Let’s Begin the New Year by giving more than ever before…


Brothers and Sisters,

Citizen Soul Power begins it’s third year by saying farewell to our friend the Shiva Shakti Sun Symbol which served us beautifully over the previous year.     It brought with it a new sense of awareness and abundance and now leaves Citizen Soul Power to be replaced by our new sun symbol the Vergina Sun.

With it we hope to see our Citizen Soul Power site flower exponentially over this year and be blessed to reach countless more of our fellow citizens.

We begin our work for 2009 ( which will prove to be a very active year Worldwide as the New Love Consciousness takes even greater strides towards replacing the Old Power Greed Animal based Modalities that are now in the early stages of dying off forever.), by re introducing our friends at Kiva. Org as well as introduce our newest of friends the ingenious FarmerD aka….                         ( Daron Joffe).

Please  review the material we have provided and feel free to send us any feedback regarding either Kiva or FarmerD.

Many Blessings

Citizen Soul Power

Links to Farmer D and his great works..


As well as Kiva. Org



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