The Criminal Activities of Community Gang Stalking will be Exposed….


Brothers and Sisters,

Have Faith

The Crimes of Community Gang Stalking will be Exposed….


The following article is also a must read for all of those who are currently dealing with the criminal abuse of Community Gang Stalking and or Electronic Harassment. This issue is beginning to be brought out into the light, thanks to all of our diligence and good works. From the good people at GangStalkingWorld.Com to Freedom From Electronic Harrassment to all of our collective and individual efforts.

The time is at hand to expose this cronic and life threatening criminal activity which uses our fellow citizens to perpetrate most of the criminal activities/ abuses used in Community Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment.

To all Brothers and Sisters currently listed as a Targeted Individual we send you LOVE, STRENGTH and MANY BLESSINGS .

Stay strong, the day grows near when real Justice will be provided for all of those who have suffered from these horrific crimes.

Peace, Love and Light

Namaste Citizen K

Corporate Spooks:

Private Security Contractors

Infiltrate Social Justice


Spies might miss the Cold War, but they’re getting plenty of work tracking activists

Corporate Spies

Cara Schaffer just wanted to improve the lives of vegetable pickers in the fields of south Florida. In March the idealistic college student signed up to volunteer for the Student/Farmworker Alliance, a group that works closely with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers to fight for better wages.Schaffer’s fellow activists, however, quickly became suspicious of the new recruit’s excessive enthusiasm, particularly her keen desire to take part in national conference calls that plotted strategy. So they punched her name into an Internet search engine and discovered that Schaffer wasn’t a college student at all. She was the owner of Diplomatic Tactical Services, a private security and espionage firm based in Jupiter, Florida.

Schaffer’s firm had been hired by Burger King, which was locked in a dispute with the coalition over tomato pickers’ wages. In the aftermath of her outing as a corporate mole, two of the burger empire’s executives were fired and the company agreed to meet the workers’ demands.

While activists easily sussed out Schaffer’s rather buffoonish infiltration attempt, highly professional corporate espionage has become a galling reality for many activist groups. In the wake of the Cold War, former spies from the CIA, FBI, Britain’s MI5 and MI6—even the KGB—are increasingly plying their dark arts for private firms with cinematically sinister names such as Diligence, Control Risks, and Kroll.

“The big change in recent years has been the huge growth in these companies,” Annie Machon, a former MI5 agent, told the London-based New Statesman (Aug. 11, 2008). “Where before it was a handful of private detective agencies, now there are hundreds of multinational security organizations, which operate with less regulation than the spooks themselves.”

Perhaps the most disturbing entry in the lucrative corporate espionage field is the private-military firm Blackwater Worldwide (best known for gunning down 17 civilians in Baghdad’s Nisour Square in 2007). Led by J. Cofer Black, who spent 28 years working for the CIA, Blackwater launched the Orwellian-named Total Intelligence Solutions in February 2007. The firm is stacked with former high-ranking officials from the FBI and the U.S. State Department, promising clients around the globe, including foreign governments, unprecedented access to power brokers in Washington. “It is not difficult to imagine clients feeling as though they are essentially hiring the U.S. government to serve their own interests,” the Nation reports (June 23, 2008).

While spying on idealistic do-gooders is undoubtedly a minuscule portion of these firms’ activities, businesses have sometimes taken elaborate steps to acquire the inside dope on protest plans, acts of civil disobedience, and lobbying agendas. This fixation suggests that the regrettably groomed rabble demonstrating outside your local weapons-manufacturing plant might actually be causing some anxiety in corporate boardrooms.

Activists also attract the attention of corporate spies for a less flattering reason, says John Stauber, founder of the watchdog group the Center for Media and Democracy and its magazine, PR Watch. “Any firm involved in corporate espionage is more than happy to take on the job of spying on activist organizations because, frankly, they see it as easy pickings.” RELATED CONTENT Live and Let Spy? Not for a handful of Republicans taking issue with Bush’s domestic surveillance program… Meet The Corporation It has no conscience. It’s pathological. And it’s in your neighborhood…. Police Spying 101 Police Spying 101… Stopping Corporate Interference in Local Government Stopping Corporate Interference in Local Government January 13, 2003 Issue By Erica Sagrans, Utne…. Corporate Blind-Eye to King Holiday Corporate Blind-Eye to King Holiday January 12, 2001 Leif Utne Corporate Blind-Eye to King… Often operating on shoestring budgets, and dependent on the benevolence of average citizens, few advocacy groups have the time or the inclination to conduct background checks on the volunteers who show up at their door. “Until somebody screws up in some way or ends up in a lawsuit, it’s very difficult to document these activities,” says Stauber. That’s what happened in early 2008, when a nasty business dispute brought to light one brazen tale of espionage. Becket Brown International (BBI) was started by former Secret Service officers in 1995.

After the company’s primary investor, John C. Dodd III, had a falling out with his business partners he began contacting activist groups that the firm was spying on. Among BBI’s targets: environmentalists in Louisiana and elder-care activists in Maryland. The most audacious case in the BBI files focused on antigun organizations. Starting in the mid-’90s, Mary McFate became a prominent activist within the gun-control movement. She sat on the boards of various organizations, including Philadelphia-based CeaseFire PA and the Freedom States Alliance in Chicago, and lobbied for violence-prevention legislation in Washington. Her volunteer activities came to an abrupt halt in 2008 when Dodd’s tips helped Mother Jones (July 30, 2008) expose Mary McFate as Mary Lou Sapone, a corporate spy on hire for BBI. Among BBI’s illustrious clients: the National Rifle Association. The gun-control groups were taken aback by the revelation. “She had access to all the legislative strategy for every major issue for years,” said Kristen Rand, legislative director of the Violence Policy Center. Not everyone, though, viewed McFate-Sapone’s infiltration as an ominous development. “I actually think she helped the movement rather than hurt the movement through all her volunteer efforts,” Ona Hamilton, a founder of CeaseFire PA, told the Philadelphia Inquirer (Aug. 1, 2008). “I just don’t see what she could have gained in terms of damaging information.”



10 Responses to “The Criminal Activities of Community Gang Stalking will be Exposed….”

  1. Mr. Jeremy Scahill has wrote books, news articles, testified before UNITED STATES CONGRESS about “BLACKWATE, illegal private army abuse of power and corruption.” Google “Jeremy Scahill and BLACKWATER” and you will find tons of information on the subject.
    a. 190,000 private army in Iraq.
    b. 40,000 more in U.S. Cities.
    c. Private Air Force.

    Look at the timeline between the establishment of BLACKWATER and massive increase in ORGANIZED HARASSMENT GROUP/ AKA GANG STALKING – illegal surveillance, illegal wiretap( protected by the Patriot Act) and find an almost identical curve.

    It is widely believed these groups are working with local private security/detective, abusing community policing program to destroy citizens on behalf of their clients.

  2. Hello,
    I’m happy to have found your blog. I’ve been a gang stalking target since 2005.
    I look forward to reading your posts on this subject.

  3. T at City College of San Francisco Says:

    Community policing / COPS – community oriented policing.

    1. zero accountability + decentralized(no oversight) = corruption
    2. harass the victim for years
    3. Setup victims by fabricating crime/nuisance to local police.

    google “community policing COPS corruption”

    Community oriented policing is the foundation of GANG STALKING.

  4. i am living this now. never knew it existed. it is very nasty. It has been going on now for about 4-5 weeks. my crime – i asked a woman i did not know if she wanted to walk at a public park – she gave consent and then all this started.

    i a followed around wherever i go — it is amazing – they have a huge network of people. here are some of the things they do.

    here is the one i hate the most and they have done this now 4 or 5 times and i evaded 2 and should have evaded 3 but i had a brainfart and spaced it. they use little children and set up an ambush – so i am waking then they have toddlers or small children riding their bikes away from me and then then i see an adult taking cell phone pics or movie or there are kids just walking ahead of me and then the adult again taking pics – trying to implicate me as a child molester or something – you know- i can honestly say i have never done anything as bad as that in my entire life. trying to falsely accuse someone of being a pedophile. that is the worst

    then — car headlight beaming me at walmart or target or some store- big deal i can handle that

    then — i am walking over a bridge and low and behold here comes 5 bikes at full speed taking up the entire bridge… got out of the way – just barely – i guess they didn’t have the balls just to ask me to leave the park and never come back

    then — the comments on the walkby’s – typically deragatory comments about me – personal in nature.

    then — they recruited 2 neighbors who live across the street which is convenient for their network because they all instantly know when i leave my house and return.

    then– they tell the people at all the resteraunts and stores i go to some crap about me, most likely showing them the bogus pics or movie of me being filmed with little kids riding away or walking in front of me. and i say- hey- if i did something wrong – charge me with something but know they like this better.

    so welcome to my world….. this daily…

    i am keeping a notebook now and am going to be looking at buying a small portable digitial camera.

    Follow me if you want but when they start creating false evidence — they are rats and the lowest form of human.

  5. Please watch my 19-minute video on gang stalking & 9/11 truth:

    Keep up the great work!

  6. I know very well what organized, criminal-gang stalking is. I have had to put up with it

    for a long time. The stalkers are criminals. I believe there is a certain amount of

    government-law complicity in all this. They seem to be goddamned cowards. They are

    lucky I am not able to muster the capabilities of committing an act of war against the

    them. I would like to teach the bastards a lesson history would never be able to forget.

    I have done some research on the subject of organized, criminal-gang stalking. From

    what I’ve read, their tactics in the US are nearly identical to the machinations used by

    dictatorial regimes in present-day communist China, and in the old Soviet Union.

  7. Gang stalking is being exposed every day. The perpetrators in many instances are also being duped because they are told that what they are doing is authorized by the so-called “Government” which is a total lie.
    The perpetrators usually have no idea what they are doing, why they are doing it or who is the person who is initiated the gang stalking of the targeted individual.
    There are government employees (lower level) involved, but they are not authorized by the legitimate government; it would be the rogue, shadow or criminal element of the government that would be involved in gang stalking and any other racketeering activities and it would all be done covertly.
    Gang stalking is a money making racket just like human trafficking, drug trafficking, porn production and distribution, and the list of illegal rackets could go on and on.
    A very criminally minded person is contracted to hire people who will gang stalk an innocent person in their community.
    The community contractor then either hires people who are unable to get jobs for whatever reason, bribes, coerces, black mails, bullies, and gets his gang stalkers, and then trains them to terrorize the targeted individuals.
    These criminals use lies, bullying, bluffing and intimidation in their community to manipulate and control the people in the community.
    These criminals use businesses, corporations, institutions of every kind as their “fronts”.
    In my area; the contractor pretends to be a Christian Elder, and he uses a large church group on the property as a “front” to whitewash all of the illegal activities.

  8. This kind of information is exactly what needs to get out and I am grateful that it is. I have had a similar experience in that an assistant pastor in a local church is behind illegal
    activities including gang stalking. His being a “pastor”is a front. The entire “church” is envolved in racketeering.

  9. Thank you for this website…it’s all about getting information out to expose this criminal enterprise. I’ve been targeted by my former husband for 10 years (since I seperated from him), he is located in Raleigh, NC—he does “favors” aka “illegal things” for Community Oriented Policing Groups to have me and others harassed…with the intent to cause death (I believe). He is a highly intelligent individual but believe he gradually progressed over many years into mental illness and is no longer able to determine right from wrong. His intelligence would be somewhat comparable to Bobby Fischer the world renowned chess player…that went mad later in life. He is a recluse (his family pays his bills online, while he sits in his apartment causing acts of terrorism against innocent people) so, he uses Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) to do his stalking for him. The way I see it, Community Oriented Policing Services is nothing more than a “stalking and revenge service”. They are the criminals not the targets…many of the targets are women that ended relationships with someone with connections to the Law Enforcement system. So, COPS perpetrates violence against women pure and simple. My former husband is wanted by law enforcement…here is the link…
    Michael Eugene Gunter 8600 Brittdale Ln. Apt. 202 Raleigh, NC 27617 (919)237-1239
    In case the above link doesn’t work, go to NC Department of Corrections…offender search…Michael E Gunter
    DOC #: 1011779
    Stop letting the perpetrators get away with their crimes! As difficult as it may be exposure is the best friend of a target. This is done through smart moves involving release of information…never violence!

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