Truth Souljah Michael Franti Lifts the Monterey Music Summit Up out from the Cold


Brothers and Sisters,

With the final act, on its final day, a loosely organized yet joyful first annual Monterey Music Festival realized its intended purpose.


Truth warrior Michael Franti and his group of musicians known as Spearhead came out to a half frozen and wiery crowd and served up a slamming, jamming, dose of love and knowledge.

Spearheads music is joyfully injected into the open mind /body of the waiting crowd through Michael Frantis charismatic, enigmatic, tireless voice and spirit. Through Michaels bright spirit Spearhead offered their righteous message of love , tolerance, social awareness and fun out into the night air.

The small (and who isn’t next to Franti’s towering 6′ 8″ frame) yet tight and talented group of supporting musicians were dialed in like a finally honed killing machine. Which of course, is the furthest thing from their minds, from the first words out Franti’s mouth…

“Those who start wars never fight them and those who fight wars never like them”, Franti and crew drove home a message built on awareness, love, compassion and tireless reggae rooted grooves.

Regardless of the freezing outdoor venue and sparsely populated crowd Franti served up the same committed and joyful dose of his artistry as if it were a warm summer night in front of his usual crowd of tens of thousands. This speaks volumes about the man and his mission.

It is safe to say that Truth Souljah Michael Franti will only continue to nurture, grow and build awareness through his gift of love and musical artistry. A great man once said ” The True Revolutionary is Guided by Great Feelings of Love”, if that’s the case then Franti truly deserves the title of revolutionary. The world is a much better place for his efforts and contributions.

Blessings and Namaste Michael.

Now, the only question left unanswered is….

“What are you willing to do to raise awareness and contribute to the Movement ?” Huh ! What?

Citizen Soul Power and Spearhead leave you with this…

Blessings and Love to All


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