The Future will be built with Positive Life Force along with the Source ( The Sun)…

Brothers and Sisters,

Take a look at some of the ingenious creations and ideas that have begun to make their way out into the mainstream of society. Back in the late nineteen seventies there was an initial push to bring these technologies out into the light.

Now, with the Earth’s collective clock ticking down we all need to take active steps towards implimenting Green Technologies and Carbon Free Technologies into our lives. We hope you find inspiration in these examples of human evolution at work. We also hope you investigate and participate in the upcoming  San Francisco Green Festival that runs from November 14th thru the 16th.

May all beings be safe, peaceful and healthy in body, mind and spirit.

Citizen Soul Power


Architecture & Power Plants (SUPER GALLERY)
The power of the sun is incredible, and with Earth Day coming up, we thought we’d highlight some of the top innovations in solar technology. This is part two of the solar cluster, featuring 30 solar powered communities, cities, individual pieces of architecture and other larger scale inventions.           

If you missed part one, which featured 70 solar powered gadgets and fashion, you can still check it out here.  All together, this makes 100 incredible solar innovations!

The main image on this artical is of the COR Miami, a residential and commercial highrise in Miami by Chad Oppenheim.



Solar & Wind Powered Pre-Fab Spa – Desert Winds Eco Spa (GALLERY)

When thinking of a spa, I envision a natural, calm, quiet setting, not over the top sterile environments like Las Vegas. But Vegas may be the best place for this environmentally friendly Desert Winds Eco Spa. The concept is for a solar and wind powered development. It would be composed of pre-fab … [More]


Norway’s Green Jail – Bastoey Eco-Prison (GALLERY)

Bastoey, the world’s first ecological prison opened in Norway, is a place where inmates learn about the environment. Prisoners of the minimum security facility play important roles in keeping the jail eco-friendly, from learning about food production and recylcing. The facility lives by a philoso… [More]

Ecological Towers – The Green Tower, Siberia (GALLERY)

British designer Sir Norman Foster has revealed his designs for the Green Tower, a new ecological tower in Khanty Mansyisk, Siberia. The tower design takes the local weather and nature of Siberia into account. The 280- meter tower centers around a south-facing atrium to maximize daylight and solar … [More]

International Solar Power Home Contest For Students – Solar Decathlon 2007 (VIDEO)

The Solar Decathlon 2007 is an international team competition sponsored by the US Energy Department on Washington DC’s Mall. University students from around the world are challenged to design and construct solar-powered, energy-efficient homes. They must be able to power lights, refrigerators and … [More]

Going Green With Plant Power – Cradle 2 Cradle Spinach Concept Home (GALLERY)

Stop the presses, they have found a good use for Spinach other than for torturing young children. Get this house design that uses Spinach for much of the exterior surface. It was conceptualized by Cradle 2 Cradle and uses filtered storm water to grown the spinach.  The house can generate twice the v… [More]


The Lighthouse – Green Skyscraper Combines Wind Turbines and Solar Panels (GALLERY)

The Lighthouse is an innovative green skyscraper that will soon be constructed in Dubai.  It promises not to be your typical skyscraper:  For energy, it will have “three enormous 225 kilowatt wind turbines (29 meters in diameter), and 4000 photovoltaic panels on the south facing façade.” In addit… [More]

Environmentally Friendly Rotating House – Generates More Energy Than It Needs (GALLERY)

We have already told you about the rotating tower in Dubai, now this house designed by Rolf Disch also rotate on a central axle. According to ScifiTech “The front of the house is composed of triple-glazed glass to point toward that glowing ball of gas in the sky during the winter, while a heavily … [More]

Anti-Smog Architecture in Paris – Vincent Callebaut’s Green Innovation Centre (GALLERY)

In a battle to claim title to world’s cleanest cities, Paris has come up with a concept for anti-smog architecture. What looks like the top half of a drinking straw poking out of the water, and a giant white and green football laying on a road is actually a new prototype by architect Vincent Calleb…[More]

Structure Produces Energy & Oxygen – The Air Tree in Madrid (GALLERY)

This “Air tree” currently being built in Madrid, Spain is designed to help the environment while simultaneously acting as a social center. The structure has solar panels which create electricity that is sold to the local electric company. Although it’s completely self-sufficient, the Air Tree is n… [More]


First Green Gas Station – Office dA Design

Office dA, a Boston based design firm, has created this gas station in the heart of Los Angeles. It creates quite a paradoxical relationship for those who seek it out. For the everyday user of this gas station, it’s just another funky monument in the “look at me!” culture of Los Angeles road…[More]

Solar-Powered Hotel – Grand Hyatt Dubai (GALLERY)

Hyatt is proving that the hotel chain is taking climate change seriously, and is taking concrete action to save the environment.  Grand Hyatt Dubai had its main water heating system converted from diesel oil-fired to solar-powered recently. Their intention is to reduce United Arab Emirate’s carbon… [More]

Solar-Powered Safeway – Greener Groceries (VIDEO)

Safeway is the world’s first grocery store to run entirely on solar power. The North American food retailer installed solar panels on the roof of a California store and hopes to add them to about 24 more in an attempt to be more eco-friendly. Safeway also has “state-of-the-art refrigeration system… [More]

Solar Energy – The Solar Chimney (GALLERY)

To be built in Austrailia, SolarMission Technologies “are developing the world’s first commerical Solar Tower (aka Solar Chimney).” The Solar Chimney will be able to generate 200MW of electricity equaling enough power to roughly 200,000 households.  The construction of this very tall tower (2 1/2 t… [More]

Solar Powered Skyscraper – The Time Residences Tower

The British consortium is building the world’s largest gadget; “The Time Residences tower, a solar powered skyscraper that will use the electricity thus generated to rotate through 360 degrees.” Tav Singh, director of Dubai Property Ring said, “We didn’t want to build just another building or …[More]

Street Lights

Solar Powered LED Streetlights

Energy efficient, solar powered LED streetlights are being tested in China in efforts to devise further ways to save energy. Solar panels sit on top of each streetlight allowing solar energy to be collected during the day… the energy is then utilized to power the streetlights during the darkness o… [More]

Solar Powered Communities – Green Street Technology (GALLERY)

Our world may just look like this in the future. We are gearing towards making solar power replace conventional sources of energy with concern for global warming and the depletion of fossil fuel reserves. This sensible concept has an infrastructure based on solar power to energize every aspect of … [More]


Dual Renewable Energies in the City – Japan Uses Wind and Solar Streetlights

Urban planners are hard at work to design street lamps that will be self sustaining, and they’re innovating all around the world. As the latest spin on the trend, Japan is experimenting with lamps that are both solar and wind powered. The lower part of the structure turns and stores energy in a b… [More]

Solar Trees – Streetlights Go Green via Solar Power and LEDs (GALLERY)

Here’s a great innovation in street lighting: self contained streetlights that are solar powered. They do not require underground lighting to install. The solar panels charge built in batteries which power LED’s. Less light pollution, less power, the lights have detectors to turn off and on automati… [More]


Power Plants & Large Scale Solar Innovation


Renewable Energy Solution To Power The Entire World – Energy Islands

We’ve already seen the power of waves and the oceans current harnessed into useful electricity, and solar and wind almost seem like they have been around forever, however no one has really conjured up a way to utilize them all. Combining all of these technologies into one to create a floating “E… [More]

Tower’s Energy Could Power 20 Earths – Energy Tower May Reverse Global Warming

Global warming, energy problems, and water shortages could be solved by one gigantic invention: the Energy Tower. Researchers claim that the tower, which stands 3,000 feet high and measures 1,200 feet across, could produce up to 20 times the energy the entire world uses today. It relies on solar p… [More]

World’s Largest Solar Farm Opens in Spain – Powers 20,000 Homes

The world’s largest solar power farm has opened in Spain with an installed peak power capacity of 20 megawatts. It surpasses the solar farm at the Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada which is rated at 14 megawatts. The new solar farm features 120,000 solar panels and covers 100 hectares (247 acres) in J… [More]

Air Force Base Goes Green – Nellis AFB Has Largest Solar Power Plant in North America

The largest solar power system in North America is now online. The plant is located on Nellis Air Force base in Las Vegas. It will save a staggaring $1 million in power cost for the base plus reduce CO2 emissions by 24,000 tons per year. “The photovoltaic system is made up of 72,000 solar panels,”… [More]

Solar Power With Panache – Sanyo Solar Ark (GALLERY)

Going green requires a huge commitment of space as well as financial resources. Designing a solar power facility that doesn’t “overpower” the surrounding landscape was accomplished by Sanyo. The aesthetically-pleasing green energy project is called the Solar Ark and is located close to the geograp… [More]

Solar Balloons – Sunhope (GALLERY)

The award-winning Sunhope project by Joseph Cory and aerospace engineer Dr. Pini Gurfil is a breakthrough low-cost easily-deployable system that collects solar energy with a minuscule environmental footprint. Traditional solar systems require vast resources: high initial investments, large land req… [More]

Solving the Energy Crisis – 10,000 Humongous Foil Balloons (GALLERY)

Party balloons may be the next big thing in solar power. Cool Earth has made some giant balloons with gizmos inside that will convert the collected sun and focus it onto a cell. They have been given a big chunk of moola to make 10,000 balloons to cover 80 acres in California and hopefully in a coupl… [More]

Greening The Persian Golf – Abu Dhabi Solar-Powered Plant

Here’s some more ecovation from Abu Dhabi. Solar-powered plants will be built by Sener from Spain and Masdar from Abu Dhabi. These plants are expected to produce 1,000 megawatts within 10 years time. The design scheme involves mirrors on the ground which will reflect the sunlight to the top of the t… [More]

Mind Melding Old Mech with High Tech – Infinia Solar Dish

Don’t ever throw out those old ideas! This solar dish powers a 17th century invention for a unique approach for every home to be self sustaining. $50 million was recently invested to move forward this no maintenance energy maker. Infinia solar dishes power a Stirling engine that heats a gas to drive… [More]

Cities & Communities

Green Cities of the Arabian Peninsula – Ras al Khaimah (GALLERY)

A brand spanking new 1.2 million square meters city in the United Arab Emirates is in the works that is intended to be completely self-sustainable. With cutting edge solar technology as its source of energy, the Ras al Khaimah eco city development in the United Arab Emirates, was designed by Rem K… [More]

Indoor City 2 – Crystal Island in Moscow (GALLERY)

At 1500ft (450m) high, the Crystal Island project won’t be the tallest piece of architecture on the planet, but covering 27 million sq ft (2.5 million sq. m) of floor space, it will be gimungeous. Basically, the structure in Moscow will be a city within a building and will have its own weather s… [More]



Top 100 Solar Inventions – Part I: Gadgets & Fashion (SUPER GALLERY) [Edit]


Gadgets & Fashion (SUPER GALLERY)5,896 Views – Click for Larger ImageEarth Day is right around the corner, so buzz about environmentally friendly innovations is high. One of the most talked about ways to go green right now is opting to use solar technologies by harnessing the power of the sun. In honor of Earth Day, this special two-part feature highlights the top 100 solar inventions.      

Solar energy is one of the top sustainable energy sources, and its potential is incredible, as highlighted by the following bits of Trend Candy. They’re arranged by category, starting with electronics like cell phones and computers, and gadgets like charging stations, followed by fashion and solar-powered bags. Featured in the main image is theMana Solar Claw.

The second part of our feature, which can be seen here, includes larger innovations like architecture and solar cities.

Here’s a look at what’s possible through harnessing this incredible green energy source:


Gadgets & Electronics


Green Technology Breakthrough – Inkjet Printed Solar Cells

In an advancement that could radically reduce the cost of making solar panels, Massachusetts-based Konarka Technologies has developed and successfully demonstrated the ability to print solar cells with an inkjet printer. By using the inkjet printing process in the manufacturing of solar cells, the n… [More]

Solar Purification – SODIS Water Filters (GALLERY)

This solar container was created by the Italian designers Alberto Medo and Francisco Gomez Paz. The water bottle’s design was inspired by needs of developing countries, specifically with the intentino of killing harmful microorganism that contaminate the water. Unfiltered water contributes to nearly… [More]

SunFlower – Solar Powerstation and Music Station

The Sunflower Solar Station generates power for any of your electrical devices, plus it includes an integrated CD player and two speakers. “Sunflower is a compact system that convertes solar energy into electric power, and at the same time a music system with a cd player and two loudspeakers. Sunfl… [More]

Super Solar Laptop – GPS, Sat Phone, Web Access

Here’s a solar laptop that would make Maxwell Smart a happy dude. It has solar powered rechargeable batteries, satellite link Global Positioning System, internet access and satellite phone. Anyplace on the earth you can be in contact with the Boss to get your next assignment to save the earth from t… [More]

Solar Powered Linux Computer – Aleutia E1 Runs on 8 Watts of Power

Aleutia’s 4.5 inch E1 could be a good indicator of the future of computers. It’s a solar-powered Linux and runs on 8 watts of power. It has no moving parts and is totally silent. The optional solar panel will add slightly to the low $400 price tag. Even though it has relatively small storage and ram…[More]


Solar Powered Computer Mouse – Sole Mio Is First Of Its Kind

The Sole Mio is the world’s first solar-powered mouse. As with anything solar-powered, man-made energy is conserved; in this case, it has been estimated that hundreds of millions of batteries could be saved. It runs off of a combination of natural and artificial light. The mouse is currently being t… [More]

Eco-Friendly Charging Umbrellas – Parasolar (GALLERY)

Parasolar is the perfect name: it’s a parasol, meant to be used during sunny days, and it captures solar energy to recharge your gadgetry. Oded Shoreer made this for the Greener Gadgets Competition The cloth has panels of photovoltaic cells that transfer power to a charger in the handle with a coup… [More]


Solar Powered Retinal Implants

AN IMPLANT that squirts chemicals into the back of your eye may not sound like much fun. But a solar-powered chip that stimulates retinal cells by spraying them with neurotransmitters could restore sight to blind people. Unlike other implants under development that apply an electric charge directly… [More]


Solar Powered Hearing Aid From Africa

In an attempt to provide affordable hearing to the more than 200 million hearing disabled people in the world, Godisa has developed three hearing aids which use small batteries that can be recharged with a solar powered device. “In 1992 the Solar Aid Workshop was started in collaboration with the B…[More]

Charge Gadgets By Wind or Sun – MINIWIZ HYmini

MINIWIZ has created a portable, alternative power source called the HYmini. The device harnesses the natural power of the wind to recharge an integrated battery, which at the same time can be used to charge other electronic devices. But what happens when it’s not windy out? MINIWIZ thought of th… [More]

Portable Solar Charger – Solio (GALLERY)

With Solio, you could charge almost all of your portable handheld electronics literaly “anywhere under the sun”. Solio Charges mobile phones, Ipod, PDAs and even your Digital camera. It comes with an internal battery that you could precharge for use later. A fully charged Solio will charge an averag… [More]

Solar Powered Patios – Umbrella Glows for 8 Hours

This solar powered patio umbrella from Hammacher Schlemmer isn’t just eco-friendly, it’s also the perfect solution to eliminating unsightly cables that would otherwise be displayed on your outdoor table. A solar panel on top of the umbrella absorbs the suns rays during the day. At night, the 24 LE… [More]


Solar-Powered Pen is a Wireless Spy Cam (GALLERY)

Act like a spy with the wireless mini spy camera concealed in a fully functional and normal-looking pen. Be James Bond by twisting the cap of the pen to start the wireless transmission for recording. At $328.99, the pen camera comes with a solar charger for the recharging of its built-in Li-ion ba… [More]

Ultimate Outdoors Juice – Solar Powered Digital Survival Kit (GALLERY)

We have seen some solar charging docks before, but they did not come cheap. For $33 you can now have a features-packed digital kit that keeps your mobile phone, media player and all your gadget juices flowing, while you are enjoying your day outdoors (away from technology and all). The Solar Power… [More]


Solar-Powered Vending Machines – Golf Balls & Drinks

Considering that vending machine are popping up all over the place (see below), and recognizing the booming trend to go green, it was only a matter of time before the first solar-powered vending machines were designed. The solar-powered machine installed at a US golf course is on the first of its ki… [More]

Solar Powered Alarm Clocks – Green Clock Needs Charging Once A Year

A solar powered alarm clock? Really? Yes, that sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s true! According to the manufacturer, one day’s worth of charging will last a whole year, so you don’t need to worry about cloudy days or dark bedrooms. It has kind of a 1950’s nuclear bomb shelter look to it, but if … [More]

Solar Tables – Sun Table Charges Your Electric Goodies (GALLERY)

Going green is a movement that designers are capitalizing on. The table may look pretty routine, but the impact isn’t. It’s covered in solar panels and can produce enough electricity to run your laptop or even a TV. Sudia Design Labs made the table weatherproof and includes batteries to store power.… [More]


Eco Workstation of the Future – Solar Power Desk (GALLERY)

This mobile workspace, by designer Mathias Schnyder, would be perfect for your terrace, patio, deck or whatever type of outdoor space you have. It’s a solar powered desk, so you could still do your work while enjoying the sunshine. The solar cell on the roof makes it possible for you to plug in your… [More]

Solar Powered Air Conditioning (VIDEO)

Here’s an obvious idea: an air conditioner that run’s on sun.  That’s what a company in California, SolCool Inc, will be releasing into the market next month.  The air conditioner will be able to cool one large room and “can be run on solar power, from a wall socket” or a battery backup in case of b…[More]


Nintendo Wii Goes Solar

A unique experiment allowed two gamers-gone-enviromentalists to harness the sun’s rays to power a Nintendo Wii. Solar panels were installed to collect energy and the Wii, a television and two speakers were able to operate for up to 8 hours at a time. [More]

Cell Phones

Motorola Patents Solar Cell Underneath Phone LCD

Charging gadgets is not only an inconvenience, it’s a drain on our resources and environment. Various solar chargers have been around for a while now, but they’re either bulky and awkward or too expensive to be practical. Luckily, there may be an improved option for getting off the grid and into the… [More]

Solar Powered Phone

NTT DoCoMo reveals the world’s first solar-powered cell phone; it looks like a Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP cellphone. [More]


Solar Powered Charms – StrapYa for Mobile Phones

If you felt a little outdated for not having a solar-powered cell phone, fret not; it’s time to stop feeling out-teched and start rejoicing the money you saved. Now you’ll be able to catch a few rays of sunshine, show off a cute accessory and juice up your cell phone all in one go with this solar po… [More]


World’s First Solar-Powered Bluetooth Headset – Iqua BHS-603 SUN (GALLERY)

The world’s first solar-powered Bluetooth headsets have been revealed by Iqua at Barcelona’s 3GSM. Pictured, in order, are the Iqua Vogue wireless headset, the Chameleon, and the Snake2. The new BHS-603 SUN headsets will be charged by integrated solar cells and be similar in style to the Vogue. Re… [More]

Solar Powered Cellphone

This is an innovation in the making that goes one better than a previously reported solar powered mobile phone charger. The actual mobile phone itself will be permanently switched on, using device-integrated, high efficiency solar cells. The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, researche…[More]

Free Sun Power for Your Cell

Solar Style, Inc. has developed a line of products that keeps cell phones, PDAs, and other hand-held devices charging, even when there’s no traditional electric source available. Cell phone users will never be caught without a charged battery during a power outage or stranded without the ability t… [More]


Solar Cooking – Restaurants Introduce Green Ovens (VIDEO)

What better way to eat your greens than by preparing them in a “green” way? Thanks to new advancements in solar cooking, this option is a lot more doable. Earth-happy cuisine isn’t limited to personal prep in the home anymore either as leading restaurants begin to shift toward more eco-friendly prep… [More]

Alternative Energy Barbecue – The Solar Grill

Gone are the days of singed eyebrows and unintentionally blackened meals.  The Solar Grill cooks your grub with, as you guessed, the sun’s energy.  This New Age BBQ has a flexible mirror, which focuses the sun beams on the barbecue cup allowing it to heat up and cook your food without burning it. N… [More]

Solar Roasted Coffee – Eco-Friendly and Awesome

Going green starts with your morning java. While organic and fair trade coffee beans are now mainstream, Solar Roast Coffee is taking green coffee to the next level. Their coffee is roasted using solar thermal coffee roasters.  The roaster does not burn any fossil fuels to create heat, and uses a … [More]


Solar Power Hot Dogs – Solar Death Ray 3000

Brought to you by the Alternative Energy Zone (AEZ), the Solar Death Ray cooks hot dogs using the power of the sun.  It’s a big reflective dish that concentrates sunlight for cookin’!  If you want to see it, you’ll have to attend Burning Man where AEZ will have the device on display. [More]


2007 L.A. Design Challenge Winner – Volkswagen Slipstream Concept (GALLERY)

The Volkswagen Slipstream won the 2007 Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge, beating out concepts by General Motors, Mercedes, Mazda, Honda, Nissan, and Toyota at the L.A. Auto Show. The concept comes from 50 years into the future; the year is 2057 and our Earth is filled with futuristic technol… [More]

Volkswagon Nanospyder – Futuristic Concept Car with Organic Body Panels

The Volkswagon Nanospyder is a concept car which provides unique view of the potential future of transportation.  The car breaks free from traditional manufacturing techniques and uses organic body panels.  Giz Magazine describes, “A team of highly creative Volkswagen designers based in California h… [More]

Solar Power Wheelchair

The latest and greatest solar power invention is this wheelchair from Taiwan, allowing even the disabled to go green. The wheel chair, invented by a Southern Taiwan University of Technology research team, gets is energy via solar paneling on the roof. “A conventional fully-powered electric wheelch… [More]

Solar Golf Cart – Sunray Cruize Car Makes Golf Greener

The Sunray Cruize Car is a golf cart that replenishes its own power supply via a rooftop of solar panels. Solar panels help out the environment by conserving energy and the government thinks you should be rewarded for doing your part by giving you a tax credit for buying solar. [More]

Hydrogen Powered Car Requires Only Water And Sunlight – Corgi H2Go (VIDEO)

Touted as the wave of the future, Corgi International, in partnership with Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, has developed the H2Go, a radio controlled toy car powered only by sunlight and water. The car makes use of solar power to extract hydrogen from the water, which the fuel cell then converts to … [More]

Eco-Retro – Retro VW Camper Goes Green

Still in draft-phase, the famous VW Westfalia Camper Van has been redesigned to bring it even more environmental street-cred. 
Alexandre Verdier envisions an “intelligent” vehicle with solar panels to power its on board accessories. A computer and GPS-system will position the panels to maximize thei…[More]


GM Hydrogen Fuel Cell Luxury SUV – Cadillac Provoq (CES 2008) (VIDEO)

Ready for what could be the world’s first zero emission luxury SUV? GM’s head honcho Rick Wagoner delivered his keynote speech at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show after rolling on stage in GM’s electric-powered Chevy Volt. It was the first time in the show’s history that a leading automaker had … [More]

Charge-As-You-Ride – Solar Electric Bike

Solar cells on the wheel recharge the batteries as you ride the E-V Sunny bicycle and they look pretty cool as well. It is available as a complete bike or as a kit to modify your existing bike. [More]

Aussie Solar Car Race – Dutch Enter Panasonic World Solar Challenge (VIDEO)

The Panasonic World Solar Challenge will start October 21, 2007 in Darwin Australia. The Australian Panasonic World Solar Challenge is a bi-annual 3,000 km solar car race from Darwin to Adelaide, Australia. Teams of university and college students compete to design and construct the fastest vehicle… [More]

DIY Solar Powered Electric Car (VIDEO)

If you’re looking for a weekend DIY project, why not a solar powered electric car? It gets good mileage – infinity miles per gallon! A group of high school students helped build it. They weren’t happy with the exterior design, so they (ironically) tweaked it to look like a Hummer. [More]



Fly Like A Bird – NASA’s Latest Flight Project (VIDEO)

Imagine a plane that will fly just like a bird: “no turbines or propellers, no flaps or rudders interrupting the smooth surface of the plane’s flattened body as it emits barely a whisper as it sweeps past.” Funded by NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts, the plane (as envisioned by a group of resea… [More]


Solar Pedal Boat – Jonathan Mahieddine’s Eco Design (GALLERY)

This hot tub-shaped boat from French designer, Jonathan Mahieddine, apparently runs off of a giant solar-tree/sun-roof. Not exactly sure how. What does the stored sunlight power? The televisions or the steering-wheel-less rudders? A closer look reveals another potential power source: two sets of p… [More]

Fuel-Cell Hamburgers – Zemship on the Alster (GALLERY)

Here’s a beauty of an eco-innovation from my hometown of Hamburg, Germany. I’ve floated the Alster waterways many times, and next time maybe I’ll be doing it on a hydrogen-run ferry. They are currently building the fuel-cell powered hybrid Zemship, which stands for Zero Emissions Ship. It will car… [More]

The Solar Shuttle (GALLERY)

Solar energy has been used in many usual technologies for centuries and has come into extensive use where other power supplies are not present. The SolarShuttle designed by SolarLab is the most advanced solar boat, completely pollution-free and silent running. It maneuvers on the ecologically-fragil… [More]


Solar-Powered Hybrid Ferries – San Francisco Evolves

San Francisco is evolving. …at least in terms of its boats to Alcatraz, which will now be replaced with the world’s first sun and wind powered ferries. “The slickest feature? The triple-hulled vessel will have a 45-foot high retractable wing covered in solar panels that can generate 20 kilowatts…[More]

Solar Boat Race

More than 20 teams from Europe and the US are gearing up for the Nuon Solar Challenge – a contest to build and race a solar-powered boat – to run from July 1st. But given it is held in rainy Netherlands – a minor miracle is needed for success. Organizers predict the top speed in this race will be … [More]


Solar Empowering Billboard – NEDBank Billboard Lights Up School Kitchen (VIDEO)

South Africa’s NEDBank won a Cannes Lions 2007 Grand Prix Award in outdoor advertising for what is believed to be the world’s first solar-powered billboard. The topper? This revolutionary billboard uses the power it generates to power the kitchen of a local school – helping prepare food for 1100 kid… [More]


WWF’s Solar Powered Billboard Warns About Global Warming (VIDEO)

Solar-powered, as in, with a solar battery? Or solar powered, as in, “respecting celestial mechanics” (like a sundial). You decide. But we know one thing for sure: WWF’s latest billboard warning about ocean levels rising brings the point home dramatically. Some assumed that the board is powered b… [More]

Solar Powered Ads – VW Eos “Shadow Poster”

The VW Eos “Shadow Poster” proves that the sun can go beyond providing alternative energy. With their latest advertisements promoting the convertibles, Volkswagen shows us that the sun can also increase the number of cars test driven, and as a result, boost sales. “Everywhere we put it up, the… [More]



Solar Powered LED Ski Suit – Improve your Visibility Willy Bogner Style

Doing some twilight skiing, afraid of getting hit by a car while crossing the street or just want to make a statement, this ski suit by Willy Bogner is for you.  “LEDs are becoming pretty commonplace in clothes these days, but Willy Bogner has come up with an idea that is actually useful rather tha…[More]

Solar Powered Jacket Charges Your Stuff

Zegna debuted their Solar JKT at an Italian fashion show this week. The solar powered jacket is made with conductive textiles and a solar panel in the collar, allowing the person wearing it to charge cell phones and iPods through the jacket. [More]

Solar Powered Bikini – Don’t Electrocute Yourself When You Swim

The solar bikini is made from photovoltaic film panels so you can charge your mp3 player or cool your beverage while you sport a tan.  I’m sure they’ve figured out how to make it safe, but try not to electrocute yourself when you swim. winkA solar powered bathing suit for men is also on its way. Th…[More]


Solar Powered Dress

The Day-for-Night solar-powered dress designed by Despina Papadopoulos , is made up of over 444 white circuit boards. It was unveiled at the recent SIGGRAPH conference and will be on display at Chicago’s A + D gallery until October 21st. The dress charges in the daylight and contains RGB LEDs on eac… [More]

Bags & Cases

Solar Powered Laptop Case Actually Charges Laptops

It’s hard to get a substantial amount of juice from a case-mounted solar panel. Sewing a photovoltaic panel into your jean jacket will only get you so far. And while portable devices do generally use very little power, no portable solar panel has yet been able to charge a laptop computer. But that’… [More]


Solar Powered Bags (GALLERY)

Now here is a bag that doesnt just carry all your mobile electronic stuff but also charges them. The bags produced by voltaic systems are fitted with solar panels which would then convert the sunlight to put out electric charge up to 4 watts. Each bag is also installed with a Li Ion Battery pack whi… [More]


Solar Powered Purse – Solar Panels on Clothing and Accessories?

The Power Purse is designed by doctroal student Jo Hynek.  It combines ‘fashion-friendly’ solar panels with a handbag to ensure you’ve always got power to charge your cell phones and mp3 players.  Price: $300. [More]


Solar Panels, Random Design & Other Discoveries

Simple Solar Shingles – So Hot Right Now (GALLERY)

Harvesting solar power has become… cool! Technology has come so far that there is now a flexible, roll-on shingle to compliment solar paint cells . Since the 1970’s, homeowners switching to solar power had to make do with ugly, rack-mounted panels on their roofs. Finally technology has caught up w… [More]

Solar Paint – Turn Your House Into a Power Station

In the near future, you might just be able to turn your house or car into a self sustaining solar powered machine. This space age paint was unveiled by researchers at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. The polymer-based paint can be applied to plastic sheets to create a solar cell for a fractio… [More]

Google-Backed Solar Panels – Nanosolar Photovoltaic Prints (GALLERY)

If Google co-founders are backing a project, it’s a pretty good indicator that its something to watch out for. Nanosolar could just be the next big thing in solar power. “The company, which has raised $150 million and built a 200,000-square-foot factory here, is developing a new manufacturing proc… [More]


Cheaper Solar Power – Solient Energy’s Heliotube (GALLERY)

Solient Energy’s Heliotube Panel could make solar power more affordable by using less photovoltaic material, which is expensive. Mirrors track the sun across the sky and focus its energy on the smaller area of photovoltaic material. This solar panel should cost about half of what current solar pan…[More]

Innovative Solar & Wind Leaf Photovoltaic Shingles – GROW (GALLERY)

Taking a cue from mother nature, GROW is an innovative and aesthetically ingenious solar and wind power solution inspired by leaves; that utilizes the best of green technology and ecology.  GROW, which is developed by SMIT (Sustainably Minded Interactive Technology), uses a series of flexible sola… [More]


Build Your Own Solar Panel Out of Pop Cans

If you like creating your own stuff and saving the world, you can now combine both your hobbies into one.  This do it yourself enthusiast build his own solar panel using painted aluminum pop cans.  Stylin. In short, Daniel Strohl is a DIY enthusiest and he wanted to find a way to warm his south f…[More]

Asphalt for Energy – Road Energy System

Think of how hot the pavement gets in the summertime, when you take off your shoes, there’s not much your bare feet can do but scurry at top speed as the soles of your feet are scalded. There’s a lot of heat energy that gets sucked in from the sun! Now Dutch researchers have found a unique way to ut… [More]

Exquisitely Green Solar LED – Solar Cynergy (VIDEO)

The “smarter lights” from Solar Cynergy add an element of modern design to the functionality of Solar LED Architectural and Landscape lighting. The Corona, California company prides itself on using Japanese innovation to produce a product which is eco-friendly and efficient, while still maintaining… [More]

Solarized Container Light – Energy Bucket (GALLERY)

The Energy Bucket, designed by Stefano Merlo, glows by night when it’s charged under the sun by day. Much like glow-in-the-dark stickers recharge under bright lights, the Bucket would recharge through the solar panels built into the top. This would be a fantastic method of lighting the walkway to yo… [More]

Solar Powered Art – PowerSEED by UeBERSEE

This new eco-friendly art is named PowerSEED. The flower-like design was developed for the city of Pasadena by UeBERSEE and hangs 24 meter above the ground by flexible poles. Because the suspension is so light, a slight breeze causes the glowing art work to sway gently in the wind, just the way flow… [More]

Eco Friendly Lighting Imitates Nature – Ravi Solar Flower Power

Looking a lot like the plant from Little Shop of Horrors, this is the Ravi solar charger. The solar arrays are like a plant, they absorb sunlight during the day and store it at night. It doesn’t grow or anything. Once charged the petals glow – kewl. You could remove the batteries and power some smal… [More]


Solar Powered Arcade Game – Soccermania (VIDEO)

A Polish amusement games producer showed his kicker game, Soccermania, at Surexpo 2007 Warsaw. This coin-operated soccer game can be ordered with a Sun Power System (Sun battery, accu, power regulator). The Kriss-Sport Soccermania machine works up to two days without sun. [More]

Color Changing Eco Light – Solar Butterfly Light

The perfect way to set the mood of your next garden party is with the color changing solar LED butterfly light! The glowing insect charges in the sun all day via a small solar panel, automatically switching on its internal LED lights at night. It’s constantly changing colors will dazzle you as the …[More]


Aquatic Solar Globe Spins Magically – Mova Globe (CES 2008) (GALLERY)

The Mova Globe is a remarkable piece of engineering. It is a globe enclosed in a fluid filled clear acrylic sphere. There is an electromagnetic motor within the globe that is recharged by solar cells using the small amount of light that penetrates the globe. The motor spins the globe within the flui… [More]




















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