Additional Data on Gang Stalking in America

This book is an INCREDIBLE resource for victims of citizen gang or vigilante or organized stalking and harassment. The author accomplished what multiple stalking victims only DREAM about – he penetrated street level citizen gangs and rode with them as they carried out harassment assignments. This book is likely to be very helpful for targets who are forced to deal with skeptical family, friends, co-workers, and local authorities. It is definitely a breakthrough in the cause of exposing and stopping these citizen gangs who operate freely, while law enforcement only gives their lowest ranking street level members a slap on the wrist now and then (while police deny such crimes happen to targets who complain.) If a multiple stalking target can comfortably afford the book, I’d give it a definite “buy” recommendation. It will certainly open at least some of the minds of people we multiple stalking victims are forced to deal with.

An excellent web site for members of the public who are not yet aware of citizen gang stalking is this one titled Citizens Against Technological and Community-based Harassment (CATCH):

Concepts Table (Relevant Points)

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Note:  This "Concepts Table" is to speed up access to those points of
special relevance to multiple stalking victims.  This table doesn't
appear in the book itself.

Note:  "Perp" is short for perpetrator of the stalking crimes.

Police aware of these groups ..................................  VI
"Cause stalking" ..............................................  VI
Author mistaken - not ALL "Patriot" groups ....................  --
Tactics used by "cause stalkers" .............................. VII
Cause stalkers always there ................................... VII
Author's favorite quotes from perps he "rode" with ............  15
Personality types of the perpetrators .........................  16
Firemen can be perps ..........................................  16
Tearing up road is one recruitment goal .......................  17
Perp LEADERS have shadowy backgrounds .........................  17
Stalker groups' financial sources .............................  20
Perps surround apartment of target ............................  26
Adjacent apt - steady stream of people day and night ..........  27
"Who are we", perps' own statement about themselves ...........  27
The "cause" isn't the most important thing to group members ...  --
Victims don't always recognize harassment as such .............  32
Isolating victim is the goal ..................................  32
Surrounding victim on the road ................................  32
The on foot harassment methods ................................  33
Ah, the trusty old "noise campaign" trick! ....................  34
Neighbors' synchronized leaving/arriving ......................  34
Horns/sirens synced to toilet use .............................  34
Synchronized movement, apts above or below ....................  35
Interference with personal and business relationships .........  35
Leaders' claims of national security affiliation ..............  37
Stalker groups blame TARGET for their shortcomings ............  49
Character assassination .......................................  51
Stalking leaders say targets should be killed .................  54
Gross disinformation in book "Harvest of Rage" ................  --

Table of Contents

FOREWORD ......................................................   VI
1.   Intro to Extremist Groups ................................   10
2.   Who Are These People? ....................................   16
3.   Selection of Targets .....................................   19
3.   Group Structure ..........................................   22
5.   The Surveillance Operation ...............................   25
6.   Search and Seizure .......................................   28
7.   Overt or Covert Operation ................................   32
8.   Let's Pretend ............................................   37
8.   Influence Techniques .....................................   40
9.   Self Defense .............................................   48
11.  Conclusion ...............................................   53

Note:  Chapter numbering errors are actually found in the book.  This
       book is far to valuable to be concerned with that.

Appendix A - DOJ article on stalking ..........................   57
Bibliography ..................................................   67
References ....................................................   73
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19 Responses to “Additional Data on Gang Stalking in America”

  1. It’s a systemic system of control. The lie is to make people think that this is being done by criminals, when the truth is our society has become corrupt, and this is being used as a form of control.
    (To control those who step out of line.)

    Many people start being harassed in the workplace, school, and other places and never realise the wider picture of what is
    happening to them. This is not just a few people in society doing this, this is a system wide form of control. If you are not
    aware of it, you likely won’t believe it. I am just starting to understand this myself.

    From lawyers, to judges, police, firemen, state workers, corporations, general workers, many take part, or are told to take
    part, forced to, bribed to, blackmailed into these corrupt happening. The stuff online is confusing on purpose to stop people from figuring out what is going on. You then get some targets saying it’s Masons, other that it’s scientologist, others that it’s Zionists, others that it’s religious fanatics, others that it’s KKK, it’s all of these groups, because large chunks of society are a part of this systemic system of control.

    Think Cointelpro, with McCarthyism, but taken to the max, throw in some MK ULTRA and then you slightly begin to understand what is going on. You get police that know exactly what is ongoing, and then you get the few cops who really don’t know, the
    same is true for every other portion of society, many know what’s going on, and are too scared to say anything, because to step outside of this societal system of control is suicide.

    Some places to check out.
    Tim Fields had started to look into the workplace mobbing version of some of this, before he died.

    These two TI (Targeted Individuals got a dose of the controlled system when they stepped out of line)

    Other targets have fled Canada, America, the UK, only to find that this is a systemic system of control. Meaning it’s almost

    everywhere. Do you really think organised criminals are going to go to that much trouble? This is an organized systemic

    system of control, that seeks to disable those who are not conforming, those who get out of line. Unfortunately guess who

    fall into this category? Whistle-blowers, independent thinkers, activists, dissidents, people who go out of the norm and
    accidentally piss off corporations, single individuals, because no one then has access to them , or control of them. (Many of
    them are also highly independent and intelligent individuals.)

    Targets who have fled.

    Many of these sites and people are out there to confuse targets so that they have no idea what is happening until it’s too late.
    These lies are spread so cleverly that most people will not see them for what they are. You get 95% truth, and then 5% of lies. That’s why it has been so hard to figure out what was going on.

    This is a system of control that has been in place for some time. That is also why many targets find that friends, family, close people to them are taking part, many of them are already a part of this system of control, that tracks, monitors, watches, and keeps tabs on it’s people. Think the former East Germany before the walls fell. (You get target after target reporting the same thing, if you want to just think Cointelpro, where they also enlisted friends, family, neighbours, coworkers, etc)

    Others who experience this call it different names. Eg. Journalists who get a similar form of this call it the buzzsaw.

    Stephen Knight before his death wrote about the Brotherhood and how Masons use a similar structure to get even with their enemies.

    Same methods are used by cults, or some religious establishments on ex-members. The stalking, life disruption, systemic destruction of lives and reputation.

    By itself these examples might lead you to believe it’s this group or that group doing it, but it’s not, we have a systemic structure in place that is doing this.

    From high-school/colleges/universities with the bullying of those who are different and not conforming to this system of control. (Unknown to them.) To the workplace mobbing. (Again often unknown to them) To the community aspect that we call gang stalking. (Unknown to many of us, till it’s too late.)

    This is happening on wide scale, going by the reports that are coming in. Asian countries, Europe countries, Canada, America.

    The research seems to indicate this might be getting stepped up, for a global agenda that involves, the monitoring and tracking of all people from all countries. Using civilian/suburban spies to track and monitor their fellow citizens. Also with the other forms of surveillance we see going up in the UK, the US and other countries. (Cameras, DNA data bases, rif chip cards, biometric readers, future scanning or micro-chipping of populations etc.)

    A one world global government, using the citizens of the world to keep each other in line and conforming with the system.

    From the civilian spies I have come across, some have no idea of the greater agenda, many think that they are doing the government a favor, others are aware and are scared. Remember going against this system of control means either being socially targeted like other targets, no jobs, socially annexed, or worst.

    This same sort of occurrence happened to John Lennon, he also experienced being followed around, and stalked. He said if
    anything happened to him or Yuko, it would be no accident. The same targeting apparently may have also happened to other
    famous rockers. According to this book. The covert war against rock.

    This covert war, this system of control has been ongoing for some time, it’s destroyed many people, and as Targeted Individuals, it’s just one same piece of a much larger puzzle. Most of the disinfo goes into making sure we never trust each other enough, or come together enough to figure it out. That is why our groups are infiltrated, or groups are set up, just to lie to, manipulate people, or to make it seem that something is getting done, but nothing ever get’s, done.

    It’s a war against a controlled society. The first part is believing it, then freeing your mind from this control, then trying to find a way to make others aware of what is going on, and then trying to do something about it yourself.

    That’s the truth as far as I have been able to discover it, understand it, try to come to terms with it. It’s a horrible truth and realisation, and it’s little wonder, that very few targets would want to believe or accept something like this as truth.

  2. Thanks for the commentary. Most enlightening. I noticed they started the show ‘big brother’ so that when I tried to zimbio the firefighters as big brother it showed up more readily as the firefighter on the ‘big brother TV show’ but mine is slowly getting more exposure. I have MANY MANY MANY photos and buttloads of videotape so it’s NO MYSTERY anymore. At all.
    These people are mostly punks. I am personally acquainted with many of these so-called powerful people. They are ANYTHING BUT.

  3. I am a law abiding citizen with no criminal record and yet I am being targeted by what appears to be a group of sociopathic, overzealous, vigilante community members. I am a feminist and humanitarian, but am not a political activist. I don’t know what they wish to accomplish, but the last year has been hell for me. They are very well organized. No one has told me what I did wrong. They stalk first, ask questions later. They ARE Psychopaths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I am glad that your website exists, because I cannot believe how incredibly perverted this filthy,disgusting treatment by bored psychopaths is! It literally never stops, for one second of my life! I had no idea that a cult could hold so many people enthralled with screaming, chasing, stalking, harassing and abusing, even the grossness of manipulating body functions, it makes me nauseous! Without your website and others like it, I would lose faith. Canada is supposed to be a safe place to live, what a joke! Underestimating greed, envy and perversion and the god-complex that some drug-dealers have in treating people like slaves and whores is a daily problem that seems to have no end. I read nearly all of your articles and keep in mind the coping skills that are outlined, but unfortunately none can combat this gang abuse. I don’t know what or how to escape, especially when the government is well-aware and seemingly powerless or uninterested. What a degree of violence in our society that requires people to run in hopes of even a sleep without nightmares and a job without abuse and harassment, in such a privileged country as this. Please keep your lines open, and I hope for a place of safety and peace.

  5. I found this site by chance and am glad I did. My son and I were stalked in a cross country trip we took 2 years ago.I can’t even begin to tell you everything they did. It all started because my parents passed away and their corrupt probate attorney wanted their assets but also made some obvious mistakes which could render him disbarred.
    We had our cat’s leg shaved in a motel room before ever leaving the state. An idiot adult male sitting in the neighbors backyard playhouse (for little kids) watching us with binoculars at 3 AM. Attmpts to be run off the road. Constant following, bright lights on, hemming us in. A Maryland trooper from Thurmont shooting at us from the side of a highway, being almost blocked into a motel by a series of “the followers” cars- one including a rolling cement mixer at 12 -1AM….poisoning (of me) GPS found in car (audio was in there, too, but we never found it) sleep deprivation, failure of second attorney to help us, son had terrible potentially fatal disease and attorney knew it and arranged to call son, pretending to be son’s father; harrassment toward 87 year old Aunt and following her after we left her, harrassment by spanish gangs and “followers” all appearing to be law abiding citizens(some with kids along!) First nite in motel always fine- second night manager approached about us and invariably we were asked to leave. So whatever LIES they were telling people about us must have terrified owners- some even left the premises entirely. Poisoning leading to myself almost dying. Confiding one or two incidents in hospital leading to 72 hour forced hospitalization. No contact with daughter who gave me a fake address then changed her phone number. Police “losing” records of house-break in. Illegal arrests. Illegal impoundment of car to get evidence out of it. Cat stolen. False imprisonment. I could go on and on- it was HORRIBLE. I do not tell many peole my story as it smacks of paranoia- but it is absolutely true. I now live in a homeless shelter and have not been able to get a job….now recently the manager of the shelter is acting curious about me- wanted to know which room I am in, etc. Here we go again? “woman-homeless-kills self-no reason given.” Or “Homeless man shoots homeless woman- both had psych. problems.

  6. Yes, this stuff does exist. Its all true.

    see david lawsons book, cause stalking

  7. Will2BFree Says:

    It sounds like all of the governments of the world are working together to create a big spoof, to goal of which is to make the public at-large believe that what the various government(s) are doing is really the work terrorists, in pursuit of a higher level goal, which is to gain iron-fisted control of the planet.

    Hmmmm, wonder why else a witness to some such act would need to be silenced.

    Each of us (targeted individuals) must be strong like Solomon, even to keep breathing in the face of this worldwide organized, automated harassment.

    In addition to the political silencing of dissidents, individuals around the world are being put under the same sort of circumstance as that which Leopoldo describes for himself. These people are being added to a rather poorly vetted database of those considered “undesirable”.

    Societally undesirable means whomever the sadistic mob wants to abuse at any given moment. A target’s name was likely put into the database for “spitting on the street”, (in some cases, literal meaning) or for no bloody real reason at all. It is mob lynching gone wild, and is spiraling out of control.

    From my position at the bottom of the fish spear barrel, it is sometimes difficult to see what’s happening down the street. (This, of course, is
    true of all targeted individuals). However; it’s becoming clear by means of repetitive inductions, deductions and similar conclusions, that what
    is happening involves several tiers of operation.

    There exists a core group of people, including a number of technocrats, who “run” the mobs, community groups, etc. They supply the technical device and service requirements, run the databases and other software, manage things, and make sure that the “lynching system” is always up to par.

    Members of the public are solicited to participate within the “program”. Everyone has a little sadists hidden away in the recesses of the darker part of their being, but it is stronger in some people than others, and the program directors seek out the people most willing to inflict pain on others without remorse, so as to minimize any witness against them in the future (by those who would show remorse, regret, etc)

    Unfortunately, the directors find a lot of recruits. In my opinion, up to twenty percent of the population is currently engaged in the program, although some of them may not yet see the sadistic program for what it really is.

    The whole thing is controlled by gps-located cellphones, and the automotive equivalent of same (That nifty little device that warns you of upcoming road hazards, if you are willing to allow your vehicle to be tracked in order to have the applicable service)

    People in the “program”, have one of these little devices, or just a cell phone (also outfitted with real-time tracking), so the that lynching system’s database (on the back end) has real-time location entries for every cellphone and automotive device in the “program”.

    On the targeted individuals end, he is being tracked, and is probably aware of this, but does not know how it is being accomplished. A bug is placed on a persons automobile if such a person has ever been placed in the system’s database. The bug can be made to look like a chunk of rust, or a legitimate automotive component, and contains a battery that can last up to ten years (my speculation). It cannot be found by electronic means because the pulse it emits is too short. In the blind, no spectrum analyzer will ever find it for this reason.

    As the target moves around the streets, the system’s database has location entries for both the targeted individual and for all of the “program members” who might be in close proximity.

    That, of course, is the beauty of their system, in that it is not necessary for them to “send cars” to harass and to chase targets around town … there are so many “program members”, that one or more is always within striking distance. This is why targets sometimes feel like they are being “swarmed”. It’s likely not even planned to create a swarm, but just happens that many “program members” happen to be in the area at that particular time.

    A little beep goes off on their little dashboard mounted gps-located device, and a little red dot shows the location (relative to them) of the target, along with suggestions relating to how best to handle (read harass) the target, and a little photograph of same. It’s all automatic … immediate … dastardly.

    It is this aspect of mobile computing power that makes this author curse the day the computer was born. It was inevitable that computing technology would ultimately be uses by mankind to destroy mankind. Think about what Hitler could have accomplished with this technology. Sprechen sie Deutch, mine freunden?

    An international company, of sorts, is making very big profits running the database(s), providing the equipment, etc. What is needed is a class action lawsuit against the manufacturers who actively support these various operations (by knowing to what use the products are put, and by whom) and the operators of the computer-backed cell network infrastructure for the same reason.

    Like the Jews of WWII Germany, millions of oppressed individuals are being harassed on a daily basis, for no legitimate reason whatsoever (not to imply that there could be any reason, outside of the legal system)

    Unlike the Jews of WWII, the current targets of organized oppression are being harassed by an automated, computer driven machine that is relentless in it’s pursuit of the innocent. Hitler smiles in his grave.

    – Will2BFree

  8. T in San Fran Says:

    Most gang stalking are done private parties especially private investigators on behave of their sick clients; for divorce, business disputes, extra-marital affairs, personal disputes … etc.

    Their connections through former government employees.

  9. James Jameson Says:

    Cointelpro Revisited: Terroristic Stalking in America

    David Lawson, a licensed Private Investigator in Florida, participated in gang stalking for approximately 12 years. He has since written a book Terrorist Stalking in America, detailing how and why the government, corporations, organizations, and societies hire people to stalk and harass certain individuals.

    A frightening mosaic of unconstitutional abuses has nullified the rule of law and the right of due process under the law. Human rights violations are taking place in cities and towns across America. Today millions of people across this country and the “free world” are being targeted in various ways by a growing number of covert harassment groups. Citizens are being watched, tracked, monitored and harassed; their private lives invaded, ruined, and many kept in virtual isolation from friends and family. Targets have reported gang stalking in every state that even follows them from community to community, state to state or even overseas for years.

    People are being targeted for ruin — financially, socially and physically — by an organized campaign of stalking that some victims believe is funded and supported by multiple levels of government, perhaps using citizen “watch” and volunteer programs as a front for the extra-legal harassment and persecution of minorities, whistle-blowers, activists, dissidents, informants, people who “know too much”, political rivals, investigative reporters, witnesses, people who were at the wrong place at the wrong time, or simply victims of human experimentation to see how far both the stalkers and targets can be pushed, etc. In fact, the more innocent you are or intimidated you become, the more the harassment.

    Emerged since 1991 in the U.S., and recently spread globally to Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand, organized, cause, vigilante or gang stalking is stalking by multiple members of the community, often hundreds, in rotation, often motivated by vicious lies told about a target in a divide-and-conquer strategy. Groups are assembled for some specific “cause” under a leader (Godfather) with a “shadowy past”, who may be a hired gun for the government, corporations, organizations and societies, and this “higher” cause becomes essential for recruitment purposes. The main motivation of members is primarily the sense of power. As one group member put it: “We are like the police except we are above the police.”

    Targets have come to find out that their harassment groups have been told that they have a criminal past, are prostitutes, drug users, drug dealers, and, not to forget their all time favorite, child molesters. Targets are often asked: “Why would anyone want to harass you; you are just a nobody?” The answer is that once the target’s community has been repeatedly told and supplied with bogus “evidence” that the target is a child sex abuser, target becomes a high profile criminal. Stalkers are taught that the target is the reason for their problems. Harassing target’s children is a favorite way to increase pressure on the target. The purpose of harassment is to isolate the target and drive the target to eventually commit suicide.

    Recruits can be realtors, janitors and security guards who have keys or access to let in the stalkers. They can be city workers, who can block your driveway or follow a target around in their vehicles. They can be taxi drivers, who are always on the road. They can be cable, telephone and electric company employees who can interfere with a target’s service and spend time on patrol while they are on the job. They have infiltrated and organized new get help support groups for the overweight, drug abusers and others seeking help for their recruitment appetite. Recruits can be the unemployed, underemployed, disabled and retired.

    Stalking groups are well financed. They can afford to rent property wherever the target lives. In order to establish bases of operation, stalking groups will enlist the assistance of neighbors of the target, in many cases, by intimidation. Those who do not co-operate can in turn be targeted. They appeal to their sense of patriotism, offer drugs, friendship, home repair, free rides and whatever else. In some cases they have even been able to get a key to the target’s home. A common scam used by stalking groups is that they are a “citizens group” which assists the police and they are just keeping track of’ a certain individual for whatever reason. The illusion is reinforced by the case files they carry which are complete with photos of the target and look like those used by police.

    In a typical apartment setting, stalking groups will attempt to lease, sublet, or otherwise have access to apartments above, below, and on both sides of the target. They will also keep the vehicles of a target under surveillance. Stalking groups attempt to interfere with any business and personal relationships which the target has. Typically, this interference involves character assassination from some anonymous individual and is not usually taken seriously by those who know the target, but it can be effective with people who don’t know the target.

    At work, the target may also experience character assassination. If he works in any position where he has to deal with the public, there will be a steady stream of [stalking group members posing as] customers who complain about him. If he is a real estate agent or seller, he will have a steady stream of [group members posing as] prospects that occupy his time or see the home but never make an offer. A common tactic used by groups is to drive by the target’s residence or work place, usually in larger, heavier vehicles so their sound could be heard.

    They follow the targets everywhere they go. Learning about the target, where they shop, work, play, who their friends and family are. Getting close to the target, moving into the community or apartment where they live, across the street. Bugging target’s phone, house, and computer activity. Isolation of the target is accomplished through slander campaigns and lies. That is, people in the targets community are told that the target is a thief, into drugs, a prostitute, pedophile, crazy, in trouble for something, and needs to be watched. False files will even be produced on the target, shown to neighbors, family, store keepers, etc.

    Ghosting is a strategy employed by these gangs, which refers to the practice of rearranging, or moving, of a victim’s home furniture, lawn decorations, desk decorations at work, etc. to make a target question his or her sanity and security. Ghosting is also designed to make other’s question the sanity of the victim if the victim attempts to complain of the abuse.

    Local police deny the existence of such groups. When one target, pretending to be a cable and internet company employee, offered his assistance to the local police department, they replied: “Unfortunately we don’t use civilians to do surveillance on anyone. Under certain circumstances we have solicited help from certain citizens that hold certain jobs but it is not very frequent and we don’t keep a list of willing people.” One high-ranking law enforcement official, on condition of anonymity, stated: “Law enforcement is under strict orders that they are to ignore all cases of gang-stalking, and if possible to provide evidence that the victim is criminally insane.”

    • gangs must go Says:

      I’ve heard there is gang stalking here in Australia, but I’d like to know if there is there gang stalking in New Zealand? I’m sure it goes on there too.

  10. I think there is a lot of correct information here but some misleading such as the goal is to drive targets insane or to suicide. People here seem ignorant to the fact that everything has a financial motive. Again, think financial motive while you read what I say here.

    People here should watch The Truman Show and the Bourne Identity and then put it together as what the “program” Jason Bourne had to go through was. You are likely undergoing government spy/mercenary/asset training and do not even realize it. People are born into the government asset program and thus your family and many friends who have been planted in your life will not take part in this stalking because it is not their job to. They are being paid to eventually distance themselves from you as opposed to the stalkers. There is a reason that this has become so prevalant as the government is desperate for spies and homogenizing the population. It costs $50,000,000 to train a government weapon and the money can be better spent on these actors and stalkers if they train many people at once. Yes they may use lies and disinformation on the low level harassers but there is a reason a shadowy person is the leader. They are CIA handlers who keep case files on all of the potential assets. The stalking is part of the training and will be reduced if you are smart enough to intelligently learn from it and respond appropriately. If you cannot handle it then they are okay with you going insane or killing yourself as this stops you from becoming a rogue problematic operative and trying to expose the program. There is a reason the targets are highly independent, extremely intelligent, educated and generally socially isolated. There is no escaping it really when one to two million is being spent on you a year by the government. Unless you want to move to the last remaining hostile parts of the world such as Iran or North Korea, there is little you can do. You may be able to legally sell some of your stories to foriegn embassies and intelligence services but you will have trouble telling if they are playing you. Not to mention doing that will cause the stalking and harassment to be scaled up to the point you will want to leave the country.

    Again folks, think about it. The United States is training hundreds of thousands of tools/assets against their will. The stalking causes you to research surveillance, reverse stalking tactics, you in effect have no choice but to become a spy yourself. Think about it!!!

  11. Very interesting reading. So many people
    with nothing to do. Too lazy to work. In my
    case almost all the stalkers had bum written
    all over them, I had no trouble identifying
    them, by just looking for the lost aimless
    look they had, and silly beyond belief. I can’t help believe there must be some profit
    motive somewhere, like their trying to drum up
    business for lawyers or the DA’s office.
    Forget any kind of equipment other than a lawn
    mower maybe. If the stalking business doesn’t work it’s back to delivering flyers
    or peddling amway. At least someone is finding work for the unemployable.

  12. Hello friends, I have been a victim of gang stalking and harrassment for 10 years now , and the cops are responsible, these people are low life losers, they are people from screwed up back grounds and dont work, and cant work. They use mixed racial themes mostly becasue thats all they have to say,there logic is stupid at best!A future note to them:Imagine a boot stomping on a humans face-forever!!

  13. Madeline Says:

    I have been “organized” stalked for over 8 years. My life is in danger, because the stalking goes on multiple times a day, every day, in almost every form. I left the country and I am being followed on the opposite side of the planet. I don’t need to have email correspondences, I need support and a safe place to live.

  14. Reply to Mike’s message on on 6/11/2010

    Hi Mike

    I am a victim of this is new Zealand to. Odd things bcame apparant to me around 2003. It wasn’t until 2009 that I found out I was a TI. I have researched a llot since and now realised I have been a victim of this since childhood. My troubles started in Wellington. What area did yours start in?

  15. It is Satanic conspiracy trying to recruit and reproduce. As simple as that. Of course they are using intelligence agents, stalkers, advanced technology and psychology and the full works. Gang-stalking is only a part of what is going on. Find religion and fight or sell your soul and become one of them. Of course this is happening to everyone. If you are not one of them then you are a targeted individual at this day and age because the stalking groups have spread their satanic agenda into so many people that it has reached a dangerous critical mass. Most TIs are not educated or believe too much in endless coincidences so that they do not even know what is happening to them. Satanic conspiracy. The world is divided into the good, the fellowship of Allah and the bad, the fellowship of Satan. If you truly appreciate and understand this you will see what is going on clearly.

  16. Sociologist Says:

    I am a former full-time professor of Sociology at Harrisburg Area Community College in Lancaster Pennsylvania. I was harassed in the academia for well over a year. It’s called “Academic Mobbing”. Finally after being harassed for over a year I filed a complaint with the PA Human Relations Commission. and the EEOC. It was a sixty point complaint of harassment. Some of the things they were doing to me were: saying I was a time-bomb, unstable, on drugs, and aggressive. I was an outsider to Lancaster, so they later they settled with just thinking i was Jewish. In reality, the compliant could have been from 100 to 200 individual cases of harassment, but my hand got tired. I am thinking now it started with my Dean, “DEAN RATBOY”, and two women that taught sociology in my dept. One was a relative of Dean RATBOY, and the other one was known as “THE COW” in our dept. After I filed the academic mobbing complaint I was released from my teaching position in Lancaster. At that point, the harassment spread into the community of Lancaster and became Organized Cause stalking. It ended up with me being arrested, and accussed of wanting to blow up the university of Delaware, and kill more children then Virginia tech. Soon after I was arrested and charged, I was placed in the lancaster paper and on the internet by a writer named Ad Crable 12x. Ad Crable writes mostly about the Mesonic homes, and this hunting club in hershey. I hadn’t even had a trial, nor been convicted of anything, and was thrown in jail at 5x the normal amount of bail. Later the judge dropped the charges, and kept yelling at my public defender. The judge in Wilmington said my public defender was no good, and that I should get a new one immediately. The public defender was simply an extension of the Organized Cause Stalking. After these two security guards, and this Delaware state cop arrested me, they drove up to my house in Lancaster, and broke in through my window. They stacked all my old gifts up from my girlfriend on my bed, and then ran down the street telling all my nieghbors I was dangerous. Three of my medals disappeared, and a bunch of papers were taken in order to further smear me. My arrest and my house broken into happened just prior a month prior to the finding of my complaint to the PAHRC, and the EEOC. Both the police report and the finding from the PAHRC and the EEOC looked strikingly similar. They both had witnesses that never existed, false testimony, and were saturated with out right lies. After the finding for the PAHRC and the EEOC, the Delaware State cop who led the danger mission against me became head security chief at the University of Delaware. According to the documents, journals, police reports, and my finding from the EEOC and PAHRC there had to be at least 20 to 30 people involved in the mobbing and Organized Cause stalking. It the heart of it all my research has concluded they were Eastern Stars, and FREEMASONS. I kept all the documentation, and kept methodical journals on each and everything that happened to me. Organized Cause Stalking and Academic MOBBING truely do exist. It’s a phenomenon. The longer the harassment goes on, the more people take part in the Organized Cause Stalking. It’s like they are sociopaths, and they do not care what they do to you. Unless it’s the police, each one will do two or three things to you. The police do a great deal more because at the heart they know it’s happening, and they are encouraging it. People Cause stalk and mob others for sheer pleasure, and sport. Outside of being a sociologist, I have three honorable discharges from the U.S. Army, and I am telling the truth. This is a true story. They pick the most vunerable people out, and the FREEMASONS, and EASTERN STARS go after them. They watch and stalk people for months finding out as much information as they can. I spoke to a forsenic psychologist and he said I was honest, smart, and he all but admitted to the corruption. He said I was fine and telling the truth. I have written the FBI this story 15x, and still haven’t recieved a response back. I filed a complaint with the attorney general of Pa, and still haven’t been given an answer. And I am continuing to file complaints…These FREEMASONS and EASTERN STARS in LANCASTER and DELAWARE should be dealt with as organized criminal engaging in organized domestic terrorism. They should charged as enemies of the state, and as war criminals. CREEPS!!!

  17. Hello,
    You are not alone. You are not crazy. I am sorry for you all. Nobody is reading your thoughts, only GOD can read your mind. Many of you are having your cell phones HACKED into and your text messages read coming in and going out. It’s mostly young adult freemasons (21-50 in age). You have to keep a methodical journal in order to figure this out. And be employed and file numerous complaints documenting your experiences. When you do all those things and stay alert. You will find out that there really are individuals out there watching you, stalking you, and listening to you. It shouldn’t bother you. Don’t be paranoid. It doesn’t really bother me much. And no I don’t think everybody is out to get me. I am just not that important.

    Your email accounts had been HACKED into, and your emails messages had been read illegally without a warrant. This is what is happening to you. They had been doing this to you for months, if not years. This is true. You are being CYBER-STALKED. You are being watched. And you really believe we are free? You are being watched. They know your where-a-bouts and they know how you think. They don’t know what you think, only GOD knows that. It isn’t hard to tell who you are by reading your email messages and text messages coming in and going out. It’s like reading a major league baseball players scouting report. As long as the player is healthy next year, a scout can predict to what degree the players preformance level will be at.

    George Orwell’s novel “1984” had come and passed. We live very close to his world now. A world where we are watched, and methodically stalked. It makes me wonder, if anything is really random any more.

    I am being being KULT-STALKED by the freemasons. I don’t know what I had done to these people, but I am being KULT-STALKED by them. As I posted before. As I posted above in an earlier post, these things really did happen to me. The FBI will not help. Maybe what happened to me is the FBI’s COINTELPRO. After all, the FBI has had a track record of targeting activists, ex-U.S. soldiers, Civil Rights Leaders, and sociologists. I had never had the desire to hurt anybody. Nor have I ever had any desire to hurt anybody.

    So it’s bizarre that I am considered an extremely dangerous man.I had always been a reasonable man. A quiet intellectual and a pacifest. It’s just one of those things I guess. I was born to poor working class germans and was raised in the inner city of York Pennsylvania. I am the son of an U.S. Army Veteran. I am a third generation U.S. Army Veteran. I had earned three honorable discharges (88-96, and after 9/11 03-05) I am no war hero. In many ways I wished I could had done more for our country, and the men I had served with. I was educated at Big ten Univerties. And I am well skilled in the ideology of Marxism. I am a sociologist. I am extremely intelligent and by design I had always been a champion for those who were under previldged, and I never bullied individuals.

    I am not a criminal. I am vulnerable U.S. Army Veteran who was simply an outsider to Lancaster, HERSHEY, and South Central Pennsylvania. I was framed, mobbed, agitated provoked, lured and baited by these masonic law enforcement officials. They were evil and sinister. Rich, WEALTHY, “CHRISTIAN”, HERSHEY Pennsylvania CREEPS! I was stalked by these terror stalkers, and then charged with “FAKE” stalking my ex-girlfriend. Something had to be done. I was a whistleblower, and had to be nullified, silenced, discredit, and destroyed. The stalking charge was thrown out of court by Judge Jerome O. Herlihy of the Delaware superior court in Wilmington De. Rightfully so! I am no more a stalker as president Barrack OBAMA is a communist.

    I was tired of being mobbed/harassed at Harrisburg Area Community College in Lancaster Pennsylvania. So I filed formal “WHISTLEBLOWER” complaints: PHRC Case No. 200800802 & EEOC Case No. 17F200960329. Including me, there were three professors harassed and forced out in less than 2 years, and a fourth person if you count the HOMOSEXUAL ex-marine who was discriminated against and chased off at Harrisburg Area Community College in Lancaster. So I spoke to an academic attorney named Vivian B. Narehood in Lancaster(717-291-1700). Currently I am being internet black listed by one freemason named OLE FREEMASON Ad Crable of the Lancaster newspaper. Orginally Ole freemason Ad crable had placed me on the internet 12x for being a whistleblower, but currently Ole Freemason Ad Crable had lowered the internet black ball and internet black listing down to 6x for being a whistleblower.I am being black balled and internet black listed.

    I wanted to send you a message to those of you who are being targeted. Be strong! I believe GOD will play the final hand yet on these evil sinister individuals. For me these monsters FREEMASON “RING KNOCKERS” were in Lancaster, HERSHEY CREEPS, and in South Central Pennsylvania extending down to Newark Delaware at the University of Delaware and across to the public defenders office in Wilmington Delaware.

    These RING KNOCKERS were evil, and sinister. They lie 2 to 3x and then all lie for each other, and then say “You are the liar!” They rich WEALTHY “CHRISTIANS” in Lancaster HERSHEY and South central Pennsylvania, and they social network with freemasons private investigators who are ex-FBI agents and Ex-State Cops. There are monsters that walk the earth. As stephen king write, there are monsters and they do exist, they walk among us. And are all around us. I am sure Stephen King said something a little different by that is basically the logist of what he had said. But it is true!

    Day will be night, and night will be day. Anyway, I wish you all luck and be strong.

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