Read these Comments for Clarity on Community Gang Stalking..


Brothers and Sisters,

Below are two comments sent in by fellow citizens, just two of hundreds received at the Citizen Soul Power Website.

These responses represent two very plausible reasons for “what and why ” Targeted Individuals are forced to endure so many criminal activities. The constant daily Human Rights Violations , Physical as well as Physcological Torture that is used by the gang stalkers to bring them under control must be brought to light.

Please read both of these and contact your local representatives and congressman to bring awareness to these issues.

Also watch the attached video to better understand what Targeted Individuals are subjected to and where some Strategies of Gangstalking have come from.

Many Blessings

Citizen Soul Power

It’s a systemic system of control. The lie is to make people think that this is being done by criminals, when the truth is our society has become corrupt, and this is being used as a form of control.
(To control those who step out of line.)

Many people start being harassed in the workplace, school, and other places and never realise the wider picture of what is
happening to them. This is not just a few people in society doing this, this is a system wide form of control. If you are not
aware of it, you likely won’t believe it. I am just starting to understand this myself.

From lawyers, to judges, police, firemen, state workers, corporations, general workers, many take part, or are told to take
part, forced to, bribed to, blackmailed into these corrupt happening. The stuff online is confusing on purpose to stop people from figuring out what is going on. You then get some targets saying it’s Masons, other that it’s scientologist, others that it’s Zionists, others that it’s religious fanatics, others that it’s KKK, it’s all of these groups, because large chunks of society are a part of this systemic system of control.

Think Cointelpro, with McCarthyism, but taken to the max, throw in some MK ULTRA and then you slightly begin to understand what is going on. You get police that know exactly what is ongoing, and then you get the few cops who really don’t know, the
same is true for every other portion of society, many know what’s going on, and are too scared to say anything, because to step outside of this societal system of control is suicide.

Some places to check out.
Tim Fields had started to look into the workplace mobbing version of some of this, before he died.

These two TI (Targeted Individuals got a dose of the controlled system when they stepped out of line)

Other targets have fled Canada, America, the UK, only to find that this is a systemic system of control. Meaning it’s almost

everywhere. Do you really think organised criminals are going to go to that much trouble? This is an organized systemic

system of control, that seeks to disable those who are not conforming, those who get out of line. Unfortunately guess who

fall into this category? Whistle-blowers, independent thinkers, activists, dissidents, people who go out of the norm and
accidentally piss off corporations, single individuals, because no one then has access to them , or control of them. (Many of
them are also highly independent and intelligent individuals.)

Targets who have fled.

Many of these sites and people are out there to confuse targets so that they have no idea what is happening until it’s too late.
These lies are spread so cleverly that most people will not see them for what they are. You get 95% truth, and then 5% of lies. That’s why it has been so hard to figure out what was going on.

This is a system of control that has been in place for some time. That is also why many targets find that friends, family, close people to them are taking part, many of them are already a part of this system of control, that tracks, monitors, watches, and keeps tabs on it’s people. Think the former East Germany before the walls fell. (You get target after target reporting the same thing, if you want to just think Cointelpro, where they also enlisted friends, family, neighbours, coworkers, etc)

Others who experience this call it different names. Eg. Journalists who get a similar form of this call it the buzzsaw.

Stephen Knight before his death wrote about the Brotherhood and how Masons use a similar structure to get even with their enemies.

Same methods are used by cults, or some religious establishments on ex-members. The stalking, life disruption, systemic destruction of lives and reputation.

By itself these examples might lead you to believe it’s this group or that group doing it, but it’s not, we have a systemic structure in place that is doing this.

From high-school/colleges/universities with the bullying of those who are different and not conforming to this system of control. (Unknown to them.) To the workplace mobbing. (Again often unknown to them) To the community aspect that we call gang stalking. (Unknown to many of us, till it’s too late.)

This is happening on wide scale, going by the reports that are coming in. Asian countries, Europe countries, Canada, America.

The research seems to indicate this might be getting stepped up, for a global agenda that involves, the monitoring and tracking of all people from all countries. Using civilian/suburban spies to track and monitor their fellow citizens. Also with the other forms of surveillance we see going up in the UK, the US and other countries. (Cameras, DNA data bases, rif chip cards, biometric readers, future scanning or micro-chipping of populations etc.)

A one world global government, using the citizens of the world to keep each other in line and conforming with the system.

From the civilian spies I have come across, some have no idea of the greater agenda, many think that they are doing the government a favor, others are aware and are scared. Remember going against this system of control means either being socially targeted like other targets, no jobs, socially annexed, or worst.

This same sort of occurrence happened to John Lennon, he also experienced being followed around, and stalked. He said if
anything happened to him or Yuko, it would be no accident. The same targeting apparently may have also happened to other
famous rockers. According to this book. The covert war against rock.

This covert war, this system of control has been ongoing for some time, it’s destroyed many people, and as Targeted Individuals, it’s just one same piece of a much larger puzzle. Most of the disinfo goes into making sure we never trust each other enough, or come together enough to figure it out. That is why our groups are infiltrated, or groups are set up, just to lie to, manipulate people, or to make it seem that something is getting done, but nothing ever get’s, done.

It’s a war against a controlled society. The first part is believing it, then freeing your mind from this control, then trying to find a way to make others aware of what is going on, and then trying to do something about it yourself.

That’s the truth as far as I have been able to discover it, understand it, try to come to terms with it. It’s a horrible truth and realisation, and it’s little wonder, that very few targets would want to believe or accept something like this as truth.

And From

I think there is a lot of correct information here but some misleading such as the goal is to drive targets insane or to suicide. People here seem ignorant to the fact that everything has a financial motive. Again, think financial motive while you read what I say here.

People here should watch The Truman Show and the Bourne Identity and then put it together as what the “program” Jason Bourne had to go through was. You are likely undergoing government spy/mercenary/asset training and do not even realize it. People are born into the government asset program and thus your family and many friends who have been planted in your life will not take part in this stalking because it is not their job to. They are being paid to eventually distance themselves from you as opposed to the stalkers. There is a reason that this has become so prevalant as the government is desperate for spies and homogenizing the population. It costs $50,000,000 to train a government weapon and the money can be better spent on these actors and stalkers if they train many people at once. Yes they may use lies and disinformation on the low level harassers but there is a reason a shadowy person is the leader. They are CIA handlers who keep case files on all of the potential assets. The stalking is part of the training and will be reduced if you are smart enough to intelligently learn from it and respond appropriately. If you cannot handle it then they are okay with you going insane or killing yourself as this stops you from becoming a rogue problematic operative and trying to expose the program. There is a reason the targets are highly independent, extremely intelligent, educated and generally socially isolated. There is no escaping it really when one to two million is being spent on you a year by the government. Unless you want to move to the last remaining hostile parts of the world such as Iran or North Korea, there is little you can do. You may be able to legally sell some of your stories to foriegn embassies and intelligence services but you will have trouble telling if they are playing you. Not to mention doing that will cause the stalking and harassment to be scaled up to the point you will want to leave the country.

Again folks, think about it. The United States is training hundreds of thousands of tools/assets against their will. The stalking causes you to research surveillance, reverse stalking tactics, you in effect have no choice but to become a spy yourself. Think about it!!!

Watch This Video

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