Shabda Yoga , Sound Frequencies and Self Realization


 Brothers and Sisters,

Yoga and music, two powerful approaches to optimal health, have garnered enormous credibility in the western world in the last two decades. Health, we are fast realizing, is not simply the absence of disease: it is a condition of soul that invigorates our being, enabling us to derive the most from life. The Yoga of Sound is a powerful spiritual system that unifies the key principles of healing found in yoga and music into an effective practice. 

The observable universe can be understood in terms of frequency, mass and energy, all terms that can be associated with the phenomenon of “sound”, whether or not our physical ears can “hear” them. In relationship to life, we now understand that sound can be configured to “energize” or “de-energize”, or in the case of inanimate objects, sound can “harmonically configure” or distort or destroy their structures. The Yoga of Sound is platform to understand not only the physical, psychological and spiritual properties of sound, but how such understanding can improve our lives, our world and our societies.


The Yoga of Sound, through the Indian tradition of Nada Yoga, is grounded in the millennia old comprehension of the role and value of sound in the personal as well as cosmic dimensions of our existence. This is not fanciful language: a vast quantity of hard scientific date now corroborates traditional, even esoteric understandings of the transformative power of sound as it relates to the physical and psychological dimensions of human life. In the Yoga of Sound, the word “sound” embraces everyday speech and communication, the development of listening skills and the enjoyment of music, all of which are integral to the experience of human life and community.

The word yoga implies “connectedness”. Through the Yoga of Sound, as a spiritual path, we grow in our understanding ofd how sound connects us, and all of nature, in an inseparable web of life, and through this understanding we learn how to channel and direct our energy toward greater fulfillment. The practitioner is not required to sing or have a good voice, or have any knowledge or skill in music. However, the use of exercises that involve sound production (internal as well as external), the employment of listening techniques, and the use of supportive music, all serve to enhance this experience. Participants learn to release toxic emotions, calm their mind and discover the joy of connecting to “source energy”. This is the essence of all Yoga and the heart of The Yoga of Sound!  


Health and well being requires many components: proper nutrition, exercise, relaxation, mental attitude, and so on. The Yoga of Sound cannot take the place or substitute for any of these. However, through the wisdom of ancient traditions related to sound as yogic path, we seek to address a crucial dimension to the spiritual life — the sacredness of sound — one that is often overshadowed by other demands. The Yoga of Sound combines the use of sacred speech, music, chant, movement, breath and meditation in a holistic approach to the joy of vibrant health, spiritual awakening, personal empowerment. This is accomplished through the combination of understanding and applying how sound relates to our sense of health and well being and then applying relevant practices to implement this understanding in our daily life.

More on Shabda Yoga…

The stated purpose of Surat Shabda Yoga is to (realize the individual’s True Self (Self-Realization), True Essence (Spirit-Realization) and True Divinity (God-Realization) while living in the human physical body. This Journey of Soul involves reuniting in stages with what is called the Essence of the Absolute Supreme Being, the Shabd. Attaining self-realization and above also results in jivan moksha/mukti, liberation/release from samsara, the cycle of karma and reincarnation while in the physical body. Initiation by an Outer Living Satguru (Sat – true, Guru – teacher) is required, and involves reactivating the Shabd and stationing the Inner Shabda Master (the Radiant Form of the Master) at the third eye (tisra til) chakra. The spiritual exercises (sadhanas) include simran (repetition, particularly silent repetition of a mantra given at initiation), dhyan (concentration, viewing, or contemplation, particularly on the Inner Master), and bhajan (listening to the inner sounds of the Shabda or the Shabda Master).Surat Shabd Yoga cosmology depicts the whole of creation (the macrocosm) as being emanated and arranged in a spiritually differentiated hierarchy, often referred to as eggs, regions, or planes. Typically, eight spiritual levels are described above the physical plane, although names and subdivisions within these levels will vary to some extent by movement and Master. In this arrangement, Self-Realization is attained in the third heaven level, Daswan Dwar, Spirit-Realization is attained in the fourth heaven level, Bhanwar Gupha, and God-Realization is attained in the fifth heaven level, Sach Kand (Sat Lok). (One version of the creation from a Surat Shabda Yoga perspective is depicted at the Sant Ajaib Singh Ji Memorial Site [2]). All planes below the purely spiritual regions are subject to cycles of creation and dissolution (pralya) or great dissolution (maha pralya).This cosmology presents the constitution of the initiate (the microcosm) as an exact replica of the macrocosm. Consequently, the microcosm consists of a number of bodies, each one suited to interact with its corresponding plane or region in the macrocosm. These bodies developed over the yugas through involution (emanating from higher planes to lower planes) and evolution (returning from lower planes to higher planes), including by karma and reincarnation in various states of consciousness. The Path of Light and Sound involves the initiate traveling the microcosm dharmicly in consciousness (soul) with the guidance and protection of the Outer Living Master in the physical world and the Inner Shabd Master in the higher worlds until the regions of pure spirituality are reached and God-Realization is attained.

Blessings and Love to All

Citizen Soul Power


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