Each of Us has the Power Within to Inspire and Create Positive Change..

Brothers and Sisters,

Please listen to the words of Robert Kennedy as read by his brother Ted during a Eulogy given in his honor. For me, Robert F. Kennedy was one of the truly inspirational and great men of the 20th century. He lived a short 43th years on this earth but gave every minute his fullest attention.

Never before have we citizens witnessed one mans journey toward enlightenment played out so openly and clearly, and on the grand stage of American Politics as the spiritual journey of Robert F. Kennedy.

Although he came from a family of great wealth and power RFK became even more committed to fighting the dark elements in American society after he came to see his own fathers part in all of it. That fact and the burden of believing his moral pursuits as attorney general may have contributed to his own brothers murder brought a new a heightened awareness to his abilities regarding the struggles of the oppressed during that time in history.

In 1965 as he attempted to deal with his deep grief regarding the murder of his brother Jack he traveled with a three-man team on an excursion sponsored by the National Geographic Society, RFK was the first to reach the summit of the 13,000 ft Mount Kennedy. He had no previous climbing experience. Up to that point, Mount Kennedy was the highest unclimbed peak in North America. It had been named after President John F. Kennedy earlier that year.

He morphed right in front of our eyes from an unsure and timid public speaker into a man who had millions of citizens who loved him as one of us and followed him like he was to be the next messiah. He became fearless, which may have contributed to his undoing. It is said that he was well aware of who was behind the public execution of his brother and as his popularity grew exponentially those responsible in the system grew even more fearful of him becoming President.

Another of the Peoples Kings had to be removed to maintain business as usual in Washington and so it was constructed.

As a small boy my family lived in the Washington D.C. area and we had the priviledge of attending many events at Hickory Hill, the home of Robert Kennedy. We stood with candles in a warm summer rain the night they brought his body back home on the funeral train from New York. My father, Irish American from Massachusetts and a devote follower of Jack and Bobby Kennedy gave in to alcohol after seeing both the brothers and MLK removed by the “Good Ol’ Boy, Industrial Defense, Power Structure / Masonic Brotherhood.” 

For me, in reflection, I can now see how devestating it must have been for my father, then a young man, to see so clearly the true nature of the Elite and Powerful of America. How easy it was for the powerful to destroy all the hope these good men fought so hard to instill in all of us.

We have all been witness to these same members of the Elite who abuse and rape the constituition and do as they see fit during these last few decades. All the while neglecting their responsibilities to their fellow man. It is my hope that we all begin to see more clearly the power and beauty we all possess when we embrace the philosophy of Loving Kindness and Compassion for all of our fellow beings.

Each of us can make positive change through the way we live our daily lives. I hope you take time to review the many choices available on this site to contribute to the empowerment and well being of your fellow brothers and sisters.

May all beings be happy and safe, and may there hearts be filled with joy.

Citizen Soul Power

The words of Robert Kennedy read by his Brother Ted as part of his Eulogy.


The powerful words that Bobby Kennedy lived by and loved, written by one of his favorite writers George Bernard Shaw.

“Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not.”

This footage is a testament to the Power of Hope and Love one man (RFK) instilled in hundreds of thousands of American citizens. Each of us has that same ability within us.

Finally, the words written and spoken by RFK the day after the murder of MLK.

Link to The Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Website


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