“Wake Up and Live Now” !


Brothers and Sisters,

I was blessed at the tender age of 15 to witness a Bob Marley show in Santa Cruz California . As a Fellow Aquarian my one other clear connection with brother Bob is my profound desire to witness, participate and faciliate as much as is humanly possible in bringing Awareness and Awakeness to all my brothers and sisters.

Brother Bob was a prophet whose vision was undeniable…. His Voice and Guitar were always a better weapon than any Gun.

His work rings true eternally and is as profound today as it was thirty plus years ago.

He was a pure, absolute, natural genius.

That is why like John Lennon and many others he was removed by the Illuminati New World Order.

So Now People, In Brothers Bob’s words

“Wake Up and Live”

” Rise Rise from your Sleepless Slumber ”

One Love


Citizen K

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