Truth, Compassion and Love remain our Greatest Tools to Transform the Madness of the New World Order


 Brothers and Sisters,

As we all continue to work towards bringing light and love into a world which is currently struggling with so much chaos, hate and destruction, we must constantly remind each other of the unstoppable universal power that we all possess.

Throughout History, Truth and Love have always perservered and restored us through difficult and trying times. Please take the time to read our sister Betsy Tolls article, as it re inforces and empowers all of us to action through the continued use of all our intuitive and natural gifts.

Many Blessings to All

Citizen Soul Power

The Next Four Years

by Betsy Toll

The long night of November 2 left a gaping hole in the hearts of many who work for a world that is just, fair, inclusive, ecologically healthy, and at peace. Many of us reeled and staggered into the ropes, dazed and defeated. To others, the outcomes were no real surprise, but cynicism and pained hopelessness still settled in like a heavy fog. The election results were a profound disappointment, but succumbing to the fog or sinking to our emotional knees in defeat is a luxury we cannot afford. The prospects presented by the election demand that we take a breath, get back on our feet, and transform our responses into action.

“Our struggles for peace, justice, civil liberties, ecological stability, and human dignity have barely begun.”

The president has stated his intention to continue dismantling social programs and policies crucial to health and well-being–protecting our air, water, and native ecosystems, the health and development of our children, services for the under-privileged, the elderly, and the middle class. He declares he has a mandate from the American people to expand the state-sponsored terrorism of war and aggression in Iraq and beyond.

Our struggles for peace, justice, civil liberties, ecological stability, and human dignity have barely begun. November 2 was just the first day in the long journey ahead.

The passion and exuberance, confidence and determination that mobilized so many seasoned activists and first-time voters to work tirelessly on election campaigns must become sustainable for the long haul. A deeper vision of where we want the country to be needs to be defined. “Not Bush” is obviously not enough. Goals and strategies must be better articulated, organizing and planning must be coordinated and interconnected to be effective and successful. Our energy, commitment and vision must be continually refreshed to keep us moving ahead. We can’t stop now—the neo-conservative agenda has a very long reach, the century is young, and we have a long road ahead.

Our anger, our sorrow, shock, bitterness, disappointment, and our fear for the future must be transformed into deep wells of spirit and insight, strength and courage if we are to stay effectively engaged. Our hearts must be as passionately engaged in creating a clear vision of the policies and the world we aiming for, as they are in opposing the vision and direction of the country today.


Direct action, civil disobedience, public demonstration, organizing, letter-writing, lobbying, public events, arts and performance – the list of ways to build resistance and simultaneously build the movement for deep change could run for pages.

Just so, the reasons to engage and issues to defend are practically endless: environmental protections, international agreements, women’s rights, separation of church and state, access to education, health care, support for small farms and local economies, resistance to militarism, racism, corporate dominance, bigotry, the shredding of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Whatever your passion, there is a reason and a way to stay engaged.

Fuel for the fire

Our task is to keep the fire in our hearts burning–sometimes roaring and blazing, other times simmering steadily or with a crackle and pop. The passion demonstrated by young and old over the past year to oppose the military/corporate complex and create for a world that truly works for all beings must stay alive and bright.

If we long for transformation of the values driving our current system of government, then we must keep that transformation fresh and real in ourselves as well. Our commitment and determination must be grounded in our present and particular love of world. We must be sure to delight in the brilliant blaze of falling leaves, the freshness of the autumn wind, the softness of the rain, the laughter of schoolkids, rich conversations, the beauty of music.

What we love

We must root ourselves in love for our place and in appreciation for the specific details that make up our communities and daily lives, and for the small goodnesses and fine hearts of people all around us—everything that makes life precious, worth living. Continually staying in love with life will transform us as we are transforming the world.

By cultivating a daily practice of deepening our love and appreciation of life we will find that immersing ourselves in the actions we need to take comes easily. Our love is why we carry on. And it is why our efforts will ultimately succeed.

We are passionate, disconsolate, outraged, and heartbroken because we love the world and its beauty, cherish our families, friends, neighbors, our hopes for our communities and our visions of peace. That love is our greatest asset and our finest tool for resisting damage and creating change. May we care for it, nurture it, be sustained by it, and use it well in the times that lie ahead.


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