Please Educate Yourself About the Coming North American Union

 Brothers and Sisters,

Please take the time to watch this Video piece on the coming of the North American Union,

 also the plan for National ID cards using RFID chips to Track all Citizens. Then, ask yourself the one and only pertinent question,

“Will you Allow yourself or your Children to be Chipped , then Cataloged and Tracked where ever you go 24/7 like cattle or a sheep” ?

This Draconian plan of the Elites does not have to become a reality. All the Brothers and Sisters of the rapidly growing New Love Consciousness can change the direction of those who are still alseep as well as protect our Mother / Earth

 Stay Strong, and work to promote the Education of the Truth as well as Promote Holistic,  Healthy, “Green Living” Options and Alternatives. Please continue to educate and bring  Awareness to this issue when ever you possibly can. Best Wishes.

Positive Love Vibrations to All

Citizen Soul Power


One Response to “Please Educate Yourself About the Coming North American Union”

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