Details of Kundalini Breathing Exercises to Focus and Increase Energy

Kundalini Breathing Exercise

Set aside at least one hour alone without interruptions for this exercise. Sit in a cast circle on the floor facing North or East, arms and legs uncrossed. Listen to the sound of your breath. Can you hear “Hahm” on the intake and “Sah” on the exhale? This is the mantra to use in this exercise. Do not speak it — just hear it in the breath.

When I say “Hahm”, I refer to the inhale, and “Sah” to the exhale. Try it for a few minutes. Hahm – Sah – Hahm – Sah. Make sure you are relaxed and not forcing your breath.

Next, visualize the air in the room as breathable light. With each “Hahm,” you should imagine the light entering up through your nose, past your third eye, around the inside of your skull, and down your spine to the lowest tip of your coccyx (tail) bone. You should not feel the energy “hop” or avoid chakra points. Hold your breath as long as comfortable, then exhale “Sah.”

As you exhale, you should visualize light of a slightly different shade going back up your spine, pushing out the light you inhaled. This second light is your personal Kundalini energy. The light should follow the same path, up your spine, over the top of your head, and out your nose. As it goes, you should hear the “Sah” part of your breath stretched out for a few long seconds.

Continue this for about 20 minutes. Haaahhhhm – hold – saaaahhh. You will notice yourself physically relaxing at the end of the 20 minutes, if you are doing it right.

Once you have this part down, and can do it comfortably, don’t hold your breath at the base of the spine, but just pause a moment. Then, using your stomach muscles, you should release the breath in short bursts, hearing “sah, sah, sah, sah, sah,” as many times as it takes before your lungs empty.

Keep up the light visualizations: The light will jump with the breathing. Repeat this for another 20 minutes. Haaahhhhm, sah sah sah sah sah sah. You may be able to see your energy increase with each breath.

If you begin shaking and jerking, know that is a normal reaction to the increased energy in your system, and you should not fight it. (Like a shiver down the spine, it is totally involuntary and natural.) Don’t scare yourself into stopping the exercise at this point. Soon, the jerking motions will stop, and you may begin moving in a very fluid fashion. You will not be able to hold still after this point, and you shouldn’t try.

The energy will increase to the point where it reaches your Third Eye chakra. Once you have this flow at maximum capacity, CONTINUE FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN. When you finally release the energy into the Universal Current, BE SURE YOU CONCENTRATE ON PURE LOVE. This is the easiest thing to do, and is a good default target spell. If you have no blocks, you will get the experience of a lifetime from this exercise. Do not be shocked at anything your physical body does, or where your mind goes when you release the energy.

It will open you up to feeling energy like you never have before. Remember to ground out any residual energy before removing the circle.

If you have stuck chakras, or knots, you will give up after a time, having only raised the energy to whatever chakra the knot lays in. It is vital for magicians to have free-flowing energy. Any knots must be untied. When you feel the knot, or stuck chakra, STOP the exercise, let the energy subside, and ground the rest.

Then, remember which chakra the energy stopped at. This is the one that is blocked. I advise anyone who comes to this point to seek the advice of a Priest or Priestess.


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