Happy Birthday Citizen Soul Power !


Brothers and Sisters,

July of 2008 marks one calendar year for Citizen Soul Power.

***************        **************

 This Site was originally created out of necessity. A creative place of refuge. Created to provide a place and a path to anyone transmigrating from any number of extremely trying, difficult and painful experiences. Citizen Soul Power was born out of a great personal loss as well as a great oppression that has been experienced almost daily after becoming a Targeted Individual in October 2000.

At first Citizen Soul Power stumbled along like a wounded Elephant without a clear sense of what was to come but in very short time a defined purpose and commitment came into sight. The Universe provided guidance and assistance in many different forms, offering many many different Angels.

 As the primary editor slash writer slash creative force, I ( Citizen K ) have been blessed as well as inspired by many different sources and people. Today, I honor some of those who have helped nurture, educate and inspire me to continue forward in a state of loving kindness.

To all who are listed as well as so many others, I Send you Thanks, Love and Many Blessings .              

I remain eternally grateful and in your service.

Lux Aeterna

Citizen Soul Power

The Angels, Seers, Shamans, Empaths, Magicians, Priests, Yogis and Friends.

Arundhati Roy


Suki Zoe


Michael Franti


Samantha Sweetwater


Linda Sivertson


David R Hawkins


His Holiness The Dali Lama


Tom Morello


Ana Poirer


Paul Levy


Sharon Gannon and David Life


**Dana and Jackson Masters**


Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre


Eckhart Tolle


Zack de la Rocha


*********** **********

Darcie Woods

 David Seidman

Victor Henry

Detroit Bob

Richard Murphy

 Paul Franklin

 Bill Colahan

 Cheryl Welch

Derrick Robinson

Cindy Cohn

 Tom Ballanco

All Targeted Individuals as well as readers of  Citizen Soul Power.

*************        *************

I leave you with a piece that explains our struggle as well as any I have seen in popular American Culture. Open your eyes Brothers and Sisters and look beyond the Matrix.

Free Your Mind !



2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Citizen Soul Power !”

  1. Gaston Deberg Says:

    TO Citizen Soul Power,

    Your Website has helped many to better understand what Community Gang Stlking is. You also have so many positive bits of information that help someone to put their focus on others things that they use to make themselves feel better.

    Thank you for what you do.


  2. Hi Citizen Soul Power,

    Thanks so much for all your hard work. I’m trying to network as many of us together and was wondering if you and others wanted to keep in touch?

    Thanks much,


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