The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave


I recently lost someone I loved dearly, she was a victim of extreme ritual abuse as child (by her father) and later trauma based mind control (by the brotherhood). She had very little knowledge of how to handle her trauma and was under total control of the cult. After a short period of time I began to recognize and see clear signs of her programming as they would surface in her everyday life.

Her handler, who was disguised as a therapist (The Rapist) was always scheduled at appropriate times to trigger her various alters and maintain total control.
The constant “switching” between alters made it harder and harder to cope with and deal with her extreme personality shifts. She never did free herself from this torturous horrific reality.

My hope by posting this information is that it may help educate a few more citizens to the facts and history of Monarch Mind Control Programming and by doing so bring it out into the light.

In memory of my beloved Hummingbird…


Fritz Springmeier’s Introduction
Glossary of Terms


This book is dedicated to the two million Americans and counting who have been programmed with Monarch-type trauma-based mind control. This book is written to destroy trauma-based mind control before it destroys the human race. It’s time for this horrendous secret to end. It is also written as part of God’s end time work to propel people of faith to the high calling that is prophesied of the Body, but cannot be attained without men of faith understanding these things. Humanity’s great prophet said he came to heal those whose hearts had been broken– literally split and crushed, and to free those who are captive. That work needs to go forward.

Blood, sweat and tears are associated with this book. The blood of the innocent victims of this mind-control cries out in a single unison, along with the pungent sweat of those who have tried to minister help to the shattered humanity left by the sadistic programmers, and the pools of tears shed as this book was written, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, do you not judge and avenge our blood on earth?


WARNING, READ THIS FIRST BEFORE READING THE BOOK: IF THERE IS ANY CHANCE you the reader have had mind-control done to you, you must consider the following book to be DANGEROUS. If you are consulting a therapist for DID (also known as MPD), it is recommended that you consult your therapist before reading this book. The complications that could result for those under mind control learning the truth–could be fatal. The co-authors take no responsibility for those who read or misuse this information.

The reader’s mind is like a garden. It may not be time to plant the truth in your mind. Perhaps you need some weeding or ground preparation, before the garden of your mind is ready. Perhaps the weather is too stormy to plant the truth. Pray to the Lord of the Harvest. The blessings that flow from planting the information of this book in your mind will require the presence of living waters of love. If you do not have love in your heart, this book is not for you. The information contained in this book is the biggest news-story of the 20th century, and still the biggest secret. It will challenge you, shock you, horrify you and hopefully motivate you to redouble your efforts to humble yourself and seek strength from God Almighty.

The programming procedures, which are described in this book, are based on research and consultation with deprogrammers, exprogrammers, therapists, counselors and pertinent literature. To the best of our knowledge the statements made in this book are factual, although they may not reflect the latest or currently accepted methodology among each and every faction of the New World Order, which carries out Monarch-type programming. This book tends to devote more emphasis to Illuminati programming, which is the highest level of programming. For individual application in understanding a survivor of Monarch programming, therapists are admonished to use this material with consideration for the Monarch victim’s personal case and situation. The authors disclaim any responsibility for therapeutic work based upon this material.

Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler have co-authored They Know Not What They Do, An Illustrated Guidebook To Monarch Mind Control. Both Fritz and Cisco bring years of experience in dealing with Monarch programming to bear on the writing of this book. Fritz has researched the Illuminati, while he has worked with victims of its programming. He has authored The Top 13 Illuminati Families, and several other books.

Table of Contents (573 pages)

Chap. 1 The Selection & Preparation of the Victim

A. Genetics & dissociative abilities
B. Availability
C. Physical & Mental requirements
D. List of organizations carrying out programming
E. 4 foundational steps for programming
F. Step 1. Spiritual requirements, Moon Child ceremonies, traumatization in vitro
G. Step 2. Trauma by premature birth
H. Step 3. Love bombing/love bonding
I. Step 4. Severing the “core” of the mind
J. Further considerations

Chap. 2 The Traumatization & Torture of the Victim

A. A site for torture of children, NOTS China Lake
B. What trauma does, the creation of PTSD & DID (MPD)
C. How the torture is carried out, types of trauma
D. How MPD works
E. The Core
F. The Anchoring Experience

Chap. 3 The Use of Drugs

A. A list of drugs used
B. A brief history of use
C. Applications for drugs to control a slave

Chap. 4A The Use of Hypnosis

A. Dissociation, trance, & its historical use
B. How to program with hypnosis
C. How to boost creativity of victim with hypnosis
D. Keeping the mind dissociative
E. Keeping the mind in a programming state
F. Hypnotic triggers & cues
G. Hypnosis in programs & other uses

Chap. 4B Hypnosis (continued)

Chap. 5A V. The Skill of Lying, The Art of Deceit

A. Overview
B. The use of fiction
C. The use of lies externally, incl. covers and fronts
D. The use of internal deceptions, incl. the art of hiding things in a system

Chap. 5B The Skill of Lying, The Art of Deceit (Billy Graham)

Chap. 6 The Use of Electricity & Electronics

A. For torture
B. For memory deletion
C. For implanting thoughts
D. Electronic communication & control

Chap. 7A Engineering & Structuring Of An MPD System

A. Structuring of MPD worlds
B. The creation of roles
C. Building in layered defenses
D. Building backup systems

Chap. 7B

Chap. 7C

Chap. 8 Body Manipulation & Programming

A. Scarring the brain stem
B. Split brain work
C. Medical technologies
D. Histamines
E. The use of body programs

Chap. 9 Mind Manipulation by Psychological Programming Methods:
Behavior Modification, Psychological Motivation & NLP

A. Observing a satanic family conditioning their children
B. Behavior modification, obedience training
C. Isolation
D. Repetition
E. Psychological motivators, md. pride/needs/wants
F. Neuro-linguistic programming
G. The inversion of pain & pleasure

Chap. 10A Spiritual Control Techniques, Possession, Trances, Etc.

A. Using spiritual principles against a person
B. How the Monarch program miniturizes what is done on a large scale
C. Dehumanization
D. Fear
E. The use of guilt, shame, ridicule & anger
F. Teaching that the master is God
G. Portals, Focal Points
H. Vows & oaths
I. The use of demon possession, layering in, etc.
J. The use of “angel” alters
K. The misuse of Scripture
L. Theta programming

Chap. 10B

Chap. 10C

Chap. 11 Internal Controls

A. Teaching occult philosophies & ideologies
B. Internal computers
C. Internal hierarchies

Chap. 12 External Controls

A. Monitoring (Asset control)
B. The art of blackmail
C. Bribes
D. The Control of the Milieu E. Bonding & twinning
F. Peer pressure

Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler


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  1. Would you mind sending an account of your story to

  2. I have been living the nightmarish hell of having been drugged, slightly tortured and shattered. (Alter personalities) I have been in and out of counseling and found the best result from self made “subliminal” recordings that I listen to on a portable MP3 player. I have some very vivid memories of the tactics they used on me after being drugged at a bar and taken in the back room and “worked” for hours. It is a living hell sometimes because they had even covered my mouth and nose so I couldn’t breat, which caused a panic attack, while saying “this is what you get if..” and many things now do just that, make me feel like I can’t breath and have a panic attack. The triggers correspond EXACTLY to what they wanted me to feel under certain circumstances. I have MANY pages of writings of what was done to me, their ongoing methods and some things that worked against the conditioning that really annoys them!

  3. ********************************* “WE SHALL NEVER FORGET” has been forgotton!********************************* Just search the web for “Freedom towers renamed”, the name is being dropped! It is now only WTC 1! We already lost the Twin Towers to a repressive extremist group, now we lost the Freedom Towers too! Could it be that China was the first to rent ten floors of the new tower? Money talks? Take a stand and demand that it keeps it’s name in honor of all those men and women who have lost their lives during and after 9-11! WRITE YOUR CONGRESSMAN AND ASK TO KEEP THE NAME! What about the group that claims to have signed the Declaration of Independence? Let’s see if they have the POWER to help too! If there is one chain mail you send this week, let it be this one! Copy and send this message to help change the future of how we will honor those that lost their lives! ************************************FOURTH OF JULY CHALLENGE!********************************** Some important document invoved in that date right? Can those that “claim” to be a “brother” in the group that so proudly signed it even recite the most important part by then? Not so tough of a challenge, right? Seperates the real from the fakes, the men from the boys, the Angels from the Demons, Hint: Starts with “We hold these truths” and ends with “Happiness”. Can you handle this? What about our constitution, what can they tell you about the other document they claimed to have signed too? And who chopped down the cherry tree? So, if you know of any fakes that gave wrong information or lies about me or someone else to a boss, agency, phsychiatrist etc, send an anonymos letter to the fake demanding they make it right and one to the other, telling the TRUTH. They will call you a rat but what they do is the same PLUS lying. Telling the truth on them is being a rat but ratting lies by them is ok? They will tell you to mind your own business as they mind someone elses. Help us help each other! Let’s start a new USA siblinghood. We are all brothers and sisters! I need your help! There is no law against taking known conspiracy works and adding your own personal imagination when it is stated in advance it is just a conspiracy theory based on former works, speculation and fiction.. There is a law against slander, malicious gossip with intent to defame and damage someones reputation (slander) and any form of harrassment and STALKING. I am even STALKED all the way to my apartment outside of Kingston and to my job in Poughkeepsie! It even seems that others have intentially coached others into spreading malicious gossip. Report any known deliberate harassment, STALKING, deliberate slandering, malicious gossip WITHOUT hard proof, rumors of any type of immoral or illegal actions intended to me to the Albany VA or police to prevent veteran abuse. There has already been a campaign by some “fake brothers” against me due to the following writing since some of it is real, but you decide! IF YOU LIKED THE DIVINCI CODE AND PLAN ON SEEING THE SEQUEL “ANGELS AND DEMONS”, THEN SEE HOW DEEP THE RABBIT HOLE GOES AND READ THIS but remember, the “all seeing eye” may know you read it, how much is in your bank account, whats in your private medical records, restricted Government files, what you do at home and other protected private information! “We have our sources” means it’s acquired VERY illegally! And what of Angels , Demons and Masons, under Illuminati control? Already a movie. Ever since “National Treason , um, I mean, National Treasure came out, there are thousands everywhere using some group’s name as a cover and some others have joined and corrupted the real ones. COPY AND PASTE TO WORD to print and EMAIL TO SHARE THIS! Even put it on myspace or facebook in it’s entirety or anywhere else! ***FREE*** MINI-NOVEL. (Start at bottom is easiest to”select all”) Hmm, what would Stephen King say about this ? Attention! Conspiracy THEORY (Facts, fiction and SPECULATION) New World Order? How’s that working out?!!!! ? THE BIGGEST SCAM OF OUR TIMES! and who chopped down the cherry tree? I cannot tell a lie, it wasn’t me! And are we losing our freedom? I still have not been released by those that drugged and hypnosed me. Some claim they were the real “men” by doing this yet a little girl can learn to do this. They can get away with it because no one will believe it is happening! (read on for the nightmarish details!) I still suffer from selective hearing and am constantly being taken advantage of, many times undeliberatly. I always try to let people know that it is not deliberate and I barely remember later what I missed. The main block is in gatherings being insulted, controlled and about dating. Fortunatly, it has little effect on my job because I work alone and unsupervised wearing hearing protection while listening to headphones underneath. They did a real number on me and I may never fully recover since involuntary drugged hypnosis is very dangerous and unpredictable. Ask women that were given the date rape drug. Some never fully recover. There should be mor e investigations, stiffer penalities and large compensation given to victims, male or female, raped and/or hypnotised. WOMEN CAN’T JOIN THIS CLUB! (STORY ABOUT A MEN ONLY FRATERNITY or is it a brainwashed meddling cult and Illuminati mind controlled slaves (google that!) ? To see if they are under control try whispered commands from the side where they can’t see you when they are talking to somone else or not paying attention! They may even change personalities!, AKA children of the corn! Disclaimer******There is nothing written here that isn’t already known and/or available on the internet or in other writings, fact of fictitious. Information on worse forms of what is written here has been availbable for years in many forms, many countries, many languages. I am not giving away anything new, therefore, there is little danger of someone using it in an unethical way that hasn’t had access to worse information previously for years.********* Started this writing Dec 2008, Revised 11 May, 04 MAY 24 Mar, 19 Mar,16 Mar, 15 Mar, 28 Feb 2230, 24 Feb 2009 1630 EST WARNING! if you know anyone taking Zyban to quit smoking or welbutrin (same thing) for depression and they are acting weird, goto drugs dot com, goto w for welbutrin, click on the professional tab and scroll down just past a quarter of the page and the read the warning under the chart about the risks that most people don’t know about. I found out the hard way after going through a living nightmare and the interns/doctors at the VA didn’t realize it was the Zyban until I knew something was very wrong! Anyone taking any medications should do some research themsleves! And yes, I was under the influence of Zyban when I wrote most of this. I drove sometimes too and operated heavy machinery but did not mix it with alcohol, not much of drinker and I DO NOT DO DRUGS! (saw 25 years ago what drugs do to too many people and I swore then to JUST SAY NO. But what you do is your business) A full length novel may follow in a year with MUCH MUCH MORE plus shocking surprises, finances allowing (Can’t afford the down payment on a lollipop :)…) Anyone want to fly an all seeing eye or the US colors at Kingston Plaza code, CHASE nine one five. Fly the US flag instead and donate one “All seeing eye” to me 🙂 and ask our government to replace it with a memorial twin towers pictures in time for the opening of the Freedom Towers. All Written by roy porter JR Box 1904, send me a note or message if you donate! sponsored by me! at digital-universenow dot org (see “about us” for my science writing!) OR dot com. $-0.00 made off my writing ability so far (as of March19, 2009). PP same name. This is the BIGGEST LIE OF OUR TIMES! Do they go by their doctrine or that similar to the Mafia (Italian terrorist cells?) or Nazis? Call them as they are! Read their doctrine and ask why do they act the opposite! Where are the real ones? Who are these fakes collecting dues and mistreating others? Read from their own writings (posted on the internet, just search!) of how they should be and you decide who is real and who are the fakes! Be very careful if they claim to only want to protect people. They will use made up or exaggerated reasons! Call it as YOU see it! DON”T TAKE MY WORD FOR ANYTHING! Just search the internet for their history and doctrine and then WATCH who claims to follow that and point to those that are the imposters! Sorry, you got played. If they argue or threaten you, call THEM brainwashed and tell them to get help and walk away and see below on who to contact!! Watch for the ones that say they aren’t breaking any laws! Are they in anyway depriving someone of life, LIBERTY and the PERSUIT of HAPPINESS? Then they don’t follow their signed document, do they? Watch if they target non-members who smile! (Happines?) How can you find them? Watch for CHANGING stories and accusations. Use of the magic HYPNOTIC phrase “everybody knows…” (rumors about someone). WRITE down their “truths” and then see if it changes. They will talk circles around the truth using “rotational justification” YOU HAVE TO CAREFULLY COMPARE THEIR CHANGING STORIES!. They know this, so be discreet and compare! They will go 180 degrees from day to day depending on what you ask! Try to help them along and watch the lies they come up with! Be discreet and document it! One example I have seen is “he just wants to get in her pants, then the next day say he was afraid of sex! I have seen it so often! Can we afford to let gangs take advantage of our Nation’s Recession and run our lives and end up like Durfur, Africa (not indicating race, only lawlessness, most of my enemies are white!)? We will show you the power of brotherhood! Not that type of brotherhood, no thank you! Watch for those that seem to change suddenly like Chameleons to save their a$$es! (To warn their brothers to change they may say : Alien Shape Shifting Lizards) It’s all in his head is what they will say. Well guess who put it there with MK Ultra. This is one way how they claim they are telling the truth. Tell someone who was hypnotized to be afraid of butterflies that it is all in his head and you are telling the truth even though the person goes into panic attacks at the thought of a moth! This was more refined by using drugs and violence on countless number of innocent people at the hands of Nazi’s, so do you want to use the “voice” on someone conditioned with this type of inhumane enslavement? The end result is that the victim becomes less able to listen to advice, gets confused, don’t know who to trust and seems more “dull witted” as the conditioning takes it’s toll. Watch for tricks of predicting peoples actions, clairvoyance or other amazing feats, easily done by “word of mouth” to a cohert and low spoken “commands” to someone easily suggestible by “Trauma” conditioning. They claim they know someone so well to predict their actions, then after, you will take their word if they give you information on that person, once again playing you with easily managed tricks. Crafty slight of hand stuff that will have you following their leadership like a horse to a carrot. Also using “emotional triggers” to make someone look guilty, get angry etc. all at timing for their benefit. Some are known to try throw their voices like ventriloquists to make it seem like someone else said something! Help stop these menaces! May13 They aren’t done with me yet and they are having fun is what I hear. It seems that I feel strange today and can’t concentrate. Work, in town on the radio. Everywhere I get tortured and hear about how the veteran aint so tough after all. I never use the word fun in that way but to mean true enjoyment and joy, not evil pranks or torture. Well who are the angels and who are the demons. They will have to decide that for themselves if they can. Nothing in my past is outside the normal mistakes for teenagers on through adulthood. Why they chose me is still uncertain. I feel like I am a test subject for MK Ultra but who would help me? Wrong place, wrong time. Unwilliing to be part of a socialistic “boss” structure. Fought for my own rights? If you are not with us you are against us is the attitude, like we need groups like that controlling our lives. “Next time finish what you start” is what they say after distracting you from a possible relationship claiming they are “showing you how to do it” This has happened many times when shaved head or frat boys get into anothers business, running interfernce by claiming to show how it’s done. Double win, because they make you look like a fool, and they distract and embarass you so one of their boys can move in. They are really delaying you with their good samaratan help until either one gets fed up and gives up. This is the “craft”. Guess who usually ends up going out with the woman? Yep, one of them! They blame you for: 1. not following their great manly advice 2. Not listening to them (you where trying to pay attention to her but they distracted you or her). 3. Not finishing what you started 4. Not man enough. 5. A baby 6. Afraid 7. Didn’t listen when they “slipped in comments” during and unrealated conversation so you didn’t fully understand. 8. didn’t listen when they said things in your direction without getting your attention first (also know as playing the crowd since everyone hears it except for the person walking away.) 9. Didn’t want her bad enough or important enough (but their “boys” aren’t tested like that!) and the reasons will rotate as in “rotatational justification. Guess what? If they didn’t get involved IT PROBABLY WOULD HAVE WENT PERFECTLY! I also have an “installed” hearing block so it seems I ignore certain important things. It appears I “blow off” very important things so it seems like it is deliberate. I also can’t remember well when it happens since it is part of a type of hypnosis (Google: Illuminati Mind controlled Slave, MK Ultra”) but, I think I still follow certain commands since I have not been relaesed from the post-hypnotic like conditioning. I believe I also answer certain questions without realizing it in a self incrimnating way. WRITE ME A QUESTION AND LET ME ANSWER IN WRITING, WITH NO ONE SAYING ANYTHING, TO GET THE TRUTH. Test me and ask questions that are not planned and CANNOT have a yeah answer and let me know CLEARLY that I answered yeah. This may help it come more into my conscious mind.! Also, I have a TELEPHONE! there always seems to be someone nearby to “pull the rug” out from under me with whispered suggestions. Why would they practice and train young men so much on on someone with NYS War on terror veteran plates and use me as an example/target? Did they sell out for the next 9-11? It is hard to defend yourself! Easy to make a slave! There is a term “anchoring” which is done by using good and bad known emotional responses by comments nearby the “slave” intentionally trying to get the “slaves” attention. Sometimes vague comments are made to be less conspictuous. The “master” usually needs to find personal sensitive information to use and make repeated references that gets the “slaves” attention. This “fixes” the Masters voice in their heads in a hypnotic way so the “slave” unconsciously pays more attention to their voice when heard. The “slave” then starts to consciouly ignore the comments but unconsciously, the words are still heard since the anchoring is already done! PRESTO, a route to subconscious mind has just been formed! This is called ANCHORING! After repeating the process over and over again the Master can “move a muscle or change a thought” in the “slave” with a few whispered words since the anchoring has moved to the subconscious by the “slave” trying to ignore the comments. This idea is sold on the internet in many forms. Also, there are those that told me “you are not dealing with children” and that “you will die of a heart attack or accident”. Then they will sell my story. If any of this happens, I claim foul play in advance. I am not suicidal or in documented bad health. If I die, no cremation and check my hair for poisons since I have heard some will cause a heart attack only AFTER they stop drugging you, giving you a clean system at time of death but the hair keeps the true record. Mar 24. An example of the cruelty inflicted is that my mother passed away Mar 16 after suffering from cancer for 4 months. Some claiming to be one of the “real” men still continued their lies, rumors and insults and she isn’t even buried yet. How low will they go? Many have themselves been brainwashed into lying fakes, ruthlessly winning at all costs, as heartless gang members, not the charitable, help your neighbor American, as our American dream hopes for. That is considered a weakness by the fake gangs posing as a fraternity. Recruit by example? Well, guess who this attracts? Quick note on me, I have NEVER had a criminal record, don’t use drugs or drink but had some reactions a while ago to Zyban., prescribed by the VA but interns didn’t connect the side effects until I knew something was very wrong and discontinued it myself. See, welbutrin for some ideas of the dangers. War Veteran, (two combat zones,) served in two other “hazardous duty zones also, Honorable Discharge, have NO pending bad stuff so if someone says different, bring on the charges,! I want due process, not rumors. Been accused of a lot but nothing EVER proven, just circumstancial evidence twisted to character assasinate. and rumors. No proof, no crime. But in the Army they taught the Sergeants that if you don’t do it, you can’t get caught. No brainer huh? More people should think like that! I go to spiritual based self-help groups (to clarify, they are held at churches and other places but not officially part of that church) to help with what has happened to me. I even have asked people to call me on the telephone about certain things I have mental blocks with from the trauma conditining I received as well other other poast-traumatic like issues. Instead, they take turns setting me up knowing I will say yeah to certain topics or discussions about certain things, and not even hear them. Consider it selective attention disorder. BUT WHY DO SOME POEPLE CONTINUE TO TRY TO PROVE I AM FAKING? TO COVER THEIR METHODS AND NEED FOR CONTROL IS THE ANSWER! It is self help, not mass harrassment. WHEN I TELL TELL THEM WHAT TO DO TO HELP ME AND THEY DO THE OPPOSITE, isn’t that being intentially cruel? I am even reminded of mistakes I made while my mother was dying since I was even more unfocused on what was going on around me. WHEN SOMEONE SAYS THERE IS AN EASY SOLUTION TO AVOID REPEATING THE SAME KNOWN PROBLEMS, WHY DO THEY DO IT THE WAY THAT ALWAYS FAILED BEFORE? Then how dare they claim they are trying to help me in any when I KEEP SAYING IT IS DOING MORE HARM THEN GOOD! This group even promotes calling others on the telephone to help with problems. Why do they wait and do the same thing over and over again when I say I have problems concentrating and say “yeah” when I don’t even understand what they said? Also if a woman that husband cheated on her said openly that she would “leave” another man that does the same, should the men, out of spite cheat on her or understand that she was hurt and only wanted it to not happen with the next man? What if a man said a similiar comment about not wanting his next relationship to be a certain bad way? Should women then act that way toward him out of spite or realize that hey, some men have real feelings in relationships and get hurt too? Or is that not being a man admitting that? April 04. Still I am still suffering from post-MK Ultra selective hearing and continuing harassment. I was set up for heartbreak a few months ago, deliberately or not is uncertain, over a women I fell for. Everyone meddled, some maybe tried to help so I was very confused as to what was going on. It seems that whatever I do will be twisted and used as a reason to inflict more trauma on me and all I ask is for the hints and whispers to end since my mind is conditioned to only follow certain whispers and hints if I even hear them at all. Yeah doesn’t mean I heard it, another problem I am working on. It is still a living hell from the MK Ultra conditioning done to me and how sometimes I can’t even hear certain things said loudly. A mental block on the subjects they choose, particularly bocks about pretty women and power. I beg for a private phone call that would solve everything but they insist on setting me up in public even helping can lead to a panic attack. This is even explained in the book dianetics about the power of post-hypnotic suggestions. The inhumane toruture coninues and they have not one bit of guilt about how much time a dying woman and son lost together because of the lack of sleep, panic attacks and depression which robbed their last weeks together. Now they only try more to set me up to cover their inhumane tracks. Imagine also being “suggested” to say the wrong thing at the wrong time without even realizing what you said? Being easily tricked into thinking the wrong thing at the wrong time by suggestion only? Becoming angry on “suggestion” or walking away from a conversation right when you needed to hear something important. The possibilities of suggestibility are staggering using the methods described in the writing. Being a “conditioned slave” is truly a living hell with you getting the blame for things you had no way of controlling. Once again, you have to watch very closely to see and detect this. That is why it is called “undetectable mind controlled slave” If you doubt it, THEN VOLUNTEER TO HAVE THE PROCEDURE DONE ON YOU! (or maybe it already has been done and you unknowingly said you volunteered!) April 13. Now the insult to me is how they can easily destroy a “war on terror veteran” as my NY plates say. It is incredible that this is happening here where 9-11 occured. “Your not so tough” is what they say or point out my non-player approach to meeting women. It is sickening the amount of lies and distorted “truths” that have been spread for “disrespecting” them. Like I said, it is not the real brotherhood anymore and we are looking at a future like a white version of Durfur or Somalia if this continues to spread. I am giving up hope and never get phone calls, real conversation but instead of “scraps” of information through word of mouth while I am not paying attention or talking about something else. I am also fed false information and get delayed information (undeliberate false info). The more I suffer the more they get others to join in to make it worse. Are we true Americans or Nazi’s set on inflicting daily trauma on someone? MK Ultra daily re-conditioning which I still receive as a (Illuminati mind controlled) slave. Even from below it seems. Other people I have done nothing wrong too are: getting into my business, making exaggerated negative “observations”, continuing spreading trash, using emotional triggers etc. A daily living hell. Oh, by the way, WHO ordered the “code red” In other words, who is encouraging this to continue and for what motive other than to continue the suffering (punishment) for not “obeying”? But they always use “rotational justification”( i.e. Changing and conflicting B.S. stories) for their actions. Never due process! May 04. After all the information given in this writing, those that “installed” my post-MK Ultra hearing blocks and conditioning have not removed it, they have a key for those that “surrender” to their way.(consider it post-hypnotic responses on steroids) Instead, it is used and exploited. They have been using comments and instructions in non-related conversatinos to work me to give conditioned responses to selective questions. (others ,it appears, do the same with helpful information but the conditioning makes me only say yeah without consciously understanding it except for maybe much later when the information is of no use, then it causes panic attacks) This has been going on for a long time. It is similiar to “under duress” but is slowly progrmmed in with subliminals and comments made while I am focused on someone else or something else. Being conditioned to give the answers they want to hear. Written questions would give the real written answers in all cases if I am not in anyway distracted. Well, let them expose themselves more for all to see since those around me now know the methods they use. Let the world see how they take away a persons freedom! Just a gameto them? Well then, do the same to them that they do to me, it is only fair, right?Just search the internet for hypnosis and you can buy a starter kit for one dollar on some sites to learn all this! (I don’t condone unethical use of anything sold on the internet!) OK, I swear that I knew NOTHING about “Doll House” to be on FOX, Friday the 13th (see HULU dot com). READ ON FOR THE REALITY VERSION, what was done to me would be easier to do to a young innocent woman for “different” reasons and is actually more common, known as using a “date rape drug”! How many people’s lives have been ruined? How many drugged and signed away all? And we just stand by and watch! How many tricked out of their lives, happiness and money? What about the scandals of misspending while accepting bailouts? What affiliation are they of? Do they have anything to hide? Are even churches and spiritual programs safe from such things? Does the disrespect for human rights go so far as to even violate the sactity of church grounds?Investigative reporters can clear this up, fact or fiction? Investigate so they can come clean? Maybe you are next! Read on how YOU can help safely! If they persist, then point out in front of many people their changing stories, accusation without ANY real proof, word of mouth, character assination. Let’s make this stop!! If they are harassing or abusing someone, ignore them and tell the victim “don’t listen to that stupid stuff” and start a conversation with the vicitm ignoring the other person entirely!. If they start threatening you maybe FBI.GOV should know about illegal, unconstitutional gang activities? (Discover the POWER of your library or out of town Internet Cafes with anonymous MULTIPLE tips from different people on such things as Gang activities! Don’t send duplicates, just once from one. Make our USA safer!) Did they make you swear allegiance for life? LOL! Hmmm sold your soul huh? Maybe you can get it back with a Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution! They have some experience with documents like these, so I am told! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOTICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL Written by Roy porter JR. Self-Copyright 2009. Anyone else who claims involvement or rights need to read on. NOTICE, no one has my permission now or ever had my permission to represent or speak for me in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER! If you don’t talk to me directly and get more than a “yeah” answer, than you don’t represent squat and wouldn’t get my permission either way because I REPRESENT MYSELF!!(So If ANYONE spoke for me, you got played, sorry!) Some of the sly ones have “pretended” to “set” something up for/with me, only meant to discredit me! NO ONE SETS UP ANYTHING FOR ME! (or should have in the past, at no time, no one, nada, never! Not even my mother does that!!) Don’t fall for their “only trying to help” act or such! I have a phone and email! EMAIL ME, CALL ME or it is BULLSH!T Don’t fall for anything else! Also, there are those that still know how to get information or think they know how to control me or tell when I am lying etc. They could only do this by using key words that make me “relive” the torture written about here or remind me of extremely painful things to make me suffer to achieve this, making my life a continuous “living hell”. I am sure MANY others will realize they have been subjected to the similiir psychological torture that is written about here. As stated, this is a Nazi perfected persuasion method of MK Ultra. Isn’t inflicting suffering considered an attack? What is the punishment to the victimizer and the compensation for the victims? Due process should be allowed to investigate and decide this! Justice is needed! Your help is needed! Use the internet! New terminology: “Networking Trash” (some do that better than others!) And “Sanitation Network Engineers”!. Use them to describe those that can’t keep their grimey nose out of our “garbage”. Why do some make other people the focus of THEIR LIVES? (for God’s sake, get a life!) I write all this out of self defense! They don’t dump the trash they collect but spread it around, stinking things up! **************************************************************** **************************************** Hopefully a full length novel will follow (less than a year?) (by ROY JR), FINANCES allowing (and maybe even a movie/series later?) with MUCH MUCH MORE including some shocking surprises! Anyone want to dispose of one all seeing eye to the banking system? Kingston Plaza code, CHASE (see end) nine one five on slip! Maybe replace it with the twin or freedom towers with the words “We shall never forget” or similar. Attention!!!? Conspiracy Theory ONLY!!!! If this writing applies, then they are NOT the descendants of the real Freemasons that would always uphold and defend the way of life THEY helped to bring about: all US documents, laws and morality (take back your lodges from the ones that will not follow their signed contracts with the U.S. people!). As in any cult, creed, religion, group, race, sex, etc are people that are true to what they say and a few that bring a bad name. If this were not the case, then wars would be a thing of the past. God Bless American, Our founding fathers and the REAL Freemasons (non-game runners and non-players). Apologies to any that become offended that do uphold our Declaration of Independence, US Constitution and Laws. Specifically to those Masons that have upheld (and not twisted for their own gain) these documents throughout our history. As I upheld and will always uphold (as a non-Mason, but my Uncle was some high guy there, God rest his soul) when I was in the US Military under oath to defend the Constition of the people of the USA. Conspiracy stuff always makes the best writing. How many James Bond episodes are there now and I particularly enjoyed Alias showing that some can be fooled in to believing that they were on the right side. These are only more victims in our world as has been since Humankind began.(Wherever it applies, gender should not be used- All PEOPLE were created equal) ****Did they sign the Declaration of Independence and the COnstitution of the United States of America? Since the group claims they signed them, are they leGally bound to them? ARe they the highest and mOst important documeNts in the USA? Is freedom the baSis of our country and the world? Will the Freedom Towers in New YorK go un- noTiced as thEy reach high into the skY and high into our minds? If the documeNts are not adhered to then chaos ensues and then what is left behind is anOther Animal House. (You know, Just a FRaternity from the movIe with the same name.) Don’t make me tell you twIce is their favoRite saying. Brotherly love? Well, Friday, February 13, 2009 preceeds our day of love. Just go home and pretend it was all a bad dream and hoPe you don’t have to pay too much for what you did! (This should apply to all illegal activities of gangs, gangsters and Mafias as well, it is OUR country, respect it and it’s laws, or leave!) They say, We will always turn it around. You will always loose. We are the real men. We are not liTtle boys. You aRe not good enough for those women. You are gonna pay for what you did (trial! fair punishment? or their way?)Take the green pill or the red Jill?****** How will justice be served? As in our laws! MAXIMUM COMPENSATION to the victims (fines) and free Dianetics to ALL their victims (but no additional Scientology implied, freedom of religion still exists. co auditing w/friend or spouse is best idea.) ($).and / or CONFINEMENT(House arrest, ankle monitor using the cell phone system? / work release always considered for cooperation, with limited visitors, phone use etc. and random human surveillance). NO CRUEL OR UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT IN OUR U.S.A.!!!!! And multitudes will vanish from the face of the Earth (you are dead to us!) and when all is said and done, evil will be vanquished (converted) and all that died will arise and share in the garden of Eden (No one is ignored as if dead any longer) (no reference implied to Jimmy Hoffa or the man Implicated and convicted of another murder in Upstate NY in the first capital) The following is the text (Corrected and revised somewhat for accuracy, understanding) of the ORIGINAL of 1 of 3 CD’s distributed a while ago. One CD told to only observe (Let there be Witnesses) One told to provoke (let them get arrogant and sloppy) and One told to record (Let there be Evidence for all time) If this got your attention then just search on the internet for anti- mason, FROM HELL , with Johnny Depp, eyes wide shut, Angels and Demons, Angels, Demons and Masons, skull and bones, bohemian grove, (Non-members are referred to as fools and priests by them), illuminati, illuminati card game, Illuminati mind control slaves (CHARITABLE TO THE HANDICAPPED, WHO SHOULD BE FIRST ON THEIR LIST NOW? begin now, being slow, direct and honest, with no old ways is important) and release them {one of you knows that key} well before that Friday). Illuminati slaves, trauma conditioning, sheople (We, the Sheople), Satanic ritual abuse, New World Order, INWO, Illuminati (the) DVD, Scientology(define religious persecution. you know, like the first to land at Plymouth rock!) Dianetics (If you participate in Christmas do you have to become a Christian?). The controversy and conspiracy is HISTORICAL, not imagination! Can we compete with secret gangs? They decide your fate and they will convince you it is bad luck, society, series of unfortunate events, your fault etc. but it is group efforts to hold back honest hard working Americans and use them as “SLAVE” laborers at all levels! They ENJOY playing GOD with other people’s lives! Even doctors and lawyers will be controlled by these supremacists! They use sneaky underhanded covert lies, rumors and other subversive techniques to secure their status and fortunes at YOUR expense. Be humble and do not ask why, THAT is what they want. You had better do what “G” or I say is what they utter under their breath! Just look around and WATCH (REALLY WATCH! DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT, STUDY THEM! SEEING IS BELIEVING ABOVE ALL) as they intimidate, threaten, browbeat, strong-arm and discredit others. If you look them in the eye, question their motives, get too popular, get too strong, become successful or find the truth they will make you the next target. If one of their “slaves” starts to look others in the eye and start to achieve status, success, popularity or power, they will again use their methods to make that person lower their eyes and be dominated. Challenge or expose them and watch them become terrorists and start threatening you or creating scandals to destroy you. Make sure you search the internet for mason oaths and initiations. They endorse violent deaths and use of violence in their first 3 initiation oaths! Their terrorist training starts with their first oath! (Homeland security to protect against domestic terrorists too?) They refine divide and conquer “group” techniques to destroy friendships, families, relationships and business arrangements. They will get in to a situation, which is none of their business, start acting as if they are helping, the whole time running “interference” and setting themselves up for the reward or credit or even to take a woman. (and “take” women they do, often!) They have been known to use subliminal commands (commands uttered under their breath, yes just like the Jedi mind trick!). WATCH EVERYONE AND SEE IF SOMEONE WHISPERS TOWARD SOMEONE WHILE THEY ARE TALKING OR OTHERWISE OCCUPIED. (This is where “trauma conditioning” comes into play!) The person may either not notice or just say “yeah” and not realize that they were just given subliminal commands. The person responds to the command and may NEVER realize it! They use years of intimidation and trauma conditioning to get you to respond to this (It is easily overlooked in the Military!) (Search internet for: Trauma conditioning). They also trick someone into answering yes (yeah) to something they never even understood (in front of others and then say later you answered yes even though you “unconsciously” replied yeah). They can trick you into a “no” answer by speaking a little louder toward you and then you “look” to see who they are talking to, which involves turning your head from side to side “looking” for who they are talking to, not realizing they just made you appear to shake your head “no” to what they said or asked in front of someone else! PERCEPTION IS REALITY is one of their teachings!!! It also ends up all looking like your fault!! PERFECT SET-UP!!!! They continue the “Trauma conditioning” by repeatedly using the group to take something from you “right under your nose” (another phrase they use to make someone look stupid and feel ashamed and depressed). They like doing this to men by “manipulating away” girlfriends, career opportunities, friendships, etc. They also “designate” one member to be the main “parasite” so that he has an intense feeling of power and accomplishment by “taking” from a non-member. This individual now starts working on the new victim to gain control. They will even whisper, “Suffer” as they walk by the victim and then get “sheep” to do the same by making it appear it was all his stupidity or fault. They get self-esteem knowing they are making someone suffer. This dark side power keeps them addicted to the group. They are even told to think of what they are doing as a game (G) and to enjoy their victories while watching the “loser” suffer in his defeat. Doesn’t this sound like animalistic male competition? Too familiar no? The victim eventually loses hope and can become depressed and confused, acting almost like “wet brain” or retarded. Then these people are further conditioned to abuse alcohol, prescription drugs and spend millions for psychotherapy, but therapists are usually Masons and the field is just beginning to unravel the “Ancient Mysteries” of the craft so they may give people back their lives. The continuous cycle takes it toll, destroying the victim’s confidence in his own judgment, self worth, happiness (depression and suicide are not uncommon among victims) and inner-peace and becomes even more vulnerable to further attacks, domination and conditioning. The torture and conditioning continues, when the target or victim starts to recover and get his mental state back, the “attackers” will walk by and make vague under their breath references to what they lost to the group or how they failed reminding the victim of their powerlessness, sending the victims mind back in time by recalling the emotional pain before from the loss. This effectively shuts the victim back down and keeps him under their control. They find what works the best (lost girlfriend, career opportunity etc) on different victims and then uses that as a “trigger” to “induce” depression, self-doubt, and confusion. It works all too well when many make indirect references to some painful past “loss” or traumatic event. But they will avoid at all costs, having an open discussion with the victim about the event. This would act as therapuetic and expose their lies and methods, not to their advantage of course! The victim will eventually appear lethargic, slow, retarded, slightly deaf, unable to concentrate, unable to consciously respond to other peoples whispers or soft spoken word (it appears they are ignoring other people to the onlooker, but a member’s subliminal commands will still be followed unconsciously), schizophrenic, bi-polar confused etc. (More proof is appearing on the internet that many of these mental illnesses are indeed, induced. (MEMBERS WILL CLAIM IT WAS BECAUSE THEY WERE UNABLE TO COPE WITH LIFE, EMOTIONALLY WEAK, GENETICALLY SUSEPTABLE, JUST A LOSER OR BAD FAMILY ENVIRONMENT ETC!) The secrets they keep are long researched mind control methods studied by the CIA, Nazis, communists and others as well as centuries of secretly passed on human behavior vulnerabilities and macro-psychology. They also use these methods to turn unsuspecting “sheep” against a target also. Multiple comments and commands and from strangers have the best effect. (Group and “totally unexpected from strangers” subliminal attacks) Nothing is as powerful as peer pressure when it is coordinated and executed secretly. But don’t believe it. STAY ASLEEP, STAY VERY ASLEEP. (Eyes Wide Shut). THEY ARE CONVINCED THAT US SIMPLETONS WILL NEVER BELIEVE OR UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY DO! We have our heads buried in their sand!! Misdirection, confusion, lies, scandals, cover ups all cleverly planned for their benefit. WATCH THEM CLOSELY SO YOU TOO CAN TELL OTHER TRUE FREE AMERICANS ABOUT THEIR METHODS!! We invade Iraq to give them freedom but we cannot even guarantee real freedom to our own! THEIR STRENGTH IS THEIR SECRECY AND YOUR UNWILLINGNESS TO BELIEVE IT IS REALLY HAPPENING IN OUR FREE (?) COUNTRY! Women CANNOT join! Members “take” ownership of women by the same tactics. Women are not free to choose their friends or lovers, it is done for them by manipulation, intimidating and lying to other men to keep them away or telling lies to the woman so women will avoid or hate him. They use NUMEROUS other methods as well including the many listed here. Women have no real free choice and don’t even realize it! They are manipulated to choose only one of them as a friend, lover or associate! In the military, soldiers are harassed by them to the point that they will lose a female friendship and guess who moves in? Some have even been threatened so to stay away and then you see only members can talk to her with no problems! Masons destroyed a friendship I had and then they soon became her only friends!! In addition, they even degraded her behind her back when I had a high respect for her at all times. Equal opportunity? Subversive sexual harassment? THEY PLAY ON WOMENS VULNERABILITIES LIKE A GAME WITH NO THOUGHT FOR THEIR FEELINGS! The US military has many many of them! LOOK FOR THEM! LOOK CAREFULLY AND LOOK EVERYDAY! ASK THEM IF THEY ARE MASONS AND WHY WOULD THEY HIDE THAT FACT? Just be prepared to be shocked, disgusted, angered and outraged at what they do. YOU NEED TO REMAIN CALM AND GO BACK TO WHAT YOU WHERE DOING! YOU CANNOT CHANGE WHO THEY ARE SO DONT TRY, NOT YET AT LEAST! EXPECT BEHAVOIR YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE! Their methods are to always discredit non-members, overlook “sheep’s” achievements and even take credit for a (non-member) work. (In first levels for new masons, men wear aprons they reach a certain level!! All non-members are said to always wear an apron). They will publicly embarrass and lie about a non-member in view of important people to create a “bad” perception” of someone. They will be extra strict and hard on a non-member and claim it is the Army’s way. (TRAUMA CONDITIONING!!!) They will claim that person is a trouble maker, liar, paranoid, whiner, crazy or whatever it takes to have others get the wrong perception of a non-member. (MORE TRAUMA INFLICTED BY LOWERING SOMEONES SELF WORTH AND CAUSE LOSS OF FRIENDS) It is also an idea place to use another less used form of conditioning: Hypnosis and Dream suggestion. How often do we have to share a tent or room with someone? This is scary also because much can be done while you are in certain phases of sleep including the use of rohypnol. You wouldn’t even notice if they placed a drop on your lips while you were sleeping. You would simply lick your lips and then be drugged. But this is less frequent and not always necessary. Hypnosis and just simple suggestions can be done while a person is sleeping. Blackmail photos and even rape have occurred but what you don’t remember can’t be used in a court of law. Also, Non-judicial punishment allows too much room for “trial” without a defense. (I heard a mason tell new recruits “no trial, no DEFENSE. So much for due process!) Also so much can be done to you for no reason, including relocation, job position change and creating a bad reputation (based on recommendations from people you can never challenge and may never even know what was said about you!) The military has many many differences from the civilian world that make it idea for using many, if not all techniques and dirty deeds listed here. They do the same to “conquest” women by removing any competition, ALL THROUGH SECRET GROUP EFFORTS. They will reward some members with the woman of their liking, maybe even for a wife. Otherwise they usually use her for sex and then “dump her” and degrade her behind her back (this will influence the sheople to treat her differently, adding to the conditioning)! Guess who runs to lend a shoulder to cry on and then sleeps with her too? Yes, another member looking for a fling! The cycle continues and the woman learns to rely on sex for self- esteem, She will be conditioned so she cannot sleep, have little self- esteem, feel no confidence without sex! The non-members will be kept away while the members will always be nearby so when she needs the conditioned dose of sex guess who gives it to her? A woman will usually end up looking like a hoe when they are finished with her! They do not support individual freedom and personal dignity in any sense, working only to help their members get whatever they want from the “sheep” including sex. They don’t even realize the flag they wear (and swore to defend) on their shoulder symbolizes the opposite of what they are and do! They have two loyalties, which comes first? (Not the flag!) Where is your loyalty? Are they secret because they are embarrassed, afraid or ashamed of who they (You tell me!) It is only the secrecy that gives them such far-reaching and total power. Since they work as an organization and donations are tax exempt, they should be made 100% accountable for damages they do to peoples careers, lives, relationships, ambitions, mental health etc. The American way is to sue the group for anything they do that violates a non-members right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, constitutional rights and US Laws. Should we stand by while secret gangs negatively affect our lives? DON”T THINK YOU ARE NOT AFFECTED! You have lost something at sometime in you life to these parasites and leeches. They cannot have success and power without taking something from someone! They win by making you loose, not working for it! They take what they want and say it is fair! FREE WORLD ORDER not New World (order) mafia! Or should we all buy into corruption too? I hear the membership fees are around 100.00 a month. Join today and gain an “unfair advantage” over non-members. Forget about rule of law, U.S. constitution and all that is fair and decent. Who cares how the non-members suffer or what they lose. They are expendable! Just say aww, poor baby, sore loser, life isnt fair, your just a loser etc. They claim it’s a “Mans” club and makes a real man out you. The truth is that few of them could stand alone and be a real man. Instead, they get self-confidence from when they “gang” up on or tag team a real man, who alone cannot defend himself against the pack of hyenas that they really are. Individually, most of them are frail cowards that CANNOT stand by themselves. One on one with a real man, they would lose except for the fact they have so many “brothers” that will come to their aid. I challenge them to be real men and accomplish things on their own! They can’t leave the safety and support of their lodge mommies! This is why the fraternity can attract so many! Cowards, weaklings and evil men find a sanctuary of support and cover as well as get lessons and methods of getting what you want that you would not be able to get if you stood alone like a real man! That is also why real men become their targets. Out of jealousy that they cannot do what a real man can do alone. This is also why they are referred to as the New Communists. They commune to achieve and commune to destroy or take what others do and accomplish. They even commune to have votes on your life! The way you advance is by only the higher levels voting on your advancement, not popular vote. Communism, Fascism and other NON- DEMOCRATIC Governments work like this. THEIR LEADERS ARE NEVER DETERMINED BY POPULAR ALL MEMBER VOTE! Their group makes decisions and votes about non-members business and lives, Government issues and policies. What part of the US Government do they fall under? I was never taught about their branch in school! ARE THEY CONSTITUTIONALLY PART OF OUR GOVERNMENT? THEN THEY HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO FRAKING RIGHT TO BE INVOLVED IN OUR GOVERNMENT! Why were the words “sect”, “denomination” “creed” and “groups” eliminated from ALL the EO regulations? Why does it not state “or regardless of lack of affiliation to any of the same? It states: regardless of age, race, religion, national origin, etc. THEY WERE REMOVED AND OMITTED SO THE REGULATION DOES NOT INCLUDE FRATERNITIES ETC. (A LOOPHOLE FOR THEM!). DEMAND THAT ALL THESE WORDS PLUS THE PHRASE “OR REGARDLESS OF LACK OF AFFILIATION TO THE SAME” BE ADDED TO MILITARY AND CIVILIAN EO AND EOE REGULATIONS SO THEY ARE JUST AS ACCOUNTABLE FOR DISCRIMINATION AGAINST NON-MEMBERS! Government for the people by the people? HOW CAN ANYONE IN ANY GOVERNMENT JOB SERVING THE “FREE PEOPLE” BE ALLOWED JOIN A SECRET SOCIETY? DOING SO IN ITSELF IS BETRAYAL TO THOSE WHOM THEY SERVE. JUST LIKE THE MOVEMENT IN ENGLAND, ANYONE IN THE GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE SHOULD BE OPEN AND HONEST OF THEIR AFFILIATIONS AND NOT JOIN SECRET SOCIETIES (Joining in itself shows they have too much to hide to serve THE PEOPLE!) ! IF THEY WILL NOT MAKE THAT SACRIFICE THEN ANY OTHER SACRIFICE THEY CLAIM TO MAKE TO SERVE THE PEOPLE IS BULLSHIT! THEN THEY DO NOT WANT TO SERVE THE “PEOPLE” BAD ENOUGH TO MAKE THAT SELFLESS SACRIFICE! WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND THEY CHOSE ONE OR THE OTHER! WE DEMAND THEY MAKE A CHOICE, SERVE ALL THE PEOPLE OR SERVE YOUR MEMBERS, NOT BOTH! Why was our government of the People set up so that there is NEVER a People’s?? vote on an issue? It is set up so we have to vote for someone else who then votes for us! We the people need to demand more freedom for voting on issues, not leaving that up to a select few. Those select few are more and more being shown to be influenced by secret societies and secret agendas. We the Sheople have little say in issues unless we are part of the minority secret groups and agendas. But you will be convinced it is not this way. The ones in power always have a way to make the little people believe in what they do no matter what. It is our job as The People to continuously make OUR leaders serve us according to OUR interests by making them prove themselves and be accountable and open. Dont be a sheople, be an AMERICAN! It is our DUTY to WATCH our Government! DON’T GO SAYING ITS ALL JUST CONSPIRACY BULLSH!T.. IT IS OUR DUTY TO MAKE SURE IT IS NOT A CONSPIRACY. SERVE YOUR COUNTRY TOO BY DEMANDING WE UNCOVER THE TRUTH AND LIES EVEN IF IT IS JUST A SILLY CONSPIRACY! EVEN IF IT IS FALSE, FIND THAT OUT TOO! IT IS OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT AND OBLIGATION! LET’S MAKE {2006} 2009! A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR AND START OF A NEW AGE FOR “FREE” PERSONAL DEVELOPEMENT, ACHIEVEMENT AND INDIVIDUAL HAPPINESS WITHOUT SUBVERSIVE PARASITES HOLDING US BACK FOR THEIR BENEFIT! ONCE EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT TO LOOK FOR AND WE ALL LET THEM KNOW WE ARE WATCHING THEM AND START HOLDING THEM RESPONSIBLE, WE, THE SHEOPLE WILL BEGIN AN UNPRECEDENTED+D AGE OF PERSONAL GROWTH, ACCOMPLISHMENTS, INDIVIDUAL HAPPINESS, INCREASED CONTRIBUTIONS TO SCIENCE, ECONOMY, MEDICINE, ARTS AND RECEIVE OUR DUE CREDIT, NOT ALLOWING THE “CRAFTY” TO TAKE CREDIT FOR WHAT THEY TAKE FROM THE SHEEP. HERE’S HOW: Copy this {CD} message and give it to a friend who supports the US constitution, fairness, Equal Opportunity, human decency, womans rights and equality. Be very sure they are not a Mason first. If you are nervous, leave no fingerprints on the CD and mask your writing style. Think of it as denying intelligence to an enemy of the people of the UNITED States! They brag about using stealth and cunning so lets do the same! Let’s show them that we, the sheople can play their game, anyone can learn it! They are not as supreme as they think. EXPECT TO HEAR OTHERS MUMBLE DONT MAKE COPIES?? OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT TO OTHERS TO TRY TO STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING. EXPECT IT AND PAY ATTENTION TO WHO DOES IT! ABOVE ALL, THINK OF THIS AS A SPY GAME WE ARE ALL PLAYING FOR OUR BENEFIT. (And our childrens). If you are really convinced, try to get them on video and send COPIES to Oprah, CNN, your senator etc. You might want to omit a return address. DEDICATED TO MY LATE: Uncle Richard Sylvinski (Spelling?), Freemason, CT; My Grandfather, Albert Porter, G.E. Engineer, CT; My Grandmother’s brother, George Countryman who was a WWII POW and was Grand Marshall of the2002 memorial day parade in Kingston and my ancestors who immigrated to the Polish sector of Kingston, NY. (I will always consider CT/NY my home even if I had said something different in anger in the past!) Uncle Richard had always been a friend to me as child. We used to spend time in his garden and working on things around outside the house, always alone. I can remember him telling me about how to be a man of my word, to always help someone in need and that “I would understand when I got older. Uncle Rich and I had spent many hours alone as he just talked to me, explaining things to me that he said I would need to remember but wouldn’t understand until I was older. He had told me things that I couldn’t even begin to understand but I knew I had to remember. Even my Aunt had told me things, strange, but “important”. I was told there will be many that are “fake” (Freemasons) and which ones to trust. I am certain now he knew he couldn’t stop the corruption in Lodges and joked about Mafia and “just play along all the time” As a very young child, it all didn’t make sense but as I write more I do understand. His lodge or others were being corrupted and he was teaching me REAL Masonic Values per their Doctrine. He also said that there will be many that will make you look bad and stop at nothing to discredit me. He said to be patient and think about what I was told and wait until the right time and you can turn it around. I do find myself doing this without even thinking about it. I cannot turn everything around but was told to wait for the most important things. More is still being revealed to me from my memories and his voice is now becoming part of those memories, releasing me of the confusion of “How did I do that?” I now know “how” and can never give him enough credit since I do not know the extent of what I was told as a young pre-teen. I also now know why I have become a target. ********The reason behind my interest in this conspiracy is personal experience. 20+ years ago, I was subjected to a form of MK- Ultra. (Google it) I was given a drink at a club by guys from work who normally didnt like me. I lost 4 hours of time that night. After that night I found myself responding to post-hypnotic like suggestions including breathing in coolant spray where I worked “on command” and I have had occasional kidney problems ever since. They called one of the supervisors “The Major” and claimed he specialized in this type of stuff in the Military. I would, if I could prove this, sue the military for damages because obviously his working there had some type of involvement in this type of “torture” The worst part is the extreme hell I have been through since then having splintered personalities (Google: Illuminati Mind Control Slaves), (I,ROBOT) selective hearing deficit, extended selective hearing, frustrating responses to “whispered post hypnotic commands” that seem to be widely known that I will respond. Emotional pain, depression, paranoia and more. My life has, for the most part, been a living hell since then. This must be similar to what women go through that were raped using the same drug they put in my drink. I was slapped around, punched and one nostril “nicked” with a knife “so I would never forget” what they did that night. They also covered my mouth and nose so I felt like I was going to die and they told me over and over again that I had better do what they say or this is what I would get. Well I forgot for a few years even though having panic attacks and feelings that I was going to die sometimes when I resisted certain things. Hypnotherapists could do little since the guys had used drugs, violence and yelling commands directly in my ear. This is called MK Ultra conditioning which works later just like, but extremely better than, post-hypnotic suggestions. My whole story would easily take hundreds of pages to write, which I hope to do. FBI informed. Strange enough to publish. Sometimes it is started young so never let your children alone with strangers or maybe even doctors! JUST DANCE!!! Lady GaGa! I am sure that song tells women what to do if they get too drunk or get drugged!! JUST DANCE. YOU ARE SAFER ON THE DANCE FLOOR UNTIL IT WEARS OFF! My hat off to Lady Ga Ga!********* In addition, while stationed in Germany and then during our occupation of Balad, AKA Mortaritaville, in 2003, it was suggested I join the Fraternity to get “more favorable” treatment such as slap on the wrist for crimes, favoritism and easier advancement. Well, from the start I heard “unfair advantage” and “illegal” coming out of their mouths and declined. While in Camp Anaconda, AKA mortaritaville, it worsened because I did not join. My direct supervisors were afraid to leave the base. Myself and my Warrant Officer traveled countless times from Balad to Baghdad, braving roadside bombs and ambushes, myself ALWAYS willing and ALWAYS volunteering to go. All the while he was going to recommend me to go to Warrant Officer school, but I didn’t have permission from the “All seeing eye” so they had to stop that! My direct supervisor even complained when I supplied a vehicle and myself as convoy security for our Chaplain to visit a sponsored school rebuild project by our unit. He said it wasn’t worth risking the lives of himself or his soldiers to protect the Chaplain, Chaplain’s assistant and all the LEADERSHIP of our unit. He also continually harassed female soldiers, setting the “wrong” example. He recieved 2 Army Commendation Medals, His supervisor received higher, I got railroaded! Why? Well, maybe if I joined the good ole’ boys or “real men” then I would have been fairly treated? Even in my second tour of Iraq while being sent back early I fought to STAY with my unit, never accepting willingly to be taken out of the combat zone.This is EASILY verified through my chain of command! I did not leave willingly, always stating it was my duty to stay with the unit! If a gang hangs around outside your store and scares away customers than offers “protection” if you pay them, what is that called? Well if another group harasses you, takes from you and such until you join them and pay their dues and follow their rules, is that the same thing? Although I did this writing, there are multiple sources including many internet sites and particularly “Secret Societies” with Conspiracy Expert, David Icke on History’s Mysteries that aired on the History Channel. On this particular program, the Knights Templar fell from grace (Watch kingdom of heaven on DVD) and were brutally treated by the King of France on Friday, October 13, 1307 which is one of many explanations why Friday the 13th is considered bad luck. A radio show added that those that escaped France in ships had used a “Black flag” with skull and crossbones, supposedly becoming the pirates we all know. Johnny Depp had acted on both sides of this conspiracy theory in “From Hell” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”, although the story goes they actually went to Scotland, not the Caribbean and “took over” or started the Scottish Rite Freemason Lodges. A not so well known accusation is these lodges became a “Gentleman’s Club for Pirates”. The main idea here is that corruption and conspiracy are everywhere and we, as the American People, need to work to end corruption anywhere it appears. It is our duty to our country and to the American Dream. As with many things in our world, I may have helped or made a difference in someone’s life but someone else will profit. I have not made one cent so far and my life has slowly declined since I began fighting back with this writing. I don’t see how this will change. I will write my story, but in the end, I cannot win against so many. I may win some battles, but I was made a “slave” with MK Ultra, 25 years ago and I will probably die one. No compensation, no justice. Here is a puzzle to solve for authenticating me as the only writer. Answer in the text ****New York lost this number and has this number of ABCDE****** Self copyright 2009. All rights reserved, blah blah blah..(is that legal?)
  4. Google: Roy Porter Jr
    I did not write all this.
    Can you remove me from this site?

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