Awareness of the 11th Hour Convention and Film


What are the Mayan Prophecies?

Super-violent storms, devastating floods, earthquakes, volcanoes … and that’s just Mother Nature’s impact and turmoil. Our civilization is threatened by lies and conspiracies, human suffering and trauma, flawed and disparate political ideologies and an increasingly fragile global economic system.

This planet has always been a tumultuous and unpredictable place to live, but at this point in time things seem to be wound very tightly indeed. Are we nearing an end, and if so, what might that end look like? Or are we facing a dramatic paradigm shift in world consciousness?

The collective consciousness seemed to have a great sense of expectation around the turning of our calendar from 1999 to 2000 for the wrong reasons. Nothing happened. Is it possible that we merely jumped the gun a little bit?

About 3500 to 5000 thousand years ago, the Maya devised a calendar. It begins with the creation of our universe, and in a series of ever shortening cycles, counts down to the end of time. These same ideas are also found in Middle Eastern and Far Eastern traditions. Is there a connection in the ancient knowledge and our present era? Will life as we know it end on 23 December 2012, as these ancients seem to have predicted or is it this year? After recent discoveries it has been realized that our modern calendars could be off as much as six years!

Come to the Mayan Riviera between 10-17 of November and interact intimately with some of the greatest minds on the planet, world-renowned experts in astrology, anthropology, economics and conspiracy theories. Join us as we weave together ancient wisdom and modern knowledge, creating a more balanced and comprehensive picture of what the immediate future might hold.


Gain knowledge. Share wisdom. Meet and mingle with challenging minds as part of a master mind group, while enjoying a thinking person’s vacation.

For additional information on the 11th Hour convention click on the links page.


Wake up and Shake it up !








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