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Brothers and Sisters,

Below is information and data for any Targeted Individuals suffering through Community Based Gang Stalking, Covert Surveillance and Electronic Harassment. This relatively new organization is making great strides in assisting as many fellow human beings as is possible through the horrors of these terrible hate crimes and civil rights violations.

If you have the means, it would be a great cause and group to support. If not, please research their material and website which is listed third from the top in our section “Shine your Light”.

Peace and Blessings to All

Citizen Soul Power

MISSION STATEMENT from Oasis Turning Point,

Oasis Turning Point Foundation, a Non Profit Texas Corporation, will carry out programs to help victims of abuse. Specifically, we will seek out victims of abuse that fall between the cracks of other helping agencies and who have no other recourse to correct their situations. These victims may lack the ability to turn their life around without help due to extreme trauma, or other obstacles of a financial or emotional nature.

The Oasis Team

Vinancio (Ben) Cano
Executive Director
contact email vinancio.cano@gmail.com
Strategies and Goals

There is an urgent need now for victims of electronic targeting to come together, regardless of differences, to find solutions to our common abuse.

Angelic Psychology versus Demonic Psychology

To overcome evil, one’s best course is to make energetic progress towards what is good.

Angelic Psychology involves taking back control of one’s own mind. We do this by leaning towards what is positive and good, and not allowing ourselves to react in the ways that we have been trained to react. We have been cultivated to respond in predictable ways since the time we were infants. Such as the response of laughing at a cartoon that features pain being inflicted (an anvil falling on a coyote’s head, for example). These induced logic parameters are techniques to influence one’s psychology, based on confrontation and conflict which is the basis of demonic control.

To change the control, we must change the response to these triggers because the triggers work with this kind of psychology. By changingour psychology, we change the responses and the triggers won’t work any more. And we take back the control, and our decision making process. This type of attack and retaliation psychology is what we call demonic psychology. The anger that victims feel from being victimized is the power source that is used to carry out manipulation in a person’s life.

Gaining that power back changes a person’s life.

Changing our psychology is not easy to do. Our patterns of reaction and response are deeply ingrained and make us who we are. Some victims acquire an antagonistic personality trait to cope with their victimization. This is logical from the framework of a cultivated demonic psychology.

In consideration of how victims of abuse interact with one another, perpetrators have induced negative personality traits into the victims of abuse, which are often used to induce conflict. Victims express these negative character traits which in turn affects everyone in his/her environment and within the community of those who might otherwise help one another. Examples of these negative personality traits are:

* Sarcasm
* Antagonism
* Defensiveness
* Deceptiveness

By using a different psychology, we can change these negative traits to more positive ones such as:

* Affirmation
* Empathy
* Cooperation
* Sincerity

The application of a positive psychology will help the victim to recognize what psychology another person is using in their interactions. Therefore, negative psychology will become very easily recognized.

Some abuse victims have already discovered the principle of applying angelic psychology towards their own victimization and have improved their life considerably in doing so. Oasis Turning Point chooses to foster angelic psychology as a healing tool for victims of abuse. The promotion of revenge and retaliation, as in efforts focused on bringing the perpetrators to justice, is not the goal or strategy used by Oasis Turning Point. It is our goal to help victims to achieve a better life despite their victimization.

However, it is one of the goals of Oasis Turning Point is to determine the kind of help a victim needs by identifying electro magnetic abuse and its source, and trying to find ways to shield and protect victims through technological research.

TIs acquire certain kinds of mental conditions from abuse. They acquire an ‘induced’ condition that can be likened to what is called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This induced condition affects the victim’s decision making process and also his perception of the world in general. Perpetrators use this state of mind of the victim to further control his actions, thinking and living environment.

It is critical that the victim learns to change his automatic reactions to the abuse and make new decisions based on a different psychology. In this way he/she leaves behind those behaviors that cause the victim to fall deeper into abusive situations and control.

While we search for answers as to how to detect, shield and lessen one’s vulnerability to hi tech abuse, the TI must also look to methods and techniques that will help ease the suffering that is incurred. At the present time, it seems that there are no technologies, agencies or programs that will prevent this kind of abuse, but there are certain avenues the abused victim can begin to develop, which will help him cope with it better.


14 Responses to “Oasis Turning Point…”

  1. John Aaron Avalos Says:

    Can you please contact me? I was robbed today. John Aaron valos
    44 Townsend Street
    Roxbury, MA 02119

  2. Sadie Judge Says:

    I have been trying to reach Susan Sayler. I sent an e-mail which came back to me as undeliverable. I sent it to the e-mail address that she had listed on a web site.

    My name is Sadie Judge and I wanted to contact her for additional information on her site which is offering grants for Ti’s who have need of emergency assistance and or have ideas about projects that can help victims of gang stalking.

    Thank you,
    Sadie Judge

    • Gail Hatch Says:

      Sadie Judge, have you tried looking up her website about her New Book? The theory of Love I believe, Search under the Web. I hope that helps.


  3. Sadie Judge Says:

    Please note that I am trying to reach Ms. Susan Sayler.

    I sent an e-mail which came back to me. I am sure I entered the right address. I am also unable to get into the site of Oasis Turing Point directly.

  4. karen tanner manceaux Says:

    Ben, I am karen, you helped me a couple of years ago. My situation has become worse. I am in Houston, I need to talk to you or meet with you. i need to get in touch with Ted Gunderson.


  5. karen tanner manceaux Says:

    ben, i left you a rocketmail email but of course, i now can not access it to see if you replied to my letter. please send correspondence to ‘karenjtanner@gmail.com”, it is most urgent that i speak to you.

  6. karen tanner manceaux Says:

    ben please email me at “karenjtanner@gmail.com”, of course, i can now not access that rocketmail account to seee if you replied to my letter. it is most urgent that i speak to you, please leave a number so i can call you.

  7. drop me a line if you can

  8. Sadie Judge Says:

    I am calling on all Ti’s to help expose this crime. We have power in numbers and there’s a very simple way we can increase awareness and educate people about what’s going on with Organized Gang-Stalking.

    There are millions of victims. This crime gets its power from secrecy. If every victim would inform one person about this crime and ask that person to do the same we would be able to instantly inform millions of people.

    • Do you know much about who to talk to and go to for help and/or support?

      I live in Colorado Springs, Co. Have you heard of anybody in that area that I can talk to?

      I would appreciate any help.

      • Sadie Judge Says:

        Hello VH.

        I’m afraid I don’t know anyone in the Colorado Springs area to help you.

        I am in New York City and another target and I have found virtually no assistance so we are trying to start our own group.

        I think in the long run you will find after going to most agencies and the authorities that there is no real help.

        You will have to create your solutions. If you look at most of the sites on the web you will see that most people or groups have already approached and tried to make many high level Government agencies aware of what we are going through with no change.

        Personally I think this situation starts at such a high level that the only change is going to happen when more citizens are aware of this crime and when targets come together physically to combine our energies mentally, physically and spiritually.

        The internet is an important tool for getting information out but we have to meet each other(the targets) and know who we are. We shouldn’t have to hide our identities as if we are the criminals.

        Sadie Judge

  9. Edone Fleites Says:

    How do you help people that have been severly abused?? I need help , i need to talk to some one!!!!!!!! Edone Fleites, 3645 Rockdale dr. dallas tx 75220

  10. Sadiqa Thornton Says:

    I am a targeted individual living in NYC. I am under constant electronic attack and gang stalking. I am being blacklisted from employment and being tortured in order to force my involvement in sex trafficking. I am being slandered in every community I live in as being a child molester and already involved in prostitution. I am suffering everyday from various health issues and from electronic attacks. I am on the verge of homelessness. I need help in stopping the attacks. Any help is greatly needed. Sadie

    • Dear Sadiqa Thornton, I had this EM attack and all the tricks applied to me. I did not know why, or how the attacks happened until I received the information V2K. I found out it was done through satellites of SIGINT using quantum petaflops of power that connected to biologically changed military persons who run the entire operations on Earth. It sounds odd when you first read about it because the military uses pulsed frequency to have you in disbelief. The brain has differing sounds called acoustic energy that is connected to your belief or disbelief. When you send yourself a message that tells you what is happening is a message you have the power of your thoughts back slowly.
      Stopping gang stalking is difficult at work. It involves telling what is happening to you by non stop reports. If you cannot tell your boss go to the local department of unemployment and tell. In Florida it is a right to work state, you can be fire over nothing at all. Your state may be different. Understand that you may lose your job at any time. If you have trouble you can always tell counselors and finally, you can simply file for social security. When you tell counselors you are a target of mind control you may have a small hospital stay, some medication, and unwanted things happen, but it beats homeless living on streets. Collect from a government that allows abuse. When the system is broke and the people hit the streets homeless, perhaps government will awaken. perhaps my advice is harsh forgive me. The attacks are brutal, I do hope you keep your job, stare down your attackers. I send you hugs.

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