A Warm Welcome to our Sister from “Dancing Freedom”…


Brothers and Sisters,

Citizen Soul Power would like to re introduce our old friend Samantha Sweetwater who is part of our Tribe Community “Monsoon” in San Francisco. She’s the committed as well as spirited founder of “Dancing Freedom” and you can find a link to her Website in our “Shine Your Light” link section below.

Citizen Soul Power has taken the opportunity to post Samanthas opening page entitled
“THE PATH OF EMBODIED AWAKENING” to offer and immediate understanding of her process and healing works.


Stillness and action co-create each other. The spiritual journey is a love dance in the space within and between. To be one, at peace and at home, with the cosmic dance is to be free. Though we are already free, we forget. Dancing Freedom Practices: Dharma Dance, Peace Body Yoga, Contact Improvisation and Matrix Somatics, shine light into the cellular truth of wholeness. In this wholeness on a cellular level, in every one of our multi-dimensional bodies, in being this freedom in time, space and experience, we come to know who we already are.

Freedom, already known by the Spirit, is revealed to our bodies and our psyche one moment, one act, one breath, one dance, at a time. The knowledge of Freedom is a body-based experience. Without the Body as the conduit, the Infinite could never manifest this vast, extraordinary dance called life. Therefore, to dance consciously as individuals, as community, as manifestations of the divine is to embody Freedom: to be what we are already. As freedom activates through us, it reflects back out into the world through our dancing, our breathing, our relating and our NOW being-ness.

DANCING FREEDOM practices bridge the space of “practice” with the moment to moment dance of life. They show us the non-separation between body and spirit and give us the opportunity to be Spirit as body. We integrate self care, emotional clearing and and self-empowerment, with the dance of Union with the Divine. We work with functional physical, emotional and communication tools to empower Peace Body: the body we live in when human, animal and spirit live comfortably together inside our skins. By welcoming all of the Selves: the personal and the transpersonal, the animal and angel, the sacred and the profane, the physical and the energetic, and the many, many aspects of psyche and mind, we enter into the Dance of SELF. In this dance, the Spirit within us (Self) has space to flower and become the primary animating principle of our lives. Honoring all and getting to know and love our cell-ves, we relax into a larger sense of beingess and are empowered as graceful participants in the unfolding of NOW of our lives.

Dancing Freedom Practices work with present tense prayer. In this modality of prayer Body, Heart and Mind are all invited to play together in unison to resonate the only prayer that really works: the one that already IS. This way of Praying is not new, it is held in most of the ecstatic wisdom paths of the ages including the Sufi Path of Dancing the Divine. This way is of praying in the present tense, AS THOUGH WHAT WE ARE PRAYING IS ALREADY HAPPENING, is what Gregg Bradden calls “The Lost Language of Prayer.” Praying in this way is a core aspect of Peace Body Yoga, Dharma Dance and Matrix Somatics.

Additionally, Dancing Freedom Practices are informed by the Wisdom Paths of Vedic Yoga, the Essene Way, The Path of Reiki, Tantra, Somatics, Dance, Chi Kung, Zen, Native American Shamanism and the teachings of contemporary masters Eckart Tolle, Dan Winters, Gregg Bradden and Gabriel Cousens. Dancing Freedom invites the Seven Fold Peace:

  • Peace in Body
  • Peace in Heart
  • Peace in Mind
  • Peace in Family
  • Peace in Community
  • Peace in Ecology
  • Peace with the Infinite

These seven spheres of activation invite us to BE THE CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE, to Ground and Manifest a new way of being and living here on Earth which is sustainable, loving and joyous. When we dance freedom and only freedom, we invite unity in diversity, responsibility, connectivity and gratitude. These seven principles guide us ethically as we become Peace Body and choose to allow the Dharma we are each called to be to flow forward through our being and our acting.

The practices and healing sessions offered by Samantha Sweetwater and other Dancing Freedom practitioners give participants the opportunity to integrate and activate these Seven Layers of Wholeness. We enable play, work, meditation and relationship as Shambala Warriors, Dharma Servants and Lovers of Life. The intention is Dancing Freedom: all being participating joyously as unique, enlightened individuals in singular and collective awakening.



Some of Samanthas teachers and influences include:

Baba Hari Das,

Tenshin Reb Anderson,

Stuart Sovatsky,

K. Pattabhi Jois,

Dena Kingsburg,

Margot Anand,

Gabrielle Roth,

Marth Eddy,


Citizen Soul Power


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