Kiva.Org Offers Immediate Assistance and Change for our Fellow Brothers and Sisters..


Brothers and Sisters,

Citizen Soul Power would like to offer you the opportunity to make immediate positive change in the life or lives of some of our less fortunate brothers and sisters around the globe.

At Kiva.Org you will learn how to make a small business loan or loans to fellow brothers and sisters who are attempting to start a business in their respective countries. You will witness how your seemingly small contribution can have a dramatic positive effect on someones life and the lives of their families.

We have included this piece from Kiva founders Matt and Jessica Flannery to offer you a clear understanding of this groups direction and purpose.


The Kiva .Org Link

Peace and Many Blessings

Citizen Soul Power



2 Responses to “Kiva.Org Offers Immediate Assistance and Change for our Fellow Brothers and Sisters..”

  1. This Sunday is Indigo Ribbon Day. The Ribbon has been adapted by some members of the Targeted Individual community as a way to show unity and solidarity.

    Every cause has a symbol of hope, a ray of light. When people see this ribbon, it’s with the hope that they will realise that there are Targeted Individual and that they are suffering.

    It’s a voice for those who are having to remain silent. If you have a web blog, website, etc you can paste this on your website.

    If you campaign offline, you can paste the ribbon on just like you would for any other cause.

    The Indigo Ribbon is a ray of hope for Targeted Individuals. Light for those in the dark. Hope for the Survivors.

  2. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication

    To all Targeted Individuals everywhere.

    I just wanted to stop and take a moment to say thank you. We would not have come this far without your hard work and dedication in exposing our targeting.

    Thank You from

    Please keep your lights shining & keep up the fight.

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