Calling All Angels…


Brothers and Sisters,

It has been seven complete years now (starting on Nov 1st 2000) that I have been a Targeted Individual, subjected to abuse from Community based Cause /Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment. I have experienced, persevered and survived through countless events of psychological as well as physical torture and abuse .

Over this seven year period I have lost connection with everything that matters to me, countless friends, members of my family, the right to privacy, the right to work and earn a living, along with numerous other civil rights violations.

I also have been blessed during this adversity with many, many other opportunities, such as finding a voice in Citizen Soul Power.

When I was at a very low point the universe sent to me two Angels to lift me up outside of my own personal ego(physical hell) . They gave me everything I ever imagined for this life, unconditional love, an unwavering sense of purpose and most of all the family I had always envisioned I would be a partner in.

My two Angels have been away now for over four months and my love and sense of purpose remains stronger than ever but I miss them dearly, more than I could possibly express with words.

Today I am calling out through the universe in hopes that they feel and hear my love through the ethers, air waves and confusion of our physical world. I ask today that we all say a prayer for all Angels in our lives as I know they are also struggling to stay up and in the arms of love.

To my two Angels, Dana and Jackson, may the Universe bless you, protect and keep you forever safe in my absence, held in the arms of love. I will wait for the universe to re align itself in our favor and forever keep you in my prayers. I love you.


Blessings and Love

Citizen Soul Power


A Blessing, Offering and Message to my Two Angels…

The Sites

Visit these activism sites for more information about group stalking or gangstalking and electromagnetic harassment:

This site is owned by Norma Lawrence. The name of her organzation is called, ‘CATCH’. They are a community activist organization dealing with issues of gangstalking and electromagnetic harassment.

Gangstalking and other videos by Norma Lawrence at this site.

This site is owned by Eleanor White for those seeking information and support for multiple stalking.

This site is owned by Sueann Campbell.

This site is owned by Elizabeth Adams

This site is owned by Lynn Troxed

This site is owned by Cheryl Welsh

This site is owned by John Mecca

This site is owned by Robert Duncan

This site is owned by Kuango Seilah

This site is owned by Target Elephant

This site is managed by Vicky Kindhart and has voluminous information about mind control, organized stalking and electromagnetic harassment.

This site was founded by Monika Stoces (Belgium) for organized stalking and electronic harassment victims in Europe.

This forum accompanies the European website. Here you can post, introduce yourself and place worldwide links. See what people in Europe are trying.

This is a great site for information about gangstalking and other types of harassment in general. There is also information for finding legal help. It is owned by Gmb Bailey.

Lots of information at this site concerning the technology behind electronic harassment. The site is administered by Paul Baird.

This site is administered by philanthropist Susan Sayler. Ti’s that have a project in mind that is related to our issues or in need of emergency assistance may be eligible for a grant.

Carolyn Palit is the owner of this site, which features videos, photographs, meter readings, and a variety of information about topics such as chemtrails and exotic weapons technology.

This is an excellent e-book written by Mark Rich and is a comprehensive overview about gangstalking.

This site is an excellent resource about gangstalking. The owner goes by the name of GmB. It has an appealing look and is very well-organized.

This is a good site for gangstalking information.

Very professional-looking site that quite aptly defines the dilemma of psychotronic weapons abuse and gangstalking and what victims can do about it.

This site is administered by Harlan Girard. The middle letters of the url stand for the ‘International Committee on Offensive Microwave Weapons’, whose ultimate objective is the banning of “weapons which activate, or deactivate, the biological processes of human beings by remote electronic means”.

This site is administered by Miriam Snyder, an educational professional. She has loads of information here, including a links to podcast she runs at having to do with human rights and constitutional issues.

The Blogs – Journey to Freedom – FFCHS blog – John Hughes – Janis Lanham – Josh Knoll – Mavis Soleil – Derrick Robinson – Jim Marino – Paul Galt – Maurice McDuffie – Nomi

http://www.emhdf.comSamuel B. Bryar IV – Bob Paxton

www.goonlog.blogspot.comTarget – GmB

http://jesusmendozza.blogspotcom/ – Jesus Mendoza – Robert Miller

The Petitions by Ken Lee – by Kuango Seilah – Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS) United Nations General Assembly Petition for a Space Preservation Treaty Conference to ban all weapons and warfare in Space.

and for further information


1996 – by Gloria Naylor

Cause Stalking – by David Lawson

Coherent Madness: Effective Defense Against Covert Warfare – by Mukazo Mukazo Vunda

Controlling the Human Mind – by Dr. Nick Begich

Mind Wars: Brain Research and National Defense – by Jonathan D. Moreno

Below is an Excellent Video on Targeted Individuals, Covert Surveillance, Electronic Harassment, Microwave Weapons and Gang Stalking…


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