A Lightworkers Blessing of Love to Each and Every One of Us..


Blessings , Love and Gratitude

 To all my Brothers and Sisters throughout this beautiful world, I send you greetings from a fellow Lightworker. 

May your path toward awakeness continue to be filled with light , your good works remain joyous and your commitment impenitrable.

The time of great awakening grows nearer with each day,  as Lightworkers it remains our charge to prepare the path for as many brothers / sisters as is possible. It is the highest calling for all Lightworkers to love and nurture our blessed, wonderous Indigo Children as they prepare to make their way out into a new world that very soon will be driven by a dramatically evolved human consciousness.

Also, may the blessings of this offering reach a very special little boy whose bright spirit resurrected and renewed mine as well as all who have loved him.

To my Dearest Jackson, you will always be my special “Sun”.

Forward with Love !

Citizen Soul Power


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