The Six Keys to Accumulating Abundant Energy…


The very essence of life on earth is energy. Every single thing that we do either brings us energy or causes us to lose energy. Our food, our relationships, our thoughts – everything either adds or subtracts energy. To understand this truth is to understand one of the most powerful paradigms of life.

Because we have choices with regard to our food, our relationships, our thoughts and so much more, we can choose to continuously add energy so as to live life to the fullest. Or, we can choose to destroy the very essence of our life by making choices that drain our energy.

There is a growing accumulation of scientific evidence that the amount of energy that we accumulate, (note that your primary focus should be on energy accumulation not wealth accumulation), has an enormous impact on the quality of the life that we live. Pioneers in the study of personal energy management such as Dr. Orloff and Dr. Hawkins are documenting evidence of the awesome power of intelligently managing one’s energy.

And the most powerful energy concept of all is that the energy we give to others returns to us multiplied many times over. People who radiate positive energy attract positive energy back. And, those who radiate negative energy attract negative energy back.

Every single thing that you do, either adds or subtracts energy. Choose carefully what you do.

The six keys to accumulating abundant energy…

1. Fulfill your physiological energy needs – the primary generators of our energy are food, water, exercise and rest. Abundant energy comes from choosing quality generators: from eating the most nutritious (i.e. natural) food, from drinking plenty of quality water, from getting regular quality exercise, and from getting regular quality sleep.

2. Avoid energy draining people, activities and thoughts – regrettably, the world is filled with energy vampires – people, activities and thoughts that will drain you of your energy. Develop the habit of staying away from energy vampires. Regularly ask yourself the question of whether a given person (or activity or thought) adds to your energy or subtracts from your energy. To the extent possible, stay clear of those that subtract from your energy. Surround yourself with people, activities and thoughts that add to your energy.

3. Release easily – notwithstanding the very best of efforts, you will have life experiences that drain your energy. Stuff happens! Energy vampires abound!! One of the keys to personal energy management is what you do when “bad” things happen. If you let unpleasant experiences linger in your mind then you can benefit from learning one of the many release techniques, my favorite being a condensed version of the Sedona Method.

4. Be happy – Many people make the mistake of thinking that happiness is merely a result. Being happy is, in fact, a choice. Happiness is an attitude and as such it represents a choice. If happiness is not a choice, then how do you explain two people experiencing the very same event and one walks away happy, the other walks away unhappy. Make the choice to be happy and learn how to maintain a state of happiness that will fuel your energy.

5. Renew regularly – sleep is your daily renewal and a powerful force in generating energy. But, it is also helpful to have extended renewal periods from time to time. Vacations were conceived to meet this need. Regrettably, many people arrange vacations that are more stressful than their daily activities. Try to use your vacation time to have experiences that truly renew your spirit and regenerate your energy.

6. Share your positive energy – Do not hoard your energy. Share your positive energy with the world and you will experience a return many times over. One of the irrefutable laws of nature is that to get, one has to give. People who radiate positive energy attract energy back. So share your energy with the world!

Think of yourself as an energy machine. Be thoughtful about the fuel you feed your machine. The Divine Power gave you the power to start your machine… only you can create the abundance of energy which will have you routinely experiencing Quantum Leaps.

Blessings and Love

Citizen Soul Power


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