A Short Quote from “The Awakened Warrior” for All Struggling Brothers and Sisters, Especially Fellow Targeted Individuals..


Being A Warrior

“Being a warrior ain’t a walk in the park. The world seems full of reasons not to remember ourselves as strong and whole.

But this is what’s called for to take up the challenge with courage, compassion, discipline, intelligence, and humor. By facing life committedly, authentically, without reassuring fluff one grows strong-hearted and deeply truthful.”


“By warriorship we are not particularly talking about the skills necessary to wage war in the conventional sense. We are not talking about learning to handle lethal weapons and crank up our aggression and territoriality so that we can burst forth and conquer all our enemies.

Warriorship here refers to realizing the power, dignity, and wakefulness that is inherent in all of us as human beings. It is awakening our basic human confidence, which allows us to cheer up, develop a sense of vision and succeed in what we are doing.

Because warriorship is innate in human beings, the way to become a warrior — or the warrior’s path — is to see who and what we are as human beings and to cultivate that. If we look at ourselves directly, without hesitation or embarrassment, we find that we have a lot of strength and a lot of resources available constantly.

From that point of view, if we feel we are without resources, if we feel incompetent or as if we were running out of ideas, it is said that we are being attacked by the enemy of warriorship: our own cowardice. The idea of warriorship is that because of our human potential we can go beyond that, step over the enemy of cowardly mind and discover further banks of resources and inspiration within ourselves.”

Blessings and Love to All

Citizen Soul Power


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