate in the harassment and stalking of a single individual. However, rather than attack a victim physically, techniques are used to undermine a person psychologically. This can be far more damaging than a physical attack because not only is it very hard to prove, but it is extremely traumatizing for the victim. (Also known as cause stalking or gang stalking).

What sets community-based harassment apart from the related examples to the right is that the reason it takes place is often obscure to the victim. Without a solid reason for its occurrence, victims are often dismissed as delusional.

In addition, this form of harassment often leaves the target a victim of ridicule among friends and family because of the subtle nature of the attacks, which further compounds the trauma to the victim. It is emotionally draining and isolating to the victims because it is extremely difficult to prove, and virtually impossible to prosecute.

View a video of gang stalking activity. Also, there is a slideshow of stills taken from the video.

Frequently Asked Questions about organized stalking groups.
Why is this Happening?

Although it is difficult for a non-victim to understand, it is not difficult to realize that many schoolyard bullies have never outgrown their unhealthy ways of dealing with conflict and pain.

Reasons may include revenge by people who feel slighted but prefer to remain anonymous. Revenge is more common than you may think, especially with the advent of the internet which allows “revengists” or “avengers” to share their ideas. See or do a search on the word “revenge” to see for yourself.

It is also possible that such harassment has developed into a form of “sport” for the individuals who participate, not unlike a schoolyard bullying situation, which tends to center somewhat obsessively and irrationally around one individual who is perceived to be weak.

It is important to realize that our society’s understanding of human psychology has grown exponentially over the last 50 years, allowing any hate or vigilante group to take full advantage of such knowledge. “Psychological warfare” is the perfect crime, because it causes the maximum damage to the victim, with the least chance of exposure of the perpetrator(s). Victims can very well be driven to suicide, while the explanation appears to be mental illness, so their claims are never investigated.

Related Activities

Other very similar phenomena include:

(1) Workplace harassment (or “mobbing”)

(2) Vigilante style harassment of individuals such as abortion clinic workers, whistle-blowers and activists. Vigilante groups take the law into their own hands. Click here for two articles on vigilante groups.

Bullying of adults by other adults is a phenomenon which is sharply on the rise, as described by the Toronto Star Article entitled “Raging parents: The new schoolyard bullies”. The article states that “compared to a few years ago [this phenomenon] is everywhere”. Parents “can’t control their rage” and “there is mounting concern about parents behaving badly”. The bullying doesn’t take place just one-on-one, but groups of parents gang up on individual teachers in internet chat-rooms by holding “daily instant message bashing sessions about teachers they dislike”. Essentially, the bullying is organized, and the internet is a key tool in facilitating that organization.

“Cause stalking [gang stalking] has been used by extremist groups since the early 1990s. The basic system is alleged to have been developed by the Ku Klux Klan and refined through years of use. The primary characteristic of cause stalking is that it is done by large groups of people. A target will always be followed, but he is unlikely to see the same stalkers very often. Many of these groups include hundreds of people.”

– David Lawson,
Terrorist Stalking in America

What is Technological Harassment? Technological harassment refers to the use of technology to view, track, monitor and/or harass a person from a distance. The technology may include audio and/or video surveillance, GPS trackers on vehicles, and “non-lethal weapons” (NLWs).

“Non-lethal” weapons are available on the internet and through books. See: High-Tech Harassment: How to Get Even with Anybody Anytime for an example of a simple weapon.

See also:
Ultrasonic devices
Revenge devices
Sonic nausea
What do victims experience?

Not all victims experience both gang stalking and technological harassment, but many do.

Community-based harassment includes some of the following:

* Break-ins and small scale vandalism or sabotage
* Daily,repetitive, antagonistic activities involving multiple stalkers and/or vehicles
* Multiple daily phone calls with no one on the other end of the phone
* Noise harassment from neighbors

See or for more examples.

Technological harassment can include:

* Sabotage/hacking of computer equipment and phones
* Use of audio and/or video surveillance to keep track of the target’s whereabouts
* Banging and tapping of walls, windows and objects inside the house
* Vibrating objects, such as bed, chair or body parts
* Inexplicable behavior of anything electronic including TV, computer, car, and appliances (for example, TV turning on or off by itself)

Targets may experience the following physical symptoms:

* Dizziness, weakness
* Frequent headaches
* Extreme fatigue
* Intense, disruptive ear ringing
* Buzzing or clicking in the head, ears or sinuses
* Jolts and jerks to muscles
* Abdominal pain/nausea
* Mental confusion/inability to concentrate

Myths and Facts

Myth #1

Non-lethal weapons don’t exist in the public domain.


See the following for examples of “low-tech” non-lethal weapons:
High-Tech Harassment: How to Get Even with Anybody Anytime
Ultrasonic devices
Revenge devices
Sonic nausea

Myth #2

You have to be important to be a target of such intense and persistent stalking.


This is primarily a hate crime, whose targets tend to be neither wealthy nor public figures. Because the target is often no longer able to hold a job, s/he usually lacks the funds to fight back. What makes this different from other hate crimes is that the target is often not made aware if the reason behind it.

Myth #3

If you think you are targeted, you must be mentally ill.


While delusional thinking does exist, these situations have an identifiable pattern to them. This type of harassment has been modelled on past hate crimes and refined through years of use. It is intended to make the target look crazy. In addition, the activity is so traumatizing that many otherwise “mentally healthy” individuals might easily develop mental health issues as a result of the stalking. Hence, mental illness is not an indicator of whether or not the activity is actually taking place.

Myth #4

If you don’t make them angry, they will stop.


Like bullies in the school playground, they do not go away if you ignore them. Victims have found, to their dismay, that the targeting can go on for years. Exposure is the way to stop them.

A Word About Mental Illness
This situation is often perceived to be mental illness. Differentiating between mental illness and a true multiple stalking and technological harassment situation takes time. Victims may also have developed mental illness as a result of the trauma. As mentioned on various mobbing websites, this activity is so traumatic that it can cause mental illness in an otherwise healthy individual. Therefore, mental illness is not necessarily an indicator or proof that the situation is not happening.

For these reasons, it is important to give a person the benefit of the doubt and to remain open-minded and receptive to the idea that something is happening that is not merely attributable to a delusion. It took many years for mobbing to become publicly acknowledged, and victims of this crime face the same uphill battle.

The Martha Mitchell Effect

When seeing a helping professional, many victims often experience what is known as the “Martha Mitchell Effect”:
“Sometimes improbable reports are erroneously assumed to be symptoms of mental illness (Maher, 1988). The ‘Martha Mitchell effect’ referred to the tendency of mental health practitioners to not believe the experience of the wife of the American attorney general, whose persistent reports of corruption in the Nixon White House were initially dismissed as evidence of delusional thinking, until later proved correct by the Watergate investigation.

Such examples demonstrate that delusional pathology can often lie in the failure or inability to verify whether the events have actually taken place, no matter how improbable intuitively they might appear to the busy clinician. Clearly there are instances ‘where people are pursued by the Mafia’ or are ‘kept under surveillance by the police’, and where they rightly suspect ‘that their spouse is unfaithful’ (Sedler, 1995). As Joseph H. Berke (1998) wrote, even paranoids have enemies! For understandable and obvious reasons, however, little effort is invested by the clinicians into checking the validity of claims of persecution or harassment, and without such evidence the patient could be labeled delusional.”
Click here for source (#5)

Who We Are We are a group of targeted individuals living in Ontario, Canada who have made the decision to help ourselves as well as others by working together on activism projects to expose this crime.

Thanks to the help of our local rape crisis center, we have been able to work at raising public awareness through activities such as presentations and mailings.

Contact Us Due to an extreme volume of spam emails, we are not currently receiving emails via the website. If you live in southern Ontario, and wish to participate in our activism projects, please join the Multistalk forum (listed below). It is run by one of our members, Eleanor White. We also have a second member on the forum, Jane. Either Eleanor or Jane will be able to pass on any contact information you would like us to have.

C.A.T.C.H. Literature
Our Information Package

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge
Our information package was first created for distribution at the Canadian pan-national convention of rape crisis centres in Vancouver in 2005. It is also being used for mailings to introduce ouselves to various groups, including other rape crisis centres, victim’s centres, crisis lines and university women’s centres. There is an appendix that goes with the information package. It contains a list of quotes from David Lawson’s book Terrorist Stalking in America.

Note: The above version of the information package is a web version, which will not print correctly for distribution. See below for a printable version.

Printable PDF Version of the Information Package
The brochure has been formatted as a pdf file for high-quality printing and presentation. If you have access to a printer, multiple copies can be printed and handed out.

You will need Adobe Acrobat to view and print the files. Adobe Acrobat is free.

CATCH Presentations

* CATCH gave a presentation to the Women’s Support Network of York Region (WSNYR) on February 15th, 2006. To view the video online, go to

* CATCH gave a presentation to the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres (OCRCC) on October 20th, 2005. To view the video online, go to

* To view a 5-minute gang stalking video filmed by the leader of CATCH at her home, click here.

* Read the presentation we gave to the workers at the our local rape crisis centre on Monday, April 18, 2005, as well as the feedback they gave us. It was well-received.


“Thank you for making this available to the victims and your work on educating the public. I really felt a breath of fresh air when I heard the presentation.”- Nancy

“I cannot thank you enough for your work in this nightmarish field of gang stalking. Had it not been for you, it would have been impossible for me to have my horrid experiences validated down in Tasmania – Australia’s only island state. Tasmanian Domestic Violence counselors and friends went to your site and finally had at least some idea of the torture I have experienced from the criminals here. It HAS been torture. I do not even know what all has been done to my body. I now have a state DV consultant batting for me and ready to make an issue about legal aid’s dropping me – partially thanks to you! The DV counselors have been great and would not have been as much so without your booklet.” – Deborah

“I have to say that the CATCH video works. I was finally able to get through to someone by showing them the CATCH video. I think the person that I showed it to could relate to the person in the video. I think the person I showed it related to things that were not so obvious. The person that I showed it to was my mother. She has been completely in denial that her son is being gang stalked, or that even such a thing exists. My mother being a teacher, related to the speaker. The speaker was similar in age to her, and looks very much like a teacher would. My mother was also impressed with the organization of the presentation, and the fact that the group is related to the rape victim group. She did not once question the credibility of the speaker, as she came through as credible in the way she presented. She didn’t think the speaker possibly had a mental illness either. I felt that the information presented answered a lot of questions, and the information was presented in a well thought out, organized manner. This single video helped me finally get through to someone. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, as you have no idea how good it felt to see my mothers mind begin accepting the idea that this could be happening to her son (me).” – David

Current Events & News
Are ‘they’ watching?

* CATCH was mentioned in a Peterborough newspaper, April 19th, 2006, in an article on gang stalking: Are ‘they’ watching? [Anne is a member of CATCH]

* There was a follow-up article on May 19th, 2006: Allegation of gang stalking is again being investigated

* One of our members, Eleanor White, was in the Hamilton Spectator Newspaper recently. Click here to see the article.

Photos from Other Activists around the World
Debbie Newhook: 2007-06-18 Activist at work
Community-based Harassment:
High-tech Technological Harassment:

Discussion Groups
(1) Cause Stalking:

(2) Electronic Violence:

(3) multistalk – for victims of gang stalking. Discussion of electronics not permitted in this group. For more info see:
NOTE: According to David Lawson:
These groups are heavily populated with members of extremist groups. They pose as victims… A victim should not confide in the people in these groups because the information they provide will be used to enhance the attack against them.
Online Book Reviews & Excerpts
Terrorist Stalking in America by David Lawson

Gaslighting by Victor Santoro

Victims of Dargle Cottage by Dr. Armen Victorian.

High-Tech Harassment: How to Get Even with Anybody Anytime by Scott French.

Additional Information and Resources at…

18 Responses to “Cult Driven Gang Stalking or Cause Stalking has become an American Epidemic”

  1. Glad I came back to this site some new very interesting items which I wanted to know more about. Great work on your site.

  2. Folks, we have the winners, the new saints of the world. Not once have I read any crime or nuisance committed by millions of volunteers of community oriented policing. Every old school “saints” has been charged with a crime; teachers, police, priest, pastor, even the president. The only reason is zero accountability of these badgeless volunteers. Yet we trust them to covertly police our community in groups of unknown members.

    1. What prevents such zero accountability group from forming their own private interest group for hire?
    2. There are numerous case where the head of the group ( police officers in community oriented policing unit) are convicted of serious crimes.
    3. Will are free society be run by who ever can afford these private interest groups to harass or destroy their enemies.

    Just one story on volunteers of community oriented policing. We have tons of news on corrupted police officers in community oriented policing unit but none on the volunteers.

    Yes, the general himself in uniform won/lost the war, the plain cloth soldier take no credit.

    • Yes, the irony is that those doing the policing are often far more guilty of crimes than those they are watching/stalking. I haven’t done anything wrong. I spend my days in harmless activity that doesn’t harm others. Yet, in the name of “policing” I am under surveillance 247. In the name of “eliminating crime” I have been spied on, harassed, endured death threats, attempted murder, assault, attempted rape, rape, vandalism, opened and tampered mail, theft, you name it. Many of those doing this, in addition to committing these sanctioned crimes, are alcoholics, drug addicts and drug dealers. These are our police. I speak from then years experience. It is as if the dregs of society have been given the freedom to police and condemn those who are harmless and attempting to lead a positive life.

  3. Karen dawe Says:

    I am a victim of gang stalking. Over the course of 60 years give or take a few ads or take away.

    The gang stalking is entering my private domain now more closely and it is being carried out by faulty community gangs that deem themselves the non-takers of services or those people that try to remove the liability of the service provider. In the past depending on the form of discrimination it was noticeable it also varied person to person or organization. I never did buy their extra problems and still don’t however the sounds are unruly that go with it. It is also something to unite the empire but that will not happen with me.

    The intruder acts like a conduit to the new world order and it makes a criminal out of healthcare user or those that try to receive healthcare without the market place competition settling in.

    It enters my house like a gang of theives and sounds loud, loud and repetitious. Even when friends come it appears before and after. I wonder if the electronic are placed in the hallway or near the building.

    It is impossible to distinguish the group of intruders and I haven’t been able to as of yet know if the intruder is an intruder at the time of the loud sounds or if the intruder is the community intruder or the friend I choose to make contact with.

    The gang stalker was here four times today all ready and is beating up my house in an unusal way. It is too loud to keep out and too silent to let in like a mob of of people that don’t seem to know where they live.

    I have to find the transmitters or the sound in the building and it isn’t paranoid like I said it is real so thanks again for the enlightenment.

    I hope I read much more about your knowledge of the gang stalker.

    Karen Dawe

    • I’m ipmrsesed! You’ve managed the almost impossible.

    • No, it isn’t paranoid, although from my experience, you search for the actual transmitting devices may be fruitless. In ten years, I’ve never been able to locate one, and yet I know I’m being listened to in the privacy of my own home. I know this because of an intentional experiment. I would speak aloud, sometimes involved “rhetoric.” The next time I crossed paths with people, they would more or less repeat back everything I said.

      By the way, anyone who goes out of the way to make friends with you — especially too swiftly — is suspect. In regard to “romantic” relationships in particular: beware. Not one of the few I’ve had in the last 10 years was genuine.

  4. Karen dawe Says:

    I only have one more comment. Does anybody know how to name a mother, father or child, teacher, son, daughter or uncle or aunt in a lawsuit, or great grandmother, great great or grandfather, great grandfather and even if they have passed on to name as an encumbent in a lawsuit regarding institutional abuses or death that was a criminal act or shocking that caused death or other vulgar acts such as medication that or caused death, rape, or broken bones during incarcerated states and to attach it to the now so the gangstalkers cannot return or they are forced into submission with a payout.


    Karen Dawe

  5. targeted2 Says:

    Wars seem to bring out the worst in people. Since when did we decide to regress from a civilized democratic society to one who endorses torture, fear and spying on our own citizens.The ACLU has an article about the government purchasing personal information about individuals from private companies. They do this in order to get around privacy laws. The problem is that these companies are under no obligation to verify the information they provide. So you might find yourself listed as a prostitute or drug dealer in a fusion database because your name matches someone else and the information is sold without any verification.It’s an interesting article that will give some insight why things are in such a mess.

    • I have found that I am using an alias of a woman in Oregon whom I don’t know and never met, courtesy of a database. I am also listed as having relatives I’ve never heard of.

  6. Good day. First I desire to say that I truly like your webpage, just determined it the past week but I’ve been following it constantly since then.

    I seem to be to come to an agreement with most of the thinkings and opinions and this submit is no different. I fully

    Thank you for a great weblog and I hope you hold up the good perform. If you do I will carry on to browse through it.

    Use a wonderful day.

  7. Very upsetting thing to have to endure. Worse when there are no resources. We are all providing the same definitions and little else. Exactly what else can the gang stalking world offer? Just how many targeted people are there? Saddest thing in the world is when the targets family turns against them. Being a target I showed my family actual proof, clear proof of a lie and they took the side of the lie, despite fact. Perps not only destroy individuals but families, complete families. Evil. Complete evil and for what? Gang stalking is not comparable to school yard bullies. It is an illegal, criminal activity, not just an insult. A word to the wise, exposure helps little more than silence. No matter what evidence you provide no one will believe it or a least say that to your face. I have yet to see a site that offers names and actual day by day of critical events. Exposure goes unheard, unheeded. I expose and, it makes me feel good on some level, but if I am showing you red and you try to tell me I am showing you blue what’s the point? Do it anyway, maybe one day it may be useful to someone. But these days, people are evil, far more evil than I wanted to admit.

  8. Beginning about ten years ago, when I had the misfortune to cross paths with a “Satanic” type cult, I have been followed all over the U.S. No matter where I go, after a period of time, odd things happen. I’ve been harassede and driven out of every place I’ve ever lived, due to stalking-type techniques. I only have peace when I’m not locateable. I meet strangers who know too much about me, etc. This has gone on and on. And, yes, most people don’t believe me, and think I’m delusional. However, when people you don’t know literally know things from your past you never discuss, and can even quote verbatim from your personal journal which you kept for two years, what do you think?

    If anyone has any idea how to make this stop, I would dearly love to know.

  9. And, as a footnote, the idea seems to be either to make me look crazy or to drive me crazy. One recent neighbor, in an RV park, one of the ones who knew too much about my past, even though I’d never met her before, actually said to me, “No, you aren’t paranoid. People are trying to drive you crazy.”

    Why? is what I have always asked. Why me?

    If I didn’t meditate and do yoga I might have comitted suicide by now. It’s been that bad.

  10. Thank you for the support and information. I have been gang stalked for six years. I have criminal information about relatives involved in large scale white collar crime. My relatives stole much of my inheritance and my son’s trust fund. I do not know the gang stalkers who follow me.

    • Gang stalking has become a widespread problem. Innocent people are being deprived of basic cicl rights and there is little if anything done about it. I am overcoming and doing all right after five years of gang stalking. I give credit to God who has sustained me and my son..

  11. Interesting . . . a week ago I posted a long comment on what was supposedly this website. No sign of it now or any of the others that preceded it. Makes me wonder if it was a sham website, since it contacted me and not the other way around.

    What dismays and terrifes me the most about this is how eager most people seem to be to do this to a total stranger, whom they don’t really know and who has never even harmed them.

    There is a rather famous experiment, whose purpose was to show that most people, sadly, are quite willing to commit terrible things, as long as they believe those acts are being sanctioned by a higher authority.

    A man is strapped into a chair with supposed electrodes fastened to him. They aren’t real, but the participant on the other side of the glass window doesn’t know this. There is an authority figure, as well. He tells the paritcipant that each time the “rate” is increased, the amount of the shock doubles. Finally, it reaches the point where the authoirty figure tells the participant that if the shocks continue, the man will die. The pariticipant hesitiates. But, after being told by the authority figure that it is all right, and they won’t be blamed, the person continues to shock the man, even knowing he may die.

    Thus, if a person believes it is being sanctioned by authority, and doesn’t have to take the moral responsibility, he/she is much more willing to do things that he/she might otherwise balk at, conscience-wise.

    This is how the Nazis convinced basically decent people to exterminate the Jews.

    In essence, these people are being given permission to give in to the meaner, crueler, baser components of themselves without having to take responsibility or feel guilty or face any negative consequences. This component was termed the “Id” by Freud, the “Shadow” by Jung. We all have it. Or only real choice is whether or not we choose to succumb to it, or transcend it. This transcending is the purpose of real spiritual work.

    Unfortunately, history shows that anyone who is “different” or “not one of us” is therefore the “enemy”, and that the most moral thing to do is to eschew morals, usually in the name of the state or religion, since if the person isn’t “one of us”, this somehow comes to me he/she isn’t really human, etc.

    Any “crime” or cruelty is therefore not a crime, or a sin, if it is committed in the name of a higher cause.

    The irony of all this, as I noted in one of my responses above, is that the things that are being done to me in the name of this cause are far greater crimes than anything I’ve supposedly done. In the name of “preventing crime”, I’ve been subjected to an onslaught of them over the past ten years, including being driven out of every home I attempt to have , stalking everywhere I go, threatened murder, attempted murder, continuous verbal abuse, assults, attempted rapes, rapes, break-ins, vandalism, slander, etc.

    So who is the real criminal here?

    On of the most recent perpetrators was a man who claimed to be an elder in the Mormon church, and a minister as well.

    Would Jesus approve of gang-stalking? Would he encourage his disciples to do it? Would he do it?

    Here’s the thing I’ve finally realized: every time I focus on “this” instead of silence or God or something positive, I’m letting them win. I’m allowing them to control my consciousness.

    That is the ultimate brainwashing, the ultimate mind control.

    As long as I live in reaction to them, they are controlling me and my mind.

    They feed on anger and fear, not love. Every time you think about them, or what they are doing, you are giving them exactly what they want: POWER.

    It is no different from a black magician who creates a ciricle, then entraps someone in it. Then they tap into the energy of the murdered soul, who cannot escape the bounds of the circle, and use that negative energy for their own nefarious ends.

    These people are, quite literally, energy vampires, feeding on the life/soul force and energy of the innocent. While deluding themselves that they are “good” and “heroes.”

    Don’t give them yours.

    Having come to the realization that every time I think about any of this or react to it I am actually feeding it energy, I am making a conscious effort to stop. And think about something positive.

    Now, I’m going to go out and take a walk, and photographs, which is what I love to do and what makes me happy, enjoy the beauty of the natural world, and feel joy.

  12. Jordan Printup Says:

    I have not done anything to deserve this plight that has been given to me. I have no idea how long I will be able to take this daily “slow torture”. It is ripping me to shreds.

    One observation….I live in the USA…….so many of these people around my house have license plates from other states and when I approach them, they usually do not seem to understand why I would be upset. It makes me wonder about mind control of the masses. Just a theory I have no idea what is going on. I wish I did.

  13. Sarah M. Says:

    I found it interesting that my daughter-in-law and son, who are very interested in what they feel should be left to them when older relatives die, have done to get what they want and vent their anger at our dismay of their rotten parenting. So what they have done is to lie to a very large organization in the US called the sons and daughters of the revolution. These people, thinking they are doing the right thing, have stalked me and other members of my family. They use triangulation of cell phones to track where we are and to listen to our conversations. I purchased a type of frequency scanner to verify this fact. They told them I was a child molester because I had had an experience growing up. I stopped it from ever happening, however the belief by the ignorant is that anyone remotely involved with the monsters that do that kind of thing are turned into that kind of monster. My angry misguided children have seen fit to engage in lies because of their terrible parenting of my grandchildren. They wish to discredit me so what they have done and continue to do remains hidden. This is not to mention their drug use! I don’t interfere, especially because I am stalked often and have to deal with the idiots that take part in those activities but I do say something once in a while. Most of the people involved in the stalking activities are older retired americans. Some younger people are involved as well. My son took up telling me how paranoid I was in the midst of all this without me telling him what was going on. He persists to this day even though I don’t tell him what has taken place. Cause stalking is illegal for any reason folks!! What part of that don’t you understand? What really is sad is that seemingly reputable organizations can be lied to and compelled to take part in illegal activities. They’re doing it under the guise that they can avert a catastrophe from taking place even if one doesn’t exist. You’ve been lied to folks. The freedoms you so preciously defend are being eroded by you. You are the catastrophe!

    For those of you who do not understand, you can be stalked for any number of reasons but most probably because you angered someone who wants to get even and has access to a group of over zealous “patriots”. Life is cheap to these people.

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