A Joyful Raw Food Revelation with Goji Berries..


Brothers and Sisters..

I wanted to share with those of you not yet familiar the history and nutritional value of one of my favorite day long foods, the Goji Berry. Citizen Soul Power will be developing as well as increasing it’s focus on Raw Foods and the Raw Foods Community.

While we will attempt to center our offerings on the positive aspects of food production, we will also be pointing out some of the facts about the majority of products that are unhealthy, even poisonous , that are currently being sold to our children as well as fellow brothers and sisters around America and the World.

Stay Tuned…

Citizen Soul Power


Authentic Tibetan Goji Berries

In valleys of Tibet and Mongolia there is a special berry that the locals use and cherish so much that they honor it in special celebrations that last two weeks each year. It is well documented that many people in those areas live free of common diseases for well over a hundred years. The Tibetan Goji Berry grows in protected wild areas with vines reaching over twenty feet. The round red berries are harvested in the late summer and early autumn by being shaken onto mats, then shade-dried before packaging. (The berries are not touched by hand as they will oxidize and turn black if touched while fresh.) It is said in Tibet that eating Goji berries in the morning will make you happy the entire day — with such a practice, eventually you can’t stop smiling. The taste is difficult to describe …. some say between a cranberry and a cherry …. others say they taste of licorice …. you will have to decide for yourself!

Savior each berry individually or add to cereals, trail mix, smoothies and tea blends. Natural Zing sell the authentic, very pure goji berries that are shade dried, wildcrafted and cultivated, imported from Tibet. Tibetan Lycium Eleagnus Barbarum is the original source of this great energetic ancient Lycium and these Tibetan Goji berries are the purest form of Lycium and come from a compassionate culture that honors all life. These Tibetan Goji berries have been grown in protected valleys in wild and cultivated areas of Inner Mongolia in million year-old soil where pesticides have never been used. These goji berries are a very rich source of vitamin C, having 500 times more vitamin C per ounce than oranges. They are also a superb source of vitamin A, more beta carotene than carrots. They have vitamins B1, B2, B6, and E and are becoming a famous antioxidant. They also are a rich source of both selenium and germanium. The goji berries have 18 amino acids (higher than bee pollen) and 21 trace minerals, linoleic acid and other beneficial food co-factors. Tibetan Goji Berries are a true “super” food of the highest type. It takes approximately 3 kilos (6.6 lbs) of fresh berries to make 1/2 kilo (18 oz) of dryed. That’s a lot of berries. Goji berries strenthen the immune system and may stimulate release of rejuvenative human growth hormone by the pituitary gland. Goji berries have been related, traditionally, as strength building, adding longevity and linked to sexual potency. In some study groups with elderly people given goji berries they showed increased optimism, appetite improvement, patients slept better, and some patients partially or fully recovered their sexual function. Please respect that the Goji Berry is a nutritionally dense, medicinal food. A therapeutic dose would be 1 to 2 handfuls or 10 to 30 grams per day.

These raw goji berry treats are a great source of protein too.The original Lycium Eleagnus barbarum (Goji) berry comes from Tibet as do all of the Lyciums.Tibet is the highest most remote place on Earth and the Goji remains the purest Lycium with the richest nutrient energy. This ancient Lycium is aligned with a compassionate culture that needs help on all fronts. Tibetans have been, and continue to be brutalized by the Chinese to this very day. Tibetans are being imprisoned for saying that they believe in Tibet and The Dalai Lama.

Supporting the Tibetan culture, Tibetan farmers, medicinal plant conservation and Tibetan medical research is the responsible choice. Making this buying choice should be easy by anyone with a touch of humanity. The Tibetan Goji berry is pure and harvested according to wildcrafting methods, grown in ancient million year old soils in remote valleys untouched by any pollutants, contaminates or pesticides. The Goji berries antioxidant qualities and phytonutrient energy is unequaled. After eating a few or many of these berries it becomes clear that you feel a natural uplifting energy that causes you to smile. It is the Tibetan Lycium Goji berry that holds this ancient lineage of health and vitality. I feel it is very important to support this worthy and hard earned effort by using the Tibetan Goji berry, it will bring support to many Tibetan, Mongolian and Western people and make many people happy who use them. This is truly a blessed medicinal food.

Purchase of our product supports the Clinic of Tibetan Medicine, the local Goji Farmers Cooperative, ethnobotany and botanical medicine research.

Recipe Fresh Goji Berry Juice
1/4 cup goji berries
(1 oz) 2 cups water
optional: 1/4 cup fresh blackberries, raspberries or blueberries

1. Soak berries in water for 4 hours or more, overnight is fine
2. Blend in blender until well blended, optionally you can add some fresh fruit as listed above or apple, mango and/or banana.
3. Share with a friend If additional sweetness is desired you can add some Raw Premium Organic Agave Nectar.

Note: The Tibetan Goji Berry is not to be confused with the Chinese Wolfberries currently coming available. The Tibetan Goji Berry comes in 18 oz (1/2 kilo) bags, keep this in mind when comparing to the 1 lb prices of other companies. The Chinese Wolfberry may be grown with pesticides in depleted soil, dyed red, sulfured and irradiated. The Chinese Wolfberry may be more expensive too. There is also a multi-Level marketing company selling Goji Juice or Himalayan (Himilayan) Wolfberry Juice or Goji Berry Juice. These are not made from the Authentic Tibetan Goji Berry. Bottled Goji Juice may contain heated fruit juice concentrates. See recipe above to make your own Raw Goji Juice.


Citizen Soul Power


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