Study the Ancients to Transcend Present Day Chaos…


Brothers and Sisters,

Today we share a few thoughts from some of the great masters of the Vedic and Tantra Traditions.

You will find more on these wonderous cultures in the links section below.

Many Blessings to All

Citizen Soul Power

“The Yogi who know that the entire splendor of the Universe is his, who rises to the consciousness of unity with the Universe, retains his Divinity even in the midst of various thoughts and fancies. ”

“The entire Universe is a sport of consciousness, One who is constantly aware of this is certainly a liberated being.”  Jivanmukta

When the bliss of Consciousness is attained, there is the lasting acquisition of that state in which Consciousness is one’s only Self, and in which all that appears is identical with Consciousness. Even the body is experienced as identical with Consciousness. … Awareness of the perceiver and the perceived is common to all beings.                                                            But with Self-realized yogis it is different; they are aware of them as one.”


“Though in reality there is no bondage, the individual is in bondage as long as there exists the feeling of limitation in him. In fact there never has been any veiling or covering anywhere in reality. No one has ever been in bondage. Please show me where such bondage exists. Besides these two false beliefs, that there is such a thing as bondage and such a thing as the individual mind, there is no bondage for anyone anywhere.


The individual soul (jiva) is Shiva.  Shiva is jiva. When in bondage it is jiva. When freed from bondage it is Shiva.              The knowledge of the indentity between jiva and Shiva constituites liberation.                                                                         The lack of this knowledge constituites bondage.”


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