My Brothers and Sisters…


As the reptilian brotherhood of nabobs cling desperately to their final hours of control and enslavement of the worlds population, the “we” the spiritually free, move ever forward with our pursuit of liberating our fellow brothers and sisters from their mind controlled state and stupor known as American consumerism.

Asleep at the wheel until the wheels have come off, America and the World now drifts ever closer to the edge of fiscal and spiritual bankruptcy. The power of changing the frequency that all humans acknowledge, register with and respond to is up to those of us who have already liberated ourselves from the lower frequencies associated with fear, greed and destruction.

It is the frequency of love that will secure the future of all sentient beings as well as the earth itself.

It is an honor to participate in the sharing and exchange of art, information and love in hopes of making a higher level of awareness available to myself and as many of my brothers and sisters as possible.

Citizen Soul Power



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