What We Desire to Attain in This Life is Love…


The Alchemy of Love.

What we desire to attain in this life is love. Love is the divine will and the divine energy. We must be focused on love for ourselves, for the sake of self-improvement; and we must be focused on love for others so that we may become a blessing to humanity.

Alchemy involves transmutation, which starts with loving yourself in an honest, compassionate way. Transmutation means turning one element into its opposite.

In the human emotional body, this means turning anger into acceptance, selfishness into compassion, hate into love, and grief into joy.

In the mental body, transmutation means turning limited thinking, conditioned beliefs, and cherished concepts into an open, expanded state of mind, experiencing the liberation of not knowing… anything.

In the physical body, we transmute obstructions and resistances into free-flowing energy, heaviness and fat into a lighter, healthier, more slender form, and stiffness and weakness into flexible strength.

“A man who is angry is not only angry in his head or in his fist, but all over…all the organs of the body, and the body itself, are only form-manifestations of previously and universally existing mental states.” Paracelcus

Through the practice of Alchemical Yoga, transmutations on all levels occur steadily and quickly. Loving one’s self means making your practice your priority, and keeping a strong commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Relationships are fertile ground for growing love. They serve as a mirror to one’s inner world, and can be the greatest healing force in life if resistances are overcome.

Treat every relationship as sacred. Seek to know your beloved on all levels by exploring past life connections, karmas, and the work to be accomplished through your partnership.

In Alchemical Kabbalah, we speak of the relationship known as Tikkun. This relationship is the reunion of the archetypical Oneness through the human forms of man and woman.

This is the highest relationship, sometimes called the Twin Flame or Twin Ray. It is not commonly nor easily attained. If it is attained, it demands total surrender to the Divine Oneness, and brings about what can be termed the death of the individual identity.

However you have identified yourself before this relationship, this identity will no longer exist if you can surrender to the power and expression of Tikkun.

If you cannot attain this surrender at this time, know that your true divine essence will again seek its beloved other half in a future life, for this reunion is the only true eternal love.

Seek harmony and love within yourself first and foremost. When you have attained divine consciousness, Tikkun will naturally follow. Do not exhaust yourself with desires and seeking for this reunion. Desire will not bring it about – only the attainment of perfection within your self will bring about the manifestation of this reunited Oneness.

“Love where you are with all of your heart and soul. Be at peace always.” Chavah Aima

Blessings and Love to All

Citizen Soul Power


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