An Ojibway Prayer on this Day Intended for Gratitude and Family..


Brothers and Sisters,

I leave you an Ojibway Tribal Prayer that could not be more appropriate for the times we now live in. To those of you fortunate enough to have cherished ones to spend this day of Gratitude with, I wish you great Joy, Happiness and Abundance. May you feel a deep  sense of Gratitude for all the gifts that have been bestowed upon you by the Creator.

For those of you without family or separted from the ones you love and cherish , I send you Blessings , Love and Prayers this day and everyday.

To the two angels who became my sacred family, I send you eternal blessings, gratitude and love. You both brought to me endless joy, laughter , love, happiness and a divine sense of purpose. For this I am most thankful. I love you.

An Ojibway Prayer

“Grandfather, look at our brokenness. We know that in all Creation only the Human Family has strayed from the Sacred Way.”

“We know that we are the ones, who are divided and we are the ones who must come back together. To walk in the Sacred Way”

“Grandfather, Sacred One”

“Teach us Love, Compassion and Honor.. ”

That We May Heal the Earth and each other”


Citizen Soul Power



4 Responses to “An Ojibway Prayer on this Day Intended for Gratitude and Family..”

  1. Thanks for sharing the blessing.

  2. You are a beautiful spirit !


  3. Hey,
    Is this where Hemingway got his characters name in Fathers and Sons ?

    From the Ojibway tribe?

    Thanks for all the good vibrations brother!


  4. citizensoulpower Says:


    If I remember correctly, Yes, Hemingway had contact with the Chippawa (America) or Ojibway(Canada) tribes as a youth while on vacation at a family cabin in Michigan..

    One key ritual in their tribe was that a young boy choose his ancestors or guides.
    Hemingway definitely applied it to his work of “fathers and Sons”

    Citizen Soul Power

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