Come Participate in Elevating Awareness and Sharing Joy through Music


Brothers and Sisters,

This weekend the Music Summit in Monterey will offer numerous Activists, Artists and Musicians particitpating in a two day (Oct 20th and Oct 21st) Festival of Sharing Music, Love and Knowledge to all our fellow Brothers and Sisters.

Below I’ve listed the two day line up as well as a small article from Sundays headliner and a favorite of all at Citizen Soul Power… Michael Franti and Spearhead.

Summit Stage
9:00p The Roots
7:30p Cake
6:00p G. Love & Special Sauce
3:30p Zap Mama
2:00p New Monsoon
12:30p Crash Hot

Monterey Stage
9:30p CeU
8:00p Me’Shell Ndegeocello
6:30p Bang Bang Bang
4:30p Jesse Baylin
3:00p Melodrome
1:30p Holiday & the Adventure Pop Collective
12:00p Jonah & the Whalewatchers

Dog House Stage
10:30p Crash Hot
8:45p Melodrome
7:00p Sea Studios Film
5:30p Yard Dogs Road Show
4:00p Surf Film “Sofia”
2:30p Yard Dogs Road Show
1:00p Sea Studios Film

Summit Stage
9:00p Michael Franti & Spearhead
7:30p Ozomatli
6:00p Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
4:30p Tea Leaf Green
3:00p ALO
1:30p Honeycut

Monterey Stage
9:30p Brandi Carlile
8:00p Colbie Caillat
6:30p Ian Ball
5:00p Ollabelle
3:30p Dan Bern
2:00p West Indian Girl
12:30p Rushad Eggleston

Dog House Stage
10:00p ALO
8:30p TBD
7:00p Yard Dogs Road Show
5:30p Sea Studios Film
4:00p Yard Dogs Road Show
3:00p Sea Studios Film
1:30p Surf Film “Sofia”

We all hope to share this two day Music / Love Festival with as many of our fellow Brothers and Sisters as is possible.

Peace and Love

Look for Citizen Soul Power to be on hand both Saturday and Sunday.

A Few words about Michael Franti / Spearhead


“The bass, the treble, don’t make a rebel/Having your life together does.” Those words, rapped by Michael Franti back in 1992, seem eerily prophetic today. In an industry notorious for perpetrating fantasy and the philosophy of “getting mine,” the Bay Area-based musician is a thinking, feeling person joyously out of step with his contemporaries in the music industry. Spark talks politics with Franti, from the set of his latest music video to backstage of a free performance at Amoeba Music.

Franti’s dedication to making politics personal began in the late ’80swith the agitprop punk band The Beatnigs, continued in the early ’90s with the industrial hip-hop forum Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, to arrive at what he is today: a mesmerizing spoken word artist and leader of the politically astute San Francisco band Spearhead.

He makes conscious music that engages brain, booty and soul in a funky soundtrack of hip-hop, reggae, Latin, blues, spoken word and R&B. He’s stepping in the oversized footprints of Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Gil Scott-Heron, Sly Stone, Linton Kwesi Johnson and Chuck D yet creating his own path — embracing new music and communities as he goes along. Live shows have included drum circles, alternative energy generators, DJs, potlucks, massage therapy and information tables.

He’s rapped about AIDS awareness (“Positive”) and homelessness (“Hole in the Bucket”). After the band’s second major-label album, “Chocolate Supa Highway,” Spearhead put attracting mainstream attention on the back burner to remain true to its consciousness-raising mission. Its 2001 album “Stay Human” centered on the death penalty. In July 2003, the band released “Everyone Deserves Music,” a conscious party that drags speakers onto the White House lawn until the break of dawn.

Franti documents injustice, but more important, he does something about it. He’s inhaled tear gas on the front lines of anti-WTO rallies and lent his time and talent to support Mumia Abu-Jamal, anti-death penalty legislation, marijuana decriminalization, conscientious objector groups and the anti-war organization Not in Our Name.

For artists struggling to make it in the rap game, songs with politically progressive messages practically beg for radio banishment and audience alienation. Michael Franti has put his mind on record for more than 15 years and enjoys a supportive and loyal worldwide fan base. And he doesn’t wait for an election year to get political. The heart that beats inside his chest — booming louder than any passing car stereo system — simply won’t let him.

Monterey music summit festival


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