Please Participate in EARTH HOUR 2009 – SATURDAY 28 MARCH 2009 8:30 PM

 Brothers and Sisters,

On March 29 this year, more than 50 million people around the globe united for one hour and switched off their lights to show that they care about our living planet. Please take time to read about this powerful event and make plans to participate this coming year.

Blessings and Love to All

Citizen Soul Power

With growing concern about the effects of global warming, Earth Hour demonstrated that collectively people can make a difference. So what happened?

  • 50 million people around the world switched off their lights for one hour
  • More than 370 cities, towns and municipalities took part
  • Earth Hour was held in more than 35 countries across seven continents, including Antarctica across more than 18 different time zones
  • From the Middle East to Asia to Europe and the Americas – millions from all corners of the globe played a part and celebrated Earth Hour in their own local way
  • 40,000 people gathered at a pedal powered concert in Tel Aviv; 19,000 people gathered to hear Nelly Furtado sing in Toronto, Canada; businesses, school groups, communities and individuals celebrated all over the world with candle lit dinners, torch parties and street celebrations
  • The lights of the Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta USA switched off as did the famous Coke sign in Kings Cross, Sydney as well as the Coke billboard in Times Square, New York. Google home page went black.
  • Iconic buildings and landmarks went dark including the infamous Alcatraz Jail in San Francisco, The Sydney Opera House, The Sears Tower, Azrieali Tower in Tel Aviv, Tivoli in Copenhagen, The Coliseum in Rome, Italy, Jumeirah Hotel in Dubai and the lights of Brighton Pier in the UK.

Earth Hour 2008 was the biggest voluntary power down in history. It inspired many people and businesses to change their energy habits and has influenced government policy in some countries.

World Wildlife Fund is proud to have had the involvement and support of so many public officials, famous places, individuals and families, and major corporations – all of whom helped make Earth Hour 2008 a global success.

Earth Hour is all about the small changes that everyone is capable of making in their lives and building the Earth Hour ethos into each days living. Turning the lights off, represents turning the lights on in your mind, to the benefit of emissions reduction. Imagine the result, if everyone around the globe switched off their lights for one hour? Show the world you care with one simple action. Collectively we can make a big difference. Earth Hour joins people together, it can save you money and it can help save the planet. So gear up for what will be the biggest and most important Earth Hour of our planet’s history.


» Join the movement and register your support today. Sign up now!


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