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Brothers and Sisters,

Look to this page for some Visual and Verbal Tonics as well as other Ramblings from the creator and founder of Citizen Soul Power.





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  1. Hey Soul Power!

    I really dig what you are about, are you single or available?

    I’m from the L.A. area and you can reach me at


  2. citizensoulpower Says:


    Thanks for your kindness, I am not currently dating or available , I hope instead you find the time to see how you can participate in spreading the information found on Citizen Soul Power..

    Blessings and best wishes
    Citizen K

  3. Very compelling site. Thank you for sharing it with me. You were right, it is very similar in content to some of the things I have been reading.

    I’ll see you soon,

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  4. The time is nearing to communicate… the requested prerequisite is honesty or else the ethers will suffice to find peace and harmony.

  5. citizensoulpower Says:

    THROUGH LOVE all that is bitter will grow sweet
    Through Love all that is copper will be gold.
    Through Love all dregs will turn to purest wine
    Through Love all pain will turn to medicine.
    Through Love the dead will all become alive.
    Through Love the king will turn into a slave.

    ONCE a beloved asked her lover: “Friend,
    You have seen many places in the world!
    Now – which of all these cities was the best?
    He said: “The city where my sweetheart lives!”

    FROM MYSELF I am copper,
    through You, friend, I am gold.
    From myself I’m a stone, but
    through You I am a gem.

    O SUN, fill our house once more with light.
    Make happy all your friends and blind your foes!
    Rise from behind the hill, transform the stones
    To rubies and the sour grapes to wine!
    O Sun, make our vineyard fresh again,
    And fill the steppes with houris and green cloaks!
    Physician of the lovers, heaven’s lamp!
    Rescue the lovers! Help the suffering!
    Show but your face – the world is filled with light!
    But if you cover it, it’s the darkest night!


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  7. Please visit my blog. I believe with every fiber of my being that this issue is systemic.

    I also believe there are very dark motivating factors which propel the abusers to behave absurdly, inexcusably, and insanely.

    The lunatics HAVE taken over the asylum. I believe the root of this evil lies in the dark and often unspeakable human exploitation industry.

    I am NOT kidding.

    The police ARE the primary culprits.

    Best to you,


  8. This is an awesome article, Ill be adding you to my list.

  9. I bookmarked this page earlier and just came back to it … well put and I will definately be sending this on once I get to my work PC …

  10. Superbly written post, if only all website owners offered the same quality information as you, the internet would be a far better place. Please keep it up! Cheers.

  11. Why didn’t I find this blog earlier? Keep up the great work!

    • I’m a victim of a Church that’s using CIA SPY equipment. A typical day for me is hearing people talk all day long; using electronical equipment. The voices accured during a church service, this church is call Mount Gilead in Chesterfield county VA.
      The people are using this technology to program their members to pay their tithes and offering. I’m a victim because I can actually hear them talk using these electronical devices. At times it sounds asif someone using me to talk to other people. I hear them and I can write all of their transactions.
      This church is an African American Mega Church it has a track record of scamming members out of there money. Last year some church members were imprisoned for stealing 6 million dollars from some of the members at this church. The couple was Darreyl and Cy Underwood they partnered with a realitor company called Woodbridge. However this couple was accused of stealing and scamming church members out of there homes by refinancing their morage.But never did they pocket the money,they was programmed.Yet this church was involved, dueto most of the victims that lost their home was members that attended Mount Gilead church in Chesterfield VA the bishop and his organised electronal program”your programmed” is the mastermind behind all of this.
      The Underwoods was sentenced to 15 years in prison.But it was the organised electronical church cult that programed them to steal the money, other words electronical gang stalking.
      This electronical gang stalking/ harrassment is the “New get rich quick scam.” Mount Gilead nonDem Church in Chesterfield VA are using some form of electronical harrassment to shock their members and program them to pay their tithes,also organise their family life and somehow program them to some electronical computer program. The device their using is so thin and light its hardly visable.The Bishop at this church is Daniel Robinson Jr. I tried to contact this bishop for the past 2 years but her doesn’t respond to any of my messages personal. He does have his staff contact me and pray. This is beyond some bible study prayer the procedure that’s used is electronically programing humans to follow his commands.
      I’m tired of this I went to Numberous therapist and psycholist.Still no help, somehow this church is using military intellegence equipment to keep this horriable,mindgogging, torment. Everyday of my life they are in my thoughts.
      Please help me its like my mind is “enslaved by people tormenting and shocking me all day.”Please if you can help me or direct me to some help.Bee 804-647-7121

  12. Thank you so much for this delightful piece of info which i believe would have taken a decent effort to put together.

  13. Thank you very much for this excellent piece of content which im sure would have taken a decent effort to put together.

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